How to see the list of Sambal Yojana? Registration Eligibility & Certificate Download 2022

The state and central government always brings various schemes for the development of the people of their state and country and the workers of the unorganized sectors. One such scheme has been started recently by the state government of Madhya Pradesh.

in this article Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Sambal Yojana is being explained in detail. Along with this, it has also been told about how to see the list related to Sambal Yojana.

Sambal Yojana

Many times it is also heard about all these that the schemes implemented by the government do not reach the public. To overcome this problem, the government of Madhya Pradesh has started a new scheme. Under this scheme, efforts will be made to give the benefits of state and central government schemes under this scheme to the laborers and workers of the unorganized sectors of the state.

Social and economic benefits will be given to the economically weaker workers living below the poverty line. Along with this, the list of beneficiaries who are being given or will be given benefits under this scheme is also available online.

How to see the list of Sambal Yojana?

You can see the list of all the eligible beneficiaries or those who have applied and accepted their application under the Sambal scheme.

  • Step 1 For this, first of all this scheme of Sambal Yojana official website But have to come.
  • Step 2 On coming to the home page of this website, a list of many schemes will appear, out of which you have to choose the plan whose list you want to see. Suppose you want to see the names related to the scheme related to pregnant women.
  • Step 3 After this, you have to choose the plan in this. As you see in this the name of the scheme related to the pregnant woman, then in the section of that plan you will have to list of beneficiaries The option is available in the name of.
  • Step 4 After this, you have to choose the name of the district and the name of the village and city you want to see the list of people and workers of the village and city.
  • Step 5 After this, Captcha has to be entered as a security. After that search has to be done. As soon as you click on the search, after that the information related to that village and city is found and the list of all the workers for which you have searched is found.

In this way you can see the list of any scheme on this portal. Along with this, there are many other schemes in this, many options are available on this portal to see the list.

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Eligibility for Sambal Yojana

If someone wants to apply under this scheme, then it is necessary for him to have these eligibility. Apart from these eligibility it may be difficult to apply under this scheme one.

  • The applicant applying under this scheme must be a native of Madhya Pradesh state.
  • Apart from this, only those people can apply in this scheme who live below the BPL line as well as they are poor.

Along with this, it is necessary to have some important documents for applying in this scheme which are as follows –

Documents required for Sambal Yojana

Some important documents related to this scheme are as follows –

  • Aadhar card To apply for this scheme, it is necessary for the applicant to have Aadhar card.
  • bpl card – The applicant belongs to the BPL category and it is necessary to put his card in this scheme form.
  • Address proof Along with this, it is also necessary to attach the residence certificate with the form.

These are all the documents which are required for this scheme. Apart from this, some other documents may be asked for which may be necessary.

How to register for Sambal Yojana?

To register for this scheme, this process has to be followed –

  • Step 1 – First of all this plan official website But have to come.
  • Step 2 After this there is an option apply for registration option appears.
  • Step 3 After this you have to fill your details in it and after that you have to register in it.

After registering, ID and password are found in it, with the help of which you can log in.

In this way you can register online and after that this form will be saved and this form will go in pending.

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How to make Sambal Card linked to the scheme?

To get a card linked to this scheme, you have to take your documents and go to the nearest customer service center. After this, with the help of those documents, an application is made to make your Sambal Card there. After this, your card is ready in a few days.