Personal loan bank list, loan is available here at these interest rates

Personal Loan Bank List: Every day someone or the other needs financial support to run their daily routine. Many times we also take loan to get financial help. If you or someone else wants to take a personal loan, then it has become very easy to get that too in today’s time. The most important interest rate for taking a loan from any bank. In this article you have been told about this in detail.

Personal Loan Bank List 2022 –

By the way, you can apply in any bank and cooperative bank to take a personal loan. Banks first check your documents, whatever you deposit. If your documents are found, then after that the bank gives you the loan.

personal loan bank list

You can take loan from all these banks. Before taking a loan, you must check the interest rate of this bank so that you do not have any such problem in future that how much money you have to pay back and at what rate of interest.

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Personal loan bank list and interest rates –

Bank Interest Rate (pa) Processing Fee
State Bank of India 9.60% pa – 15.65% pa Up to 1.50%
HDFC bank 10.5% pa – 21.00% pa Up to 2.50%
Yes Bank 13.99% pa – 16.99% pa Up to 2.50%
City Bank 9.99% pa – 16.49% pa Up to 3%
Kotak Mahindra Bank 10.25% and above Up to 2.5%
Axis Bank 12% pa – 21% pa as per bank rules
Bank Of Baroda 10.50% pa – 12.50% pa Up to 2%
HSBC Bank 9.75% pa – 15.00% pa Up to 1%
IDFC First Bank 12% pa – 26% pa Up to 3.5%
Tata Capital 10.99% onwards Up to 2.75%
Kotak Mahindra 12% pa – 17% pa Maximum of Rs.8,500
Home Credit Case Loan 19% pa – 49% pa 0%-5%
Ujjivan Finance Small Bank 11.49% pa – 16.49% pa as per bank rules
federal bank 10.49% pa – 17.99% pa Up to 3%
indusland bank 11.00% pa – 31.50% pa 2.5% onwards
IIFL 24% pa onwards 2% onwards
Bank of India 10.75% pa – 12.75% pa Up to 2%
Aditya Birla Capital 14% pa -26% pa Up to 2%
fullerton india 11.99% pa – 36% pa Up to 6%
IDBI Bank 8.30% pa – 11.05% pa as per bank rules
Karur Vyasa Bank 9.40% pa – 19.00% pa 0.30% onwards
South Indian Bank 10.25% pa – 14.15% pa Up to 2%
Indian Overseas Bank 9.30% pa – 10.80% pa Up to 0.50%
RBL Bank 14% pa – 23% pa Up to 3.5%
Punjab National Bank 8.95% pa – 14.50% pa Up to 1.80%
Bank of Maharashtra 9.55% pa – 12.90% pa Up to 1%
Central Bank of India 9.85% and above Rs.500
City Union Bank 11.25% pa 1.25%
Dhanlaxmi Bank 11.90% pa – 15.7% pa Up to 2.5%
Jammu and Kashmir Bank 11.80% pa and above Up to Rs.500

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How to take personal loan from bank?

To take a personal loan from any bank, you have to follow these simple steps. Before taking a loan from the bank, you must know about the estimated interest rate mentioned in this list so that you do not face any problem about it in future.

First of all, you have to take the loan form of the bank from which you want to take the loan and fill it. Fill the information asked in this loan form properly.

After filling the form, some necessary documents have to be attached in it. These important documents include proof of identity, proof of income and proof of address.

After filling the form and attaching the necessary documents with those forms, that form has to be submitted to the bank from where you want to take the loan. Your form and documents will be checked by the bank’s staff in the bank. If there is no deficiency in your form then your form will be accepted and you will get the loan and if there is a mistake in your form then your loan can also be rejected.

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Documents for taking loan from bank-

If you are taking a loan from the bank, then for that you must have all these necessary documents –

  • identity card – The person who wants to take a loan has to give a proof of his identity.
  • proof of income It is also necessary to provide proof of income along with identity. This is an important document which is very important to take loan from the bank.
  • date of birth certificate The applicant also has to give a certificate of his date of birth along with the loan form. These are also important documents.
  • Salary slip of last 3 months – If you are a government employee and want to take a loan from the bank, then for that you will have to give the salary slip of the last three months of your salary account. After giving this, your loan can be passed quickly.
  • land documents Although these are not necessary documents, but if you are taking a personal loan then you may be asked about this document.

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Which bank is right in the personal loan bank list?

This question is heard a lot that after all, which bank is right to take loan, which bank is not, then tell you about it, even if you take loan from any bank. Before this, you must know about the interest rate on the loan and the creditworthiness of the bank.

By the way, if you believe us, then take a loan from a government bank only so that if you give the benefit of the scheme in future, then it may be that your loan will be forgiven.

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