Do not know these benefits of e Shramik Card? So card making is useless

in the country at the moment e labor card The plan to build is the most discussed. People are busy in getting their labor card made in some way, but till now many people are going to get the benefits of e- labor card or what will be the benefit of getting it made? do not know. People know only one thing that on this card the government will send money to the bank every month, which is also true to some extent. But it is very important for the common people to know about the true meaning of e-Shramik Card and other benefits arising out of it.

Here are the benefits of e Shramik Card

Here are the benefits of e Shramik Card

1. Government of India will give financial help to e-shram card holders –

E-Shramik Card Scheme, records of those who work in the unorganized sector Central and State Governments will have. Due to which in any emergency or epidemic situation, the government will have an opportunity to send financial help directly to the common people in their bank account. In this sequence, the UP government will give 500 rupees a month for the next 4 months.

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2. Labor card holder will get accident insurance of Rs 2 lakh –

The biggest advantage of this e-Shramik card is that all the people registered in it get an insurance cover of up to 2 lakhs without paying any premium. In simple language, in case of any accident or accident, an accident insurance cover of 2 lakhs is given to him by the government. 1 lakh in case of partial disability and up to Rs 2 lakh in case of disability to the accident victim.

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3. The benefits of government schemes will be available first

All registered workers of labor card, They will automatically become eligible for various schemes of the Central and State Governments. These schemes will mainly include the following existing schemes and all future labor assistance schemes.

  • PMSYB Pension Scheme The labor amount of this scheme is about 3000. 3000 are given in this scheme for shopkeepers and self-employed persons and businessmen in villages and cities.
  • PMJJBY Scheme Insurance cover of Rs 2 lakh.
  • Atal Pension Yojana – 1000 to 5000 rupees pension after 60 years (Read full details of the scheme,
  • PDS means Public Distribution System – Only workers with government NFSA are included in this scheme. Special arrangement for getting ration.
  • Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme Poor families of the unorganized sector will get funds to build houses under the rural or urban housing scheme. In this, Rs 1.2 lakh is given for the plain area and Rs 1.3 lakh is given to the workers in the hilly area. , Check Your Name in Awas Yojana List,
  • National Social Assistance Program Financial assistance amount from three hundred {300} to one thousand {1000} and one thousand {1000} to five thousand {5000} rupees.
  • AB-PMJAY Ayushman Bharat Card – Under this scheme, treatment of 5 lakhs is available free of cost.
  • Health related scheme for weavers In this scheme, the beneficiary will get about Rs 15,000.
  • National Safai Karamcharis Finance and Development Corporation A certain financial assistance will be given under this scheme.
  • Prime Minister’s Swanidhi Yojana Loan up to 10 thousand for small business, online process.

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4. Government will provide employment to the unorganized workers –

Those who do not work in any government or private company, that is, daily wage laborers, have no place for their work. Due to which they have money problems, the Government of India will collect the data of all these crores of workers, make a plan to provide employment and will also give them financial help from time to time.

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To get the benefits of E Shramik Card, how to get E Shram Card made –

You can make this card automatically with the help of Aadhar number and OTP. Apart from this, it is also being made at CSC. Follow these steps to generate e-shram card automatically –

  1. First of all this plan official website open
  2. After visiting the website, Register on e-sharm click on
  3. After this you have to click on Self Registration option in it.
  4. Verify by filling Aadhaar number, mobile and OTP in the registration form
  5. Now submit by filling your education, type of labor and bank details etc.
  6. After doing this, your e-shram card will be generated, you can also download it.

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Question and Answer (FAQ)-

What is E Shramik Card?

This is such a special card which is only for the poor people working in the “Unorganized Sector”. To take advantage of this scheme, you first have to get this e-card made, only then you can take advantage of this scheme. In the run-of-the-mill life of the workers, it will become very easy to take advantage of this scheme.

Who are the unorganized category laborers

Actually, it is not the person or personnel with any special quota, but it is the personnel who do small wages. That is, if such workers come to it, then they do not come in the income tax category, do not have PF account, do not have a fixed job.

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What are the documents required for e-Shramik Card?

  • education document.
  • Documents related to employment and skills or occupation.
  • Bank details.
  • aadhar card number
  • mobile number
  • Applicant’s address information, etc.

Who cannot avail the benefits of E Shramik Card –

  • who are over 60 years of age
  • people who pay income tax
  • Those who work in a private company and have an EPF account
  • who is not from india
  • big farmers
  • big business
  • Government servant, etc.

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