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Kisan Dhan Arogyam Yojana is a scheme made for the welfare of poor farmers of the country under CSR Corporate Social Responsibility. This is an initiative of Mr. Neeraj Kumar Yadav of a private organization A3N It Services (OPC) Private Limited, Ghaziabad, State. What is this scheme, how can you apply online and how to fill Kisan Dhan Aarogya Yojana Form 2022, as well as you will get complete information about the scheme here, so read this article till the end.

Kisan Dhan Arogyam Yojana

India is an agricultural country where most of the village people are dependent on agriculture. 70% of the country’s population is engaged in agriculture related activities. The prosperity and progress of the farmer is very important for the prosperity and progress of the country. Therefore, the central government encourages and supports all such schemes which are made to help the farmers. Kisan Dhan Arogya Yojana One such scheme is that A3N It Services, a private organization based in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, in collaboration with 920 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of the country, implemented in January 2020 across the country.

The Government of India has been seriously looking at the social responsibility of corporates and on April 1, 2014, India became the first country in the world to give a legal mandate to CSR i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility. With the help of this CSR fund Kisan Dhan Arogya Yojana Through this various facilities are being provided to the farmers of the whole country.

Manav Dhan Arogyam Yojana helps those farmers who have taken loans for farming. This scheme also saves them from the troubles of drought and flood. Provides financial assistance for their health and protection of crops.

Highlights of Kisan Dhan Arogyam Yojana:

scheme name Kisan Dhan Arogyam Yojana 2022
who started A3N It Services
sponsored by A3N It Services with 920 no. NGOs of India
beneficiary Poor and landless farmers all over the country
Objective To provide financial assistance to farmers for farming, food and equipment and to take responsibility for their annual medical care through health insurance.
Contact No. For registration 1800 309 5532 / 9717176486 / 9084767165
Website for registration
Email ID to send message [email protected]

Main Objectives of Kisan Dhan Arogyam Yojana

United India Insurance and Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) are giving full support to make Kisan Dhan Arogyam Yojana a success.

Farmers are the pride of our country. But not all farmers are prosperous. Many farmers of our country do not even have fields to cultivate. They do the work of sowing and harvesting in the fields of others. Small farmers remain under the burden of debt. Due to this problem, some farmers commit suicide by giving up.

The governments of the country and the states keep making every effort to bring the poor farmers out of poverty. Private sector organizations and NGOs also contribute.

On the instructions of the Central Government, private companies help the farmers through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) fund.

A3N It Services and the NGOs associated with this scheme should make every effort to reach the benefits of Kisan Dhan Arogyam Yojana to the poor and landless farmers of the country.

Kisan Dhan Arogyam Yojana Features

  • To reduce the economic burden of the poor farmer. To provide them financial assistance in health, life and crops.
  • To give the benefit of insurance to the farmer and his family.
  • To make arrangements to stabilize the income of the farmer so that he does not face any hindrance in the farming process.
  • To encourage farmers to adopt new and modern farming practices.
  • To ensure that the flow of credit to the agriculture sector continues unhindered.
  • Crop loss support facility. Despite the untiring hard work of the farmers, the crop sometimes gets damaged due to bad weather or other unforeseen reasons and they have to suffer a lot. To give financial help to the farmers through crop insurance in such times.
  • To encourage women farmers by giving them equipment at low cost.
  • To reduce the economic burden of farmers by providing them food at low prices.

PM Kisan eKYC Online

Benefits of Kisan Dhan Arogyam Yojana

25000 for Medical claim, Accident insurance of 3 lakhs, Crop insurance of 1.5 lakhs, max upto Rs in a year. 50,000. Loan for farming at very low cost. * Financial assistance of Rs.24000 in 2 years for landless farmers. Up to 30% subsidy on farm equipment for women farmers.* Organic food subsidy Organic food subsidy by the company.* Agricultural organization for the farming community

Required Documents:

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Pan Card
  3. passport size photo

Kisan Dhan Arogyam Yojana Rules – Rules & Regulations

  1. Kisan Dhan Arogya Yojana Card is valid for 5 years only.
  2. Accident insurance covers all types of accidental death.
  3. The maximum financial assistance provided in a year is Rs 50,000 and is given only 3 times in 5 years.
  4. The assistance of Rs 24000 is only for the poor and landless farmers.
  5. The loan facility starts after 90 days. The farmer has to be active on the crop to get profit every time.
  6. The subsidy on agricultural equipment is only for women farmers.

Kisan Dhan Arogyam FAQs

Kisan Dhan Arogya Yojana What is?

This is a farmer economic assistance scheme in which financial help is provided to poor farmers.

Is Kisan Dhan Aarogya Yojana issued by the government?

No, this scheme is being implemented by private NGO whose purpose is to benefit the farmers.

How much assistance do I get in Kisan Dhan Arogyam Yojana?

25000/Yearly for health, 3 lakh for PAI and 1.5 lakh (50,000/yearly) are provided under the scheme.

Kisan Dhan Arogya Yojana By whom is it implemented?

This scheme is implemented through a private organization A3N IT SERVICES PVT LTD.

How to login KDAY scheme?

Applicants can easily login by visiting the official website of the scheme as well as agent login.

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