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Central Govt. For all vehicles (private and commercial) as per the new rule of FASTag It will be mandatory, so here we buy all of you FASTag online [Pay Toll Without Cash]recharge FASTag online, check banks list & charges, activate banks or on My FASTag app etc.

The Government of India had announced that FASTags would be mandatory for all vehicles, private or commercial, from 1st December 2019. All vehicles without FASTags will have to pay double the normal toll fee at highway toll plazas. People can buy FASTag through various channels like Point-of-Sale (POS) at National Highway toll plazas and bank branches. People can also recharge their FASTag from Paytm, PhonePe and other e-commerce platforms. Activation of FASTag My FASTag This can be done on the mobile app or by contacting the banks.

FASTag 2022: National Electronic Toll collection

FASTag is an RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) passive tag used for making toll payments from a prepaid or savings/current account linked directly to the customers. It is affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle and enables the customer to drive through the toll plaza without paying any toll. Toll fare is deducted directly from the linked account of the customer. FASTag Also vehicle specific and once it is affixed to one vehicle, it cannot be transferred to another vehicle, FASTag can be purchased from any member bank of NETC.

If a FASTag is linked to a prepaid account, it needs to be recharged/top-up as per the usage of the customer. If sufficient balance is not maintained by the customer, the FASTag gets blacklisted at the toll plaza. In such a scenario, if the customer travels through the toll plaza without recharge, he will not be able to avail the NETC services and will have to pay the toll fare through cash.

FASTag 2022 is the perfect solution for hassle free travel on National Highways. FASTag is currently operational at over 400 toll plazas on national and state highways. More toll plazas will be brought under FASTag program in future.

Buy FASTag online bank list

Buy FASTag Online Check Bank List

Whoever wants to do online registration for FASTag under any bank, then here is a list of all the banks, out of which you can check your bank, as well as we have online FASTag Link Also ADD has been done and apart from this for Activation Toll Free Numbers If the list of is also given, then you can easily Buy FASTag online:-

FASTag Activation Process 2022 Online

FASTag activation can be done in two ways, through banks and from the official mobile app of My Fastag, you can download My Fastag App from Play Store:

1. FASTag Activation through Banks: At the time of FASTag activation, people need to submit KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation as per the KYC policy of the bank. Apart from the KYC documentation, people have to submit the Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle to the bank along with the application for FASTag.

2. FASTag Activation from FASTag App: Online FASTag is based on the concept of DIY (Do It Yourself) where you can self-activate it by entering vehicle details in “My FASTag” mobile app.

Download My FASTag Apps

NETC FASTag Features

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) said that under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program NETC FASTag The transaction count has crossed 86 million in July 2020. That’s why this feature is very important. Some of the features of NETC FASTag are as follows:

  • FASTag is an easy mode of payment as there is no need to carry cash for toll transactions. Using FASTag saves the commute time.
  • Recharging a FASTag is easy, as you just need to add money to your bank account to use the FASTag.
  • SMS and email alerts for all toll transactions, low balance, etc.
  • You can also avail monthly pass at the applicable plaza, with minimum documents
  • FASTag comes with a validity of 5 years for your vehicle

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