Gramin Bank Home Loan Interest Rate, View Interest Rate List 2022

Home loan is one such loan with the help of which we can easily build the house of our dreams. Along with this, the option of returning the loan amount in easy installments also helps in getting a loan from the bank. There are many such banks around us, with the help of which you can take a loan very easily. Today we are going to give you important details related to Gramin Bank home loan interest rate and application. If you are thinking of taking loan from Gramin Bank, then you can read this article completely –

Gramin Bank Home Loan Interest Rate –

If we talk about the home loan of Gramin Bank, then it gives home loans up to 30 lakhs to its customers. At the same time, Gramin Bank charges an annual interest rate of about 6.80 percent on this loan. Which is quite a competition compared to other banks in the market.

Gramin Bank Home Loan Interest Rate 2022

If you need more than this amount i.e. more than 30 lakhs for loan and if you take loan up to 75 lakhs. That is, if the amount of this loan is between 30 lakhs to 75 lakhs, then this bank can charge an interest of 7.05% for this.

As you know, Gramin Bank is one of the main banks in India, which even today has connected millions of customers in rural areas with banking services. This bank also gives the facility of giving loans to the villagers at very easy interest rates.

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Documents required for home loan from Gramin Bank –

What are the necessary documents required for availing loan. Before taking a loan from Gramin Bank, make sure that you have all these necessary documents with you. These are all the documents required to take the loan –

Aadhar Card Aadhar card of the loan applicant is necessary to take the loan. Aadhar card is necessary to take loan.

pan card Pan card is one of the most important documents to take loan. From the PAN card, information is obtained about your earnings and about the loan taken before you.

Applicant’s photo Applicants who want to take a loan, one or more currently photographed photographs of themselves are required. This is extremely important.

proof of address Proof of your current home address is also required to be attached with this form for home loan. It is also necessary to tell about where you currently live.

Bank account statement for the last 6 months – The applicant is also required to attach the statement of his current running bank account or bank accounts for the last 6 months with the form.

personal information document The applicant is also required to attach the documents of his personal information with this form.

Form 16 or Income Tax Return Apart from this, the applicant also has to give information about his own Form 16 or Income Tax Return to the bank.

All these documents are required for availing the loan. If you also want to take a loan, then keep these documents with you.

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How to take home loan from Gramin Bank?

To take a loan, you first have to make a set of all these documents. After this all these documents have to be attached with the application form which is given to you from the bank. After that fill that form with correct and correct information and attach documents with it and submit it to your nearest Gramin Bank branch.

If your form is correct and the bank feels that you should give the loan, then the bank gives you the loan at the same time. If your documents are not correct then the bank can also reject your loan.

How much home loan will I get from Gramin Bank?

If you apply for a loan from Gramin Bank, then you get more than 5 lakhs in it, whatever you want to take. In this, loan is available from 5 lakh to 50 lakh and more.

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Gramin Bank home loan interest rates as per the loan amount –

Gramin Bank charges the amount of interest on giving home loan in three ways or simply in three different Criteria. These three different Criteria loan disbursement measures the amount of money involved. The amount of interest is decided on the basis of how much loan the applicant is taking.

money interest on loan
up to 30 lakhs 6.80 percent
On loan amount up to 30-75 lakhs 7.05 percent
If the loan amount is more than 75 lakhs 7.15 percent
Corporate Home Loan 7.75 percent

In this way you can take loan as per your requirement. It is also very important how much loan amount you take and for how long you take the loan.

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Things to keep in mind before taking loan

  • Make sure to know from your bank branch that how the bank is taking loan from you. That is, taking annual interest or taking fixed interest.
  • Before taking a loan, also find out about the rate of interest and the time of repayment of the loan.
  • Along with this, make a list of all the documents you give in the bank before taking the loan, after taking the loan, take the receipt of those documents and keep it with you so that in future if you want to withdraw those documents, then that receipt can be useful. .

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