How to register online in MNREGA? new update of 2022

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act i.e. by the Central Government to provide 150 days fixed employment in rural areas. MGNREGA Scheme is being driven. To take advantage of this scheme, all the beneficiaries have to get a job card. It is very easy to register online under MNREGA scheme. In this article you are being told about this. So How to register online under MNREGA? Stay with us to find out –

What is MGNREGA?

This is a central government scheme, under which the unemployed people of poor families living in rural areas are given 150 days of fixed employment every year by the government. This scheme was started in 2006, then its name was NREGA, but now its real name has become MNREGA.

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How to do online registration in MNREGA –

To apply online or register online under MNREGA scheme, you have been told the process below –

How to register online in MNREGA

  • First of all you have to plan official website But have to come.
  • After this, you will get the option of Gram Panchayat in the home page. Data Entry By clicking on it, you have to come to the next page.
  • In this the list of entire states is visible, out of which you have to choose your state. For example, suppose we have selected the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • After this, you have to select your district name, block name, and village name.
  • After selecting all these information, you have to log in after entering your information in it and then register in it. After this, there can be an online register of one worker each.

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Note –

No common citizen can register himself on this portal, the id and password for logging in is with the department only and the department allots the id and password at the panchayat level. The method of logging in about this portal has been described as an office level job and they have the right to register online in it.

Full name of MNREGA –

The full form of MNREGA is Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Presently the name of this scheme has been changed to Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act have make.

Who can register online under MGNREGA?

To take benefits under MNREGA scheme, villagers can apply and register for –

  • Only villagers can apply under this scheme, as the name of this scheme says “Rural Employment Guarantee”.
  • Domicile of India is eligible for this scheme and should not be in government job or corporate.

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Documents required for online registration in MNREGA –

All these documents are necessary to apply online under Mahatma Gandhi Yojana. Along with all these documents the applicant can apply –

  • Aadhar card of the applicant, in whose name the job card is to be made.
  • Apart from this, any one of the identity cards such as driving license or voter ID card etc.
  • For bank account information, any one of the bank’s passbook or bank’s canceled check etc.
  • This bank account of the applicant should be linked with his Aadhar card.

Apart from all this, more documents can be asked for at the time of application like some affidavit etc.

How was MGNREGA started?

This scheme was first started in 2006, when this scheme was launched. First of all, the first work under this scheme was done from a village named Anantapur in Bandawali district of Andhra Pradesh state. After this this scheme was initially started in only 200 states, after that this scheme was started in the whole country.

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Benefits of MNREGA Scheme –

  • A job card is given to the beneficiary applying under this scheme.
  • Apart from this, employment starts from 15 days after applying in this scheme.
  • In this scheme, 150 days of employment will be given, out of which 100 days will be paid by the central government and 50 days will be paid by the state government.
  • It is necessary to give 15 days of employment to the beneficiary in a month. Along with this, all the beneficiaries should get equal employment, it has also been told under the scheme.
  • The economic benefit of the scheme i.e. wages money will be sent directly to the applicant’s account. The account should be linked with Aadhar card.

Get fixed employment for 150 days –

Under this scheme, 150 days of guaranteed employment is given to the beneficiaries applying. Along with this, it is necessary to give them this employment for at least 15 days in a month. This scheme is operated at the gram panchayat and panchayat level, due to which it becomes even easier to take advantage of it.

Employment available under the scheme –

  • water conservation
  • different types of housing
  • flood control
  • land development
  • rural connectivity road construction
  • Plantation under drought prevention
  • Minor Irrigation
  • Gardening, etc.

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