Destitute Women Pension Scheme UP, this is the way to get benefits

In order to provide financial assistance to destitute women, the Government of Uttar Pradesh is running the Nisrit Mahila Pension Yojana. Under the scheme, financial assistance of up to 60 thousand is given to the needy women registered. Stay with our article for complete information about this scheme. Here we have discussed the benefits, features and how to apply for the scheme. Etc. has been told about –

Destitute Women Pension Scheme Uttar Pradesh 2022 –

Under this scheme implemented in the state of Uttar Pradesh, such women are provided pension in the form of financial assistance, who are widows. to this plan Widow Mahila Pension Scheme Also known as. The state government transfers pension every month to the bank account of the beneficiaries who are joining this scheme.

Destitute Women Pension Scheme UP

The age of women of Uttar Pradesh state applying for this scheme should be between 18 to 60 years. Apart from this, women should belong to BPL category, then all of them will be eligible to take benefits of this scheme.

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Pension received under Nisrit Pension Yojana –

There are 3 types of pension received under this scheme –

  1. old age pension ,
  2. Widow Pension Scheme UP
  3. Uttar Pradesh Disabled Pension

Uttar Pradesh Old Age Pension –

Old age pension scheme covers those who get separated from their family after the age of 60 years. Older women are also included in this scheme along with old men. In this, the benefit is given after the age of 60 years.

Apart from this, if there is no earner in the house or many times they are evicted from their own house, then this scheme has been started with the aim of providing financial assistance to them. Under this scheme implemented for the welfare of senior citizens, there is a provision to give Rs 800 as pension every month to the applicants.

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Uttar Pradesh Widow Pension Scheme –

Women applying under the Widow Pension Scheme are given a certain amount of pension every month under the scheme. To apply under this scheme, only those beneficiaries are eligible who are widows or whose husband has left them at an early age.

Women applying under the UP Widow Pension Scheme are given Rs 500 financially every month. With the money received under this scheme, they can run their personal expenses. Women of Uttar Pradesh can join this scheme. Along with being a widow, if any woman is socially weak, whoever they will be given the benefit of this scheme.

Disabled Pension Scheme UP –

Whether it is a woman or a man, if someone comes under the category of handicapped, then in that case he will also be given financial benefits by the government. Under this scheme, if a citizen is more than 40 percent disabled, then in that case, financial assistance of Rs 500 is given to that citizen by the government.

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Apply online for Nisrit Mahila Pension Yojana –

  • First of all, this scheme of scheme in the state of Uttar Pradesh Website But have to come.
  • After visiting this website, the applicant destitute women pension An option is given, click on it to proceed.
  • after this apply online An option is available in the name of, by clicking on it you reach this form.

After this, after filling this form, it has to be submitted. After doing this, you apply in this scheme and your form is filled.

Scheme Eligibility –

To take advantage of this scheme, the applicant must have all these eligibility. Only with these eligibility can apply.

  • To apply under this scheme, women should be a native of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Only women living below the poverty line can take advantage of this scheme.
  • If a woman is in the BPL category, then that woman is also eligible for this scheme.
  • Women from backward sections of the society are eligible for this scheme.

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Documents required for Destitute Women Pension Scheme –

  • The woman should be a native of Uttar Pradesh state. Domicile certificate is required to be attached with it.
  • identity card The applicant also has to attach an identity card with the form. Aadhar card, ration card or driving license and passport etc. can be used as identity proof.
  • bank passbook Bank passbook in which the applicant’s money will come. Hopefully you have at least one savings account and it will be in powered mode.
  • husband’s death certificate The death certificate of the woman is also required to be attached with this form.
  • If a woman is disabled and Uttar Pradesh Disability Pension Scheme If you want to take advantage of the benefits, then for that the applicant must also have a certificate of disability.

Benefits of Destitute Women Pension Scheme UP –

  • The benefit of this pension scheme will be given to those women in whose house there is either no earner or the women who are widows.
  • The financial benefit given under the scheme will be sent directly to the applicant’s account so that there is no problem of any middleman in the middle.
  • If a woman is surrounded by financial problems, then she will get the benefit of this scheme enough so that she can get away from those problems.
  • Destitute women will be given the benefit of schemes according to different facilities under this scheme.

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