Check Aepds Shop Date Wise Transactions Detail Here

By Saralnama News January 24, 2022 3:41 PM IST

Here I will show you how Ration Dealers can check aepds date wise transactions details online. This is very important to know what is the quantity of ration has been distributed till now by your epos machine through Aadhaar authentication Process to confirm the ration distribution records.

People from various states like Andhra Pradesh (AP), Madhya Pradesh (MP), Bihar, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra search on google to check it with their respective states.

Aepds Shop Date Wise Transactions –

So here I am going to show you below the process for the above-mentioned states one by one –

Aepds ap date wise transactions check –

Ration Dealers from Andhra Pradesh can check ration transactions report date wise by following this process –

  1. Go to the official website of Aadhaar enabled Public Distribution System Andhra Pradesh ie
  2. Now click on Shop Day Wise Report link under the epos section.
  3. fill Shop Number, Month and Year then hit Submit Button.
  4. After doing this you can see the detailed report of aepds date wise transactions.

aepds date wise transactions

Aepds Date Wise Transaction Madhya Pradesh (MP) –

Ration Dealers from MP State can check A-epds date wise ration distribution report by following these steps –

  1. first, open the official website of Aepds Madhya Pradesh ie
  2. Now Click on Date wise Trans Abstract under FPS menu,
  3. Select Month, Year, District and FPS Name, then hit submit button.
  4. After doing this you can see date wise ration unit transaction by you epos machine.

MP aepds Date Wise Transaction Details

Check Bihar Aepds date wise transactions Detail –

  1. Firstly, Open AePDS-Bihar official website
  2. Now Click on Date wise trans Abstract Under FPS Menu.
  3. Select Month, year, district and fps name then hit submit button.
  4. After doing this you can check date wise ration transactions details.

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aepds Date Wise Transaction Details

Telangana epos date wise transactions summary check –

Ration Dealer from Telangana can check epos date wise sales summary by following below process –

  • First of all, Open the official website of ePOS Telangana ie
  • Click on Date wise ePoS Sales Summary link which is on the left side of the home page.
  • now select district, office, shop number, date then click the get details button.
  • So In this way, you can check your shop transactions report online.

telangana ePoS Sales Summary

Maharashtra date wise transactions report Check –

Ration Dealers of Maharashtra can check epos machine date wise ration transactions report online from Aepds official website, for this –

  • open official site of aepds Maharashtra
  • Click on Stock details under FPS menu
  • Choose your district, date, and FPS shop number.
  • finally check the stock details list

However, I cannot find an exact report of date by date ration transactions at Maharashtra Aepds Portal like other states.


What is Aepds System?

Aepds is a new ration distribution system in India for All states. It means Aadhaar Enabled Public Distribution system.

How are these transaction reports available to the online portal?

Since All Ration Distribution conducted by epos machine with Internet. So all data is automatically generated on official websites. from where every citizen and ration dealer can check it.