See such e-Aadhaar online in 2022 by name of Aadhar card

View Aadhar Card by Name: Aadhar card has become an important document in all kinds of government and private work today. Along with increasing the need of Aadhaar, many challenges also accompany us to handle it. Wherever you go, it becomes necessary in the application of any form or scheme. If you have Aadhar but it has disappeared, then what is the process to find or download Aadhar card by name, its details are mentioned here –

View Aadhar Card by Name Online –

If you are looking for any such option to download Aadhar card which will make your work easy. So let’s know, about such a way, with the help of which you can check your Aadhar card. aadhaar number aadhaar enrollment number And Aadhaar Virtual ID can find from

By following this process, see Aadhar card by name –

see aadhar card by name

  1. For this, first of all the Aadhar card’s official Website But have to come.
  2. After visiting this website Get Aadhar in section Download Aadhar get an option named
  3. After coming to the new page Download Aadhar The option is available, by clicking on it one has to come to the next page.
  4. After you come to the next page Aadhar Card Number, Aadhar Enrollment Number either Virtual ID You can download your Aadhar with the help of Here only you have to do the verification through mobile OTP.

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Terms to be asked while searching Aadhar Card –

aadhar card number – If someone’s Aadhar card is already made, then in that case you can download that Aadhar card from your Aadhar card number.

enrollment number – If your Aadhar card is made but you do not have Aadhar card number, then in such a situation you can download Aadhar card with the help of this enrollment number.

virtual number It is a temporary 16 digit code which you can generate from the UID website or through the mobile application.

Note –

There is currently no option to view and download Aadhar card from mobile number. However, if the department gives any update on this, then we will definitely let you know.

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How to Order Aadhar PVC Card?

If you do not have Aadhar card and you want to download this Aadhar card in PVC format, then for that you can order with the help of this UID website and get PVC card. In this way you can order it –

  • After visiting this website Get Aadhar in section Download Aadhar An option is found in the name of, after coming on it, you reach a new page.
  • After this, after coming to this new page, in this Order PVC Card The option is found in the name of, by clicking on it one has to come to the next page.

After this, as soon as you search your Aadhar card in it and you are satisfied that this card is yours or the person whose Aadhar card wants to be downloaded, then after that you have to pay the prescribed fee of Rs 50. Is. After the payment is confirmed, your card arrives at your home in the next 7 – 10 days.

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Use of Aadhar Card –

If you do not know about where Aadhar card is used, then let us tell you general information about where it is used –

  • Aadhar card is used to take benefits of all types of schemes implemented by the state and central government.
  • Apart from this, if you want to withdraw money from any bank through CSC, then Aadhar card is also used for that.
  • With the help of Aadhar card, it is easy to fill the form of all types of competitive examination and apart from this it is necessary for all types of recruitment in the country, whether it is of state government or central government.

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