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Here we will know about this Ajay ie Atal Jyoti Yojana of the government or what is the plan. Announced by the Ministry of Power and MNRE, Ajay’s Objectives, Phases I & II, Funding, Registration Process, Website, l Benefits of Solar Energy Lights etc. So do check the complete article.

To troubleshoot electrical problems Atal Jyoti Yojana It was announced in November 2014 under the leadership of Shri Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The responsibility of making the scheme a success rests with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy of the Central Government, which has been sincerely involved in this work.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of the Central Government communicates and spreads new and renewable energy throughout the country. This ministry launched the Atal Jyoti Yojana to provide electricity to the underserved areas through the installation of solar street lights in the country.

Atal Jyoti Yojana – AJAY 2022

The problem of electricity in our country was going on even after 7 decades of independence. For immediate redressal, the Central Government of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi formulated the Atal Jyoti Yojana to install solar energy in the low power public places of the states, districts and towns.

Atal Jyoti Yojana There is a sub-scheme under the Government’s Off-Grid and Decentralized Solar Application Scheme. Another name of this scheme is Ajay. Ajay Yojana Energy Efficiency Services Limited which is being run by Ministry of Power, New and Renewable Energy.

EESL is a joint venture of four public sector power companies.

These companies are – NTPC Ltd., PFC Ltd., REC Ltd., Power Grid corporation

Atal Jyoti Yojana Highlights:

scheme name Atal Jyoti Yojana 2022
who started Ministry of Power and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has
sponsored by by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
Launch date First phase in 2018 second phase in 2019
beneficiary Citizens of all the states, districts and villages of the country.
Application Process online

Objectives of Atal Jyoti Yojana

Under AJAY, solar LED lights are installed in rural, semi-urban and urban areas where electricity is not available or there is not enough supply of electricity. The main objective of this scheme is to help citizens to emerge from the problem of electricity by installing solar energy street lights in public places in the states, districts and villages.

There are two phases of Atal Jyoti Yojana: Phase One and Phase Two.

  • Phase one was implemented in December 2018.
  • Phase two was implemented in 2019-20.

Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana

PHASE 1: Beneficiary States –

Rural, semi-urban and urban areas with less than 50% grid connectivity and grid power coverage of Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Odisha were illuminated with 7W LED lights.

PHASE 2: Beneficiary States –

Provision for installation of 3,04,500 Solar Street Lights (SSLs) of 12 W capacity in Phase 2

Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha, apart from the rest of the states, were included:

  • Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat
  • The hill states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand
  • North-Eastern states including Sikkim
  • Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep Group
  • Parliamentary Constituencies of 48 Aspirational Districts from other States

EESL has installed more than 1.97 lakh solar LED lights in public places in Phase I & II.

Atal Jyoti Yojana Phase 2 Current Status :

Due to the Corona epidemic, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy had postponed the work of Phase II by two years 2020-2022. Till the time of this announcement, 1,35,677 solar lights had been installed under Ajay Phase 2 under MNRE data.

Benefits of using solar energy from Atal Jyoti Yojana

  • Solar energy is pollution free.
  • It does not depend on any other source of energy.
  • Its maintenance is negligible.
  • Safer than other energy sources.
  • This is renewable energy. It is always available.
  • Electricity bill does not come.

Funding of Atal Jyoti Yojana:

The total budget of Phase 2 is 761 crores. According to the scheme, 75% of the amount will be borne by the central government from MNRE budget and there is a provision to put 25% amount from MP Fund (MPLAD). As per the MNRE norms in the identified states, the cost per light of 12W LED capacity is Rs.25,000.

Atal Jyoti Yojana Registration Online (Vendors)

EESL is a super energy service company formed from the joint venture of government power companies, which effectively manages their energy needs for consumers, industries and governments through energy efficient technology.

Energy Efficiency Services Limited does channel partner registration on its website. Registration is open for April 2022- May 2022. their website

Villages, towns and cities are being illuminated with Atal Jyoti Yojana. The people troubled by the problem of electricity expect the government that it will immediately give some solution and give relief to them. Government’s New and Renewable Energy Dept. to meet the shortage of electricity in public places. thought of a solution for solar powered LED lights.

How to register a Complaint at Atal Jyoti Yojana:

The people of the states where solar LED lights have been installed may have problems with the lights. Therefore, they have been given the facility to register their feedback or complaints.

Atal Jyoti Yojana Form
  • Click on Atal Jyoti Dashboard in the website.
  • Two boxes will appear at the top. Official login and Register your complaints
  • Give details of your problem by clicking on Register Your Comment.

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