How to get Rajasthan Police Mitra Identity Card made? Apply Online

The Government of Rajasthan has started the Police Mitra Identity Card Scheme to establish coordination between the police and the general public of the state. Under this scheme implemented by the state government, social workers or common people willing to help the police in Rajasthan can join. Let us know the special things of this scheme and how can I get Rajasthan Police Mitra Identity Card made?

Rajasthan Police Mitra Identity Card Scheme 2022 –

In order to increase the social cooperation with the police administration and ensure speedy action on the cases arising, the Rajasthan Government has started the Police Mitra Identification Card Scheme. There are details of 24 types of services in the police department to apply under this scheme. In the police service, the general public can apply in 3 types of services. Apart from this, after applying in this, the form is accepted in 7 days and after that the applicant becomes a police friend after the form is approved by the CLG members.

Rajasthan Police Mitra Identity Card

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How to get Rajasthan Police Mitra Identity Card made?

If you want to apply to become a Rajasthan Police friend, then follow these steps –

  • First of all you have to visit the official website of Rajasthan Police.
  • After visiting the website, you will be connected to this scheme in this online form will get.
  • All the details asked in the application form like Fill your name, father’s name, date of birth, occupational and educational information
  • Now this form has to be submitted to the concerned department. After doing this, the application for your police friend card will be done.
  • Your Police Mitra card will be generated in a few days after the form is submitted.

Information to be filled in Police Mitra Application Form –

  • Name of applicant,
  • Applicant’s father’s name,
  • Applicant’s date of birth
  • current address,
  • Permanent address and name of village and city
  • Educational Qualifications,
  • email and mobile number,
  • Business,
  • Name of the station where you want to render your services
  • After this, you have to choose the maximum three categories in which you want to provide your services.
  • After this you have to upload a photo of yourself in it.

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Eligibility to become Rajasthan Police Mitra –

  • Applicant must be a native of Rajasthan
  • Whoever wants to apply should not be a criminal in any way.
  • No FIR of any kind should be registered against that applicant.
  • The applicant should be a social worker or should have a passion for social service.
  • Apart from this, the applicant can apply for the area in which he resides.

Work of Rajasthan Police Mitra?

This post has been established only to create social harmony and coordination in the state. The duty of a police friend is assigned for social work or program and he is given a chance to handle the responsibility of that.

Apart from this, if a police friend is needed for any social work, then they are engaged. If you want to do this service for the purpose of helping and helping the police, then you can do it.

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How much salary does Rajasthan Police Mitra get?

This is a service and nothing is borne by the state government. If you want to join this post without salary and as a social service, then you can join. In this you have to work without salary and as per requirement. You can do this work without any salary.

Last date for making Rajasthan Police Mitra Identity Card –

There is no last date to apply for this scheme. You can apply for this anytime. After applying under this scheme, your form is checked in the next one week and after that you are made a Rajasthan Police friend.

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What to do before Rajasthan Police Mitra registration?

If you want to become a police friend in Rajasthan, then in such a situation you have to take care of these few things before that –

  • Before applying, keep your necessary documents and a photo of yourself with you.
  • Apart from this, before applying, make sure that there is no FIR or any case registered against you.
  • Along with applying, you want to do this service free of cost, even after that an affidavit has to be given with this form.

In this way you can fill the form of this Rajasthan Police friend and give your important services in Rajasthan Police.

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