What is Brand India Mission? Key points, objectives and benefits of the campaign

The Brand India Mission of the Modi government has been launched with the aim of enhancing the quality of all the products manufactured in the country and presenting India to the world as a productive brand. Let us know in detail about this ambitious campaign of the Government of India –

What is Brand India Mission?

Brand India Mission is an ambitious campaign launched by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Explaining this mission in detail ministry of commerce and industry Said that the Brand India Mission has been started with the objective of increasing the productivity of local goods made in India and ensuring the quality of the products, which will facilitate the export of the country’s goods abroad.

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Objective of Brand India Mission –

Brand India Mission will improve the quality of products manufactured in the country. For this, the rules of quality improvement will be made like countries like Switzerland, America, Germany and France. Due to which India will be able to export good goods to the world. And it will be able to achieve high position among the global exporting countries.

Brand India Mission Main Points –

  • This mission will endeavor to assure the domestic and foreign consumers that the quality of goods manufactured in India is at par with other countries.
  • The Brand India mission will make India a good place in the list of major quality product producing countries.
  • This mission will help in increasing the production of indigenous goods.
  • All products shall be certified by the mission that they are not harmful to the health and safety of the consumer.
  • This mission will help the Self-Reliant India Campaign and Digital India Mission.

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Brand India Tag eligibility –

The products which will be considered as quality under this mission. They will be given the Brand India tag. The eligibility criteria of Brand India tag can be as follows –

  • The products must be Indian. That is, registration must be done.
  • It will be mandatory to follow all the rules of the mission.
  • At least 20 percent of the raw material in the manufacture of the products should be from India.

Benefits of Brand India Mission –

This mission will help in increasing the production and export of the country’s economic, global and local products in all respects. and will accelerate the establishment of India as a global power. The quality of local products covers many important points like environmental pollution, health harm, safety.

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