Jharkhand Khatian has to be seen, see here land records, Khesra details 2022

In Jharkhand, you can now check Khatian of your land or plot online with the help of mobile or computer. Here we have told step by step how you can help any person. Jharkhand Khatian Or you can get the details of the land online –

Jharkhand Khatian 2022 –

On the official website of Jharkhand Revenue Registration and Land Reforms Department, Jharbhoomi.nic.in, the details of the land of all the farmers and common people of the state i.e. Khatian are available online. On the official website, you can easily see Khasra details, land map, Khatauni etc.

Jharkhand Khatian

Main Points

Subject How to view Khatian of Jharkhand
state name Jharkhand
concerned department Revenue Registration and Land Reforms Department
Khatian POV Online
official portal Jharbhoomi.nic.in
helpline number +91 06512401716

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See the Khatian of Jharkhand like this –

  • First website of Jharkhand Land Department Jharbhoomi.nic.in open
  • Now “View Account & Register-IIClick on the option
  • in the next page By selecting Khatian respectively Select District, Zone, Halka, Meza, Account Number and Land Variety
  • now given below Khatian click the button
  • By doing this, Jharkhand Khatian will open in front of you.
Jharkhand Khatian
Jharkhand Khatiyan Sample

Jharkhand how to view your account-

  1. First official website jharbhoomi.nic.in open
  2. Now “view your accountClick on the option
  3. Select your district from the district map
  4. after that respectively By choosing zone, light, variety, land and sowing, Account Search click the button
  5. By doing this, the names of all the account holders present in your room will be visible.
  6. To see the Khatian (record) of the land View Record of Rights click on option
  7. So in this way you can see the land account of every district in Jharkhand

Four options to find Bhumi Ryot or Jharkhand Khatian –

While searching your account, you can use any one of these four options to find the land record after selecting District, Zone, Halka, Variety land, and Mauja –

(New Way) Find Your Jharkhand Ration Card

Search Jharkhand by ryot name

To see the information of Jharkhand land by the name of Ryot, you have to do this –

  • Above all Jharbhoomi Official Website open
  • Now from the left side menuView Register-IIClick on the option
  • Now click on your district from the Jharkhand District Map
  • From the map of the district in the next page block ie zone choose
  • Next choose your Halka and Maija name
  • Now from the many options given below.Search by nameClick on
  • Enter the name of the ryot in the box and click on the search button
  • By doing this, the information of the land will open in front of you.

Features of Jharbhoomi Portal –

You can get the following facilities online on this portal –

  • online mutation of land
  • your account details
  • Complaint about any problem related to land
  • khatian or land record duplication
  • Register-II Information of land owners present in
  • online payment of land tax
  • Land record, measles and account number details of common citizens of all gram panchayats

Question and Answer (FAQ)-

How to see the old land records of Jharkhand?

The old and new land report can be seen on the Jharbhoomi portal, village panchayat wise. for this you District, Zone, Light, Variety Land And Mauza would choose.

How to download Jharkhand Khatian?

First you go to the Jharbhoomi portal and remove the Khatian, after that click Ctrl + P. After that save as pdf and download it in computer.

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