EPF India: Complete information about EPF Employees Provident Fund

A working person is always vigilant about his EPF ie Employees Provident Fund. Employee Provident Fund or Employee Provident Fund is essentially applicable in every company. EPF is a scheme that not only gives you a lump sum amount but also provides pension benefits when you retire. Currently more than 4 crore EPF account holders are in the country. Whose account is monitored by EPFO. Here we will try to give you complete information about EPF, which is commonly called PF, and will also tell you how much EPF amount is contributed.
What is EPF EPF is an investment scheme that is mandatory for every employed worker. The Employees Provident Fund Organization maintains the contributions of all EPF account holders. EPF is mandatory for all government and non-government employees. According to the rules, registration of a company in which more than 20 employees are employed is mandatory in the Employees Provident Fund Organization. Whatever contribution is deducted on EPF is for the employee only and only the employee has the right. How much EPF, information about EPF contribution There are also rules regarding EPF contribution. An amount of 12 percent is deducted from the salary of any employee, and that is the same, 12 percent is contributed by the company. Now, out of which 12 percent amount is deducted from your salary, it goes to EPF account whereas out of the 12 percent amount deducted by the company, 3.67 percent goes to EPF account and the remaining 8.33 percent amount is EPS. Employee pension goes into the scheme. So in total you get a contribution of 24 per cent, out of which a major portion goes to EPPF and the rest remains in the form of pension. You can withdraw the pension amount after the age of 58 or you can get it as a monthly pension. Difference between EPF and EPS Here we need to understand the difference between EPF and EPS. EPF is the part of your share donation that you can withdraw completely either during the job or after the job. While the EPS amount is the pension of the employee. If the employee has completed 10 years of his job, he can withdraw the amount of his EPF but cannot withdraw the pension amount. The pension amount is received only after the age of 58 years. It is available to the retiring person as a monthly pension. When can I withdraw money from PF If you want to withdraw money from your PF, then for that you have to follow certain conditions. Here we are telling you about the necessary conditions for extracting PF.
If you have quit your job and you have been unemployed for 2 months, then you can withdraw PF money. If you want to withdraw PF money during your job, then it is possible only when you have completed 5 years of your job. In this also, you can only withdraw a maximum of 90 percent of the amount of PF. You have to give the reason for withdrawing PF money during the job. During the job, you can withdraw PF money for buying a house and a wedding. Aadhar is necessary for EPF The Employees Provident Fund Organization has extended the date of submission of Aadhaar number to its 30 April 2017 for its nearly 4 crore shareholders. Earlier, EPFO ​​had fixed 31 March 2017 as the deadline for submission of Aadhaar number. Employees will get PF bonus Those PF shareholders who continue to contribute for 20 years or more will get an additional amount of Rs 50000 (also called a bonus) at the time of retirement. After giving information in this regard by a senior officer, it has been said that the recommendations will be implemented after the permission of the government. It will initially be started on a pilot basis for two years and will be reviewed later.
How will we get the benefit The benefit of 50 thousand rupees will remain under the exception of the account holder for less than 20 years, if the subscriber has suffered lifetime disability (disability). In fact, the CBT in its meeting has recommended to revise the Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI). It has also been recommended that a minimum sum assured (fixed amount) of Rs 2.5 lakh should also be provided on death of the shareholder. How to register UAN to see EPF balance For information about the amount deposited in your provident fund account i.e. PF, you can get complete information by logging on to the EPFO ​​website, but for this you must have a UAN i.e. Universal Account Number. EPFO started UAN in 2014 so that you can get online information about your account through it. Register on the site through this number, check the passbook of the account and download it if you want. You can also check how much contribution was done on your behalf.
Update your details Apart from this, you can download your UAN card from here, you can also update KYC (No Your Customer) details. To use this interface it is very important that you have a UAN number. Activate your UAN account and after logging in to the portal, download the EPF passbook or make any other necessary updates.
EPF balance can be checked without UAN If you do not have a UAN, you can still check your EPF, but for this you should know what your EPF account number is. You will find this account number written on your pay slip (salary receipt). Go to the site and select your state and then choose the regional office. After typing these details there, you will get SMS related to EPF balance.
You can also know EPF balance through SMS If you are having trouble in finding the EPF balance online, then you can also know your EPF through SMS. EPFO also informs you about the amount in your provident fund account through SMS service . SMS 07738299899 to number . However, this facility is only for those who have UAN activated.
How to send sms While sending SMS, write EPFOHO UAN in the message box, write the first three letters of the language in which you want the information, for example- by writing EPFOHO UAN ENG, if you send SMS to the number 07738299899 , the information will come in English. Actually this service is also available in other Indian languages. To SMS from mobile, go into the message box and type EPFOHO UAN ENG, after typing the message, send it to the number 7738299899. In a while, all the information related to PF balance will come on your number. Balance information will also be available in other languages If you want to receive SMS in another language, then an option to change the language has also been given, such as, English-ENG Telugu- TEL Punjabi-PUN Gujarati-GUJ Marathi- MAR Malayalam- MAL Tamil- TAM Kannada- kan Bengali- BEN EPF balance information through missed call This is the easiest way to know EPF. No SMS, no internet simply must Misdcol at the number given by EPFO their registered mobile number and you do EPF Bailense information EPFO had a balance of information 01122901406 number which is released you just Misdcol pay after your mobile Information on EPF balance will be sent. Read further how to update UAN KYC for checking or removing EPF balance .
Login to UAN Portal First of all, you have to click on this link https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/. After opening the link, you will see some empty boxes on the right hand side, which will contain the UAN and password to enter. If you are coming on the UAN portal for the first time, then you will have to register to know the PF balance. Read further how to register https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ When the link opens, the right side of the active UAN is written on the bottom, which you need to click on. After this you will get a new window in which you have to type your UAN number. Apart from this, you do not have to type member ID, Aadhaar ID or PAN Eye etc. Then you have to type your name, followed by the date of birth which you can enter through the calendar, then the mobile number and email id. After this whole process type captcha words. Write captcha words as they are written in the box. Then you will get authorization code which will come on the mobile number given by you. Authorization code will come on your mobile, it will be OTP, this OTP will be entered in the box already defined, you just have to type the ID of the OTP in the box below. As soon as you type the correct ID, your UN number will be activated and after that a message will come on your mobile number which will contain the password of your UN number. Now once again you have to go to the home page of the UAN number where you will have to enter the UAN number of 10 digits in the box on the right side, in the box that appears on the right . Then you have to type the password. Type the password that was already sent via SMS to your mobile number. Type the password as small letters in small and capital letters in capital. Then login by typing captche word. After login, first change your password. Because the given password is very complex which is not easy to remember. In such a situation, after login, the page will open in front of you, on the left side of it, the option of account settings will be given, there you can change your password. After changing the password, you will have to login again, after login you can download the UAN card , besides going to the view and view the passbook. To view the passbook, you have to click on https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login.jsp. Let me tell you that you cannot see the passbook immediately after registration, for this it will take 4 days. Therefore, you should check the passbook after a few days. Update uan kyc To update UAN KYC, you must first login to the UAN portal. If you have not yet activated the account on the UAN portal, then you should do this work immediately.
After login, you will see all the options on the left side on the UAN portal. In which the option of home, view, manage, account and online service will be visible. Now you have to click on the Manage option.
After clicking on the option of KYC, you will get a place to fill the details of all services related to bank, PAN, Aadhaar. If you have to fill the bank details, select the bank first, then fill the bank account number and then type your name as recorded in the bank. After this type the bank’s IFSC code. After filling the details click on save. Here, let us tell you that the details you have given will be approved by the department concerned and your employer.
How to get UAN through the portal? Members who wish to receive UAN online, click on the UAN portal website http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in. After accessing this portal, you have to click on the member portal and click on “Choose your UAN”, from which the UAN is generated. A UAN, mobile and member number are required to generate a UAN on a member portal.
The same UAN will continue even after changing jobs If you change your job, the first thing you need to do is that you should tell your next employer your UAN. That is, the company you are going to join, that company will have to give their UAN number.
Benefits of investing in EPF There are many benefits of investing in EPF, which are telling you further. The money deposited in EPF is income tax free under Section 80C of Income Tax. If you deposit contributions in EPF for 5 consecutive years, then withdrawing money from the fund does not attract tax. Withdrawal of money before 5 years will be taxed. If you want to withdraw money from the fund during the job, then form number 19 has to be filled for this. At age 55 or retiring, you can withdraw money by filling in Form 19. If you are going to buy a place to build a house and are thinking of withdrawing money from EPF, then you can withdraw an amount equal to 24 months salary (basic salary and dearness allowance). You will be able to withdraw an amount equal to 36 months salary (basic salary and dearness allowance) to buy the flat. If you want money for expansion or maintenance in the house, then you can withdraw money equal to one year basic salary dearness and allowance, provided that you have been living in that house for 5 years. If you want to withdraw money from EPF to pay the loan, then you will get an amount equal to the basic salary dearness allowance of 36 months. Money can also be withdrawn for treatment. If you stay in the hospital for more than one month or you need money for treatment of major diseases like cancer, cancer, TV, paralysis and heart disease, then you can get money equal to 6 months salary. In this, Form 31 has to be filled. You can withdraw 50 percent of your contribution in your own marriage, sister’s wedding, son-daughter marriage. If you are willing to increase the amount of contribution then inform the PF office through the employer. If you have not nominated anyone, then all the family members will be given equal amount. However, you can change your status whenever you want. So in this way here we have tried to give you a detailed information about EPF. EPF is an investment plan as well as a scheme offering pension and tax exemption benefits.

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