2 lakh will be available on accident in agricultural works, Chief Minister Krishak Saathi Yojana

The Rajasthan government has started a new scheme related to the security of the farmers of the state. Starting with the name of Mukhyamantri Krishak Saathi Yojana, the complete details of this scheme have been told to you in this article. So how to get the benefit of Krishak Saathi Yojana? Stay with us to find out –

Chief Minister Krishak Saathi Yojana 2022 Rajasthan –

Under this scheme implemented in the state of Rajasthan, farmers are being given insurance protection against accidents during harvesting, threshing or Bahai. During harvesting and Baha’i, many accidents happen to the farmers due to which they have to bear a lot of troubles personally or family.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Krishak Saathi Yojana

Krishak Saathi Yojana is being run in the state to compensate for these accidents and social security with the farmer. Now Kisan Bhai will be encouraged to avoid accidents during agricultural works. This scheme was announced in the last year’s budget and this scheme was also implemented last year itself.

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Now if any accident happens to the farmers while working in their fields. In which the life of that farmer can also be lost or he becomes partially handicapped, then in such a situation, financial help will be given to that farmer by the state government.

Objectives of Chief Minister Krishak Saathi Yojana –

  • This scheme has been implemented to provide financial assistance to the dependents of the farmers in order to avoid any mishaps during the harvesting of their crops and the repeated incidents of Baha’i.
  • If a farmer is a victim of such an incident, then in that case, financial assistance of up to 5 thousand up to 2 lakh will be given to that farmer as financial assistance.
  • With the help of this amount received under this scheme, they will be able to get their treatment done.
  • Apart from this, the exercise of this scheme has been done to make the farmers self-reliant after fighting this problem themselves.

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Benefits and Features of Rajasthan MKSY Scheme –

  • Under this scheme, if a farmer is a victim of any incident, then in that case financial assistance will be given to that farmer from 5 thousand to 2 lakh.
  • The scheme was launched on 24 February 2021.
  • If a farmer dies due to an accident related to agriculture, then the success of that farmer will be given the benefit of this scheme.
  • To take advantage of this scheme after the accident, the applicant has to apply within 6 months of the incident. After this, the benefit of this scheme will not be given on applying.
  • Farmers will be able to get their treatment done with the amount received under the scheme.
  • Children above 5 years of age and men and women of maximum 70 years will be able to take advantage of this scheme.

Financial assistance available under the scheme –

The information about the amount of financial support you will get under this scheme is given below –

  • If a farmer dies, then in that case the dependents of that farmer will get an amount of up to 2 lakhs and financial assistance only.
  • Not only this, if a farmer is handicapped by two organs, then in that case 50 thousand assistance will be given to that beneficiary.
  • 50 thousand will be given to the dependent or to the worker in case of fracture of the reed bone and injury to the head.
  • 25 thousand will be given to that beneficiary in case of disability of one limb.
  • Apart from this, if a person’s finger is cut off in an accident, then in that case an amount from 5 thousand to 20 thousand is given.
  • Apart from this, if a person gets fractured in such an incident, then he is given an assistance amount of up to 5 thousand.

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Who will get the amount of financial benefit under the scheme?

The information about who and how can take advantage of the amount received under this scheme is as follows –

  • Husband or wife If a woman is harmed or dies in an accident, then the financial amount received in that situation will be given to her husband, and if that person dies, then that woman will get the money of that amount.
  • Children In the absence of the children, the children will get the share of that benefit amount.
  • mother-father If the victim of the accident does not have children or his wife or husband, then the parents can get the amount of that benefit in that case.
  • grand-grandson In the absence of a parent, child or son and daughter, the amount of that amount will be given to the grandson and granddaughter.
  • sister brother If there is no one in a person’s family, then the money of that amount can be given to his sister.

How to apply under the scheme?

To apply under this scheme, you can adopt this method –

  • For this, first you have to take its form from your nearest Tehsil office.
  • After that the information asked in this form has to be filled clearly and accurately.
  • After this, after attaching the necessary documents in that form, that form has to be submitted to the Tehsil office.

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Documents required for the scheme –

To apply for this scheme, it is necessary to have these documents –

  • prescribed application form
  • Aadhar Card
  • Police Panchnama and FIR
  • death certificate or medical certificate
  • certificate of income
  • Disability certificate or photo in case of disability
  • compensation photo
  • Other proofs asked by the Director of Insurance

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