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eRCMS i.e. Ration Card Management System of the government, it is an online portal on which all the people of the state Ration card The information of the holder remains connected with it, the government completes all the details of the ration through this portal, along with the people of the state can also apply online for a new ration card from this portal ERCMS portal, different states of all states. It happens where civil services are also provided, here we have given you complete information about ERCMS, so definitely read the article completely.

What is ERCMS?

ERCMS is the abbreviation for (Existing Ration Card Management System). This application can be used to capture the data of ration card holder and their members along with information like their current/permanent address, mobile number, PAN number, age, date of birth, Aadhar card, voter-id, relationship with head of family, mapping is done for. fps, gas connection status, kerosene statusissuing authority, verifying authority etc.

Ration Card Management System

How many types of users can work in ERCMS?

There are four types of users in ERCMS:

A. Admin User
B. DFSO (District Food Supply Office) User
C. AFSO (Assistant Food Supply Officer) User
D. Inspector Level User

What is the role definition of different users in ERCMS?

Admin User: ERCMS has authority for all forms. Admin user can view all master data that were imported from SIMS and have full authorization for user management. He/she can view/edit/delete ration card of any district, user and has rights to create user for DFSO login.

DFSO User : There is authority for only one district. DFSO user can only view/edit/delete ration card of his/her district/all users in that district and can create user for AFSO login.

AFSO User : There is authority for only one block/tehsil. AFSO user can view/edit/delete ration card of his/her block/tehsil only and can create user for inspector login.

Inspector User: There is authority for only one or two villages and can view/edit/delete ration card data of their villages only.

What is User Management?

The User Management section in ERCMS allows any administrator to perform the following activities:

A: User creation for ERCMS login
B: Changes the password for different user level
C: The total number of users that are logged into ERCMS

Can an Admin user add/edit master data?

Master data is imported from SIMS and admin user can view master data. He cannot edit/delete the master data.

How many major “card types” are available in ERCMS?

1. APL (above poverty line)
2. BPL (Below Poverty Line)

Who can have NFSA head in Ration Card?

Female member of the family whose maximum age is in the family and who is above 18 years of age. He is placed as the “NFSA head” by the National Food Security Act.