By doing this, it will be valid in the whole country, how will One Nation One Ration Card be made?

How to make One Nation One Ration Card: It is one of those beneficial schemes of the Government of India, through which the people of the country got a lot of benefits and convenience in times like Corona epidemic. Due to this scheme, lakhs of migrant people were able to get the benefit of free ration and other government facilities to the poor people in time.

Under this scheme, all the ration cards linked to the Aadhar card can be used in any state, irrespective of the state, city or district the ration card holder is residing in. In this article, we have shared with you all the important information related to the One Nation One Ration Card scheme. How to take advantage of One Nation One Ration Card Scheme?, How will a new ration card be made? You will get all the information related to the questions and the scheme in this post. So read this article till the end –

one nation one ration card

One Nation One Ration Card Scheme –

One Nation One Ration Card Scheme Actively implemented from 1st June 2020 across the country. This decision was taken in view of the lock down and corona epidemic in the country. that poor people Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Yojana Under this, the benefit of free ration can be easily available. So far, more than 67 crore people from about 23 states have joined this scheme in the country. By March 2021, all the states of the country will be connected to this scheme.

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Let us tell you, One Nation One Ration Card scheme was first mentioned in April 2018. After that work on this plan started. Firstly people’s ration card was linked with Aadhar card. All ration shops (quotas) were equipped with electronic point of sale (ePOS) machines after linking with Aadhar card. By which your fingerprint is identified, and you get the ration of your family’s share. With the help of this, you can take advantage of free ration scheme of Modi government till Diwali.

New Update –

One Nation One Ration Card Yojana Now people of all states under my ration The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Ration card migration and regular transaction information is available through this mobile application.

All the information and facilities of ration distribution system will be made available on Mera Ration App.

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How does the One Nation One Ration Card scheme work?

The government has used new technology to make the One Nation One Ration Card scheme a success. In order to get ration on the same ration card across the country, the government has prepared two types of portability systems.

  1. Intra-state portability- With this portability system, you can take ration from any district of your state through POS machine.
  2. Inter-State Portability- With this portability system, you can take ration from your ration card in any state of the country.

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To operate the One Nation One Ration Card system, two web portals have been prepared by the government. which are as follows –

  1. food distribution portal ,,, From this portal, all the details of food grains distributed through ePOS within a state can be obtained. This portal facilitates intra-state ration card portability across all districts within a state. Meaning you can take ration from the government ration shop in any district in your state.
  2. Integrated Management of Public Distribution System ,IM-PDS,, The PDS system provides the facility of inter-state ration card portability to all the states in the country. Meaning if a person lives outside his state, then he can also get ration from his ration card at the government ration shop there. During the lock down, efforts were made to speed up this system in many states.

Purpose of one nation one ration card ,

  • The poor and migrant people in the country can get the benefit of ration of free subsidy given by the government.
  • No one in the country should have to face financial crisis related to food.
  • Direct government benefits can be provided to the people in difficult circumstances. So that they are not forced to return home. Just like it happened recently during lock down.
  • To save people from economic hunger and starvation.

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one nation one ration card benefits of ,

With the implementation of One Nation One Ration Card in the whole country, about 81 crore ration card holders are going to benefit. Let us know what will be the main benefit of this scheme –

  • One nation one ration card scheme will directly benefit the migrant workers.
  • Due to the lock down in the country due to Corona epidemic, people trapped in different corners of the country will not have the problem of eating.
  • It will help poor and unemployed migrant workers and laborers to survive the economic crisis.
  • Any citizen of the country will be able to easily take his share of ration from his ration card in any corner of the country.
  • Corruption and rigging will end with the use of modern technology in the ration card system.
  • One Nation One Ration Card will help the migrant workers of big states of the country like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar etc.
  • With proper use of technology and internet, campaigns like Digital India and Self-reliant India will get a boost.

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one nation one ration card online apply

The government has started the One Nation One Ration Card scheme in a very systematic way. In this, the government has automatically registered all the old Aadhaar cards linked ration cards through the Integrated Management Public Distribution System.

Meaning now you do not need to apply online or offline. The government is automatically connecting all the states with this scheme. Now you live in any corner of the country, the government is giving you the facility to use your ration card there too.

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Key Points of “One Nation One Ration Card Scheme” ,

Government Scheme Name One Nation One Ration Card Scheme
when did the plan come into force 1 June 2020
who started Central government
Name of Ministry central food ministry
Objective of the plan Helping migrant people to take advantage of ration distribution by implementing a single ration card system across the country.
beneficiary All ration card holders in the country

one nation one ration card help line no ,

You are facing any problem in getting the benefit of this scheme. So don’t panic the government has started a separate help contact number for you.

Toll Free Number – 14445

The benefit of this government scheme should reach every countryman, and the people of our country should be aware of government schemes, this is our effort. Hope you liked this information. Please pass this on to other people who don’t know about the scheme.

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