Orphan children will now get 3 thousand rupees. Announcement of Government of India every month

The Ministry of Defense has announced to increase the monthly financial assistance to such orphan children, who are sons or daughters of ex-servicemen. The Government of India always stands with the families of such heroes who have made their supreme sacrifice for the security of the country. In this sequence Defense Minister Rajnath Singh Financial assistance for orphan children of ex-servicemen Now it has been announced to triple it. Let us know this update in some detail –

Good news for orphans of ex-servicemen

Let us tell you that in our country, a scheme is run by the Kendriya Sanik Board (KSB) for the orphan children of ex-servicemen. Under which every child is given assistance every month. This amount to be given every monthDefense Minister Ex-Servicemen Welfare Fund” is given from.

At present, orphan children of ex-servicemen were given 1000 rupees every month, which has now been increased to 3000 rupees. This announcement has been made by the country’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

Financial assistance for orphans of ex-servicemen

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Why is money given to the orphans of martyr soldiers?

The Ministry of Defense is committed to provide a better life and education to the children of ex-servicemen. That is why this assistance amount is given every month to meet the daily and educational needs of the children.

In the rising inflation, this decision to increase the financial assistance of such orphan children will definitely bring relief. This is expected to improve their living conditions and lifestyle.

What is the eligibility to get financial assistance per month?

  1. The benefit of the Monthly Financial Assistance Scheme for Orphaned Children of Ex-Servicemen is given only to children below 21 years of age.
  2. This includes unmarried sons or daughters of ex-servicemen.
  3. The Zilla Sainik Board is responsible for filling the details and application forms of such children.
  4. Orphaned children of ex-servicemen are enrolled to get benefits of early childhood care, education and financial assistance.

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What will be the benefit of this announcement of the Ministry of Defense –

  • Orphan children getting Rs 3,000 instead of Rs 1000 per month will help in meeting their daily needs.
  • This decision of the Ministry of Defense will create a positive intent for the country in the children, so that they will be motivated by the supreme sacrifice of their family members.
  • Till they are young, they will not have to spread their hands in front of anyone for basic needs.

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