Earn Money by Listening to Music Online | Top 5 Websites Hindi

Hello friends how are you all hope you will be good friends today we are going to tell you about some such websites on which you can earn a lot of money by listening to songs Earn Money by Listening to Music Online. So let’s start the list of our websites

1. SlicethePie

This site has many music artists who want feedback on their creations. By giving such feedback, you can earn a lot of money online.

After signing up on the site, you will be asked to listen and review the music. You’ll need to listen to a track of music for at least 60 seconds before you can complete your review.

If you put a good faith effort on your reviews, you will have no trouble making money with this site. Just keep in mind that Slicethepie wants quality reviews. Pay is 2-20 cents per review, minimum payout is $10.

2. HitPredictor

You can provide valuable feedback on the track. Once your feedback is submitted and accepted, you will earn points. Bonus points are distributed to reviewers who provide a certain amount of reviews within a stipulated time period.

The current rate for accepted reviews is 3 reviews = $1.

Once you collect enough points, you can use them for rewards, Amazon gift cards, etc.

3. Current Rewards

Current Rewards is a great option if you want to get paid for listening to radio stations. You can choose the radio station you want to listen to, and earn up to $600 in cash or Amazon gift cards per year just for tuning in. this is right. You can be paid to listen to music, just to listen.

You can also earn points by watching short videos or completing online surveys on Current Rewards. Current Rewards lets users pay reasonable rates for market research and other activities on the site, making it a great place to earn money online. Current Rewards pays cash rewards via bank transfer.

5. Earnable

This website pays not only for listening to the radio, but also for completing surveys, watching videos and completing offers online. While earning is part of Radio Loyalty, it provides additional points for members who complete the tasks mentioned earlier.

Naturally the particular advantage is that the site gives you bonuses and increases your payout options as you advance on the site. You must have more than $2 in your account to receive payments from this website


If you are a content creator and a good number of people are following you, then PlaylistPush is a great platform to earn some extra money. To get started, you must have at least 400 followers on Apple Music or Spotify. Once you meet this requirement, you’ll be able to connect with new artists who pay popular users to listen to their music and add them to their playlists.

PlaylistPush pays around $1 for each song review. If you have a large number of people behind you, you can expect to get paid more.

Musicxray (Get Paid To Listen Feature Is No Longer Available)

This site pays you to listen to music performed by up-and-coming artists. As a musician “music fan”, you will be rating new tracks and artists by filling out surveys. Sometimes, you will be asked to participate in groups. Currently set at 10 cents per rated song. Once you reach the $20 limit, you can take payment via PayPal.