Government will reward for reporting illegal use of electricity

At present, the power crisis has increased a lot in many states of the country. Common people are suffering a lot due to this happening power cut. In view of power cut and power crisis, Madhya Pradesh government has issued a new decree. It said that anyone reporting illegal use of electricity would be rewarded. Let us know about it in detail –

Reward will be given for reporting illegal use of electricity –

The state government is now going to be strict against the people who use electricity illegally. Along with this, it has also been announced that if any citizen uses electricity illegally in the state of Madhya Pradesh, then the government will take strict action against him. Along with this, if any citizen complains about such people who use electricity illegally, then in that case the government will reward that citizen.

Yes, you read it right, if a citizen of a state gives such information to the government, then the state government of Madhya Pradesh will give up to 10 percent of the amount recovered from the reward to that citizen and not only that the full amount of that citizen. Information will be kept secret.

There is no limit to the maximum amount of prize money. Suppose that if 2 lakh is recovered from a responsible electricity user, then in that case 10 percent of the total amount recovered from that citizen i.e. 20 thousand rupees will be given to the complaining citizen.

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Where can you give information?

It has also been clarified by the state government that the citizen who complains about it, can only complain about it to the company headquarters or regional headquarters or general managers. Only such complaint will remain valid.

If a citizen complains to any official or any local office, then in that case his complaint will not be valid and it will be accepted. Complaints can be made only in writing or through telephone.

Who will get the prize money –

Under this scheme, who will be the beneficiary of the scheme, that is, who will be given benefit under this scheme. The beneficiaries of the benefits under this scheme will not only be the citizens who make complaints but also those employees who recover from the people who use illegal electricity.

Those who complain, they will be given 10 percent of the amount recovered as a reward, along with those employees will also get an amount ranging from 2 to 2.50 percent.

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How will the amount of reward be given for giving information about illegal use of electricity?

Under the scheme, any common citizen who complains or whoever takes action on him, his money will be sent directly to his bank account. It may take some time to pay this recovered amount as there is a complete process which will be followed and accordingly the money will be given to the complainant.

Whenever a complainant makes a complaint, he will have to give his complete information along with the complaint and with him he will have to talk clearly about the place so that that place can be easily tracked and action will be taken against those people. To those who misuse electricity in this way.

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The information of the complainants will be kept secret.

The state government is taking the guarantee of whichever common citizen files a complaint, then his name and his information will be kept secret and no one will be told about it with him. If any kind of information goes out about the information of the complainant, then the state government will take action against those leaking the information.

Madhya Pradesh government will monitor electricity usage

Under this entire program, whoever is the complainant and against whom there will be a complaint and apart from this, the state government will monitor this entire program. A separate special Vigilance Cell has been created for this. This cell will keep a watch on this entire process and if there is any problem regarding it, then action will be taken against it.

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