How much money is coming in labor card? know new update

A very good news has come for all the people who have got the labor card made. The government has started sending money to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries as promised to give Rs 500 a month to the labor card holders. If you also want to know how much money is coming or has come in the labor card in the month of January 2022, then read the information given here carefully –

How much money is coming in labor card?

Let us tell you that on January 3, all the workers of the unorganized sector who have got the labor card made by the Uttar Pradesh government for the last two months, 1000 rupees have been sent to the bank account of the beneficiaries. This is very good news for crores of people who had registered themselves under E-shram portal who had registered themselves under E Shram Card scheme of Government of India.

How much money is coming in labor card?

When will I get labor card money?

This installment of one thousand rupees has been sent by the Uttar Pradesh State Social Security Board to about 1 crore 50 lakh workers of the unorganized sector. At the same time, the total number of labor card holders registered in the state is about to reach 4 crore.

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How to check labor card money or not?

If your labor card has been made, then you can go to your bank and check the account balance. To check Shramik Card money, you can make a missed call on your bank’s account balance checking toll free number, in response to which the bank will immediately send the information about the amount in the bank account to your mobile through a message.

To check balance by missed call, your mobile number must be linked with the bank account. Here are the toll free numbers of some banks –

  • Bank of India – 09015135135,
  • State Bank Of India – 09223766666
  • Bank Of Baroda – 8468001111

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Which people will not get labor card money –

  • People who work in a private company
  • Who has PF account
  • those who do government jobs
  • annual income tax payers
  • students studying

Although the installment sent this time has not been received by all the labor card holders, but they will definitely get its benefit in the coming months.

Who can get E Shram Card made –

  • daily wage worker
  • plumber
  • electrician
  • chowkidari worker
  • MGNREGA workers
  • rickshaw driver
  • small shopkeeper
  • small farmers, etc.

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Apart from getting money from labor card, the government is giving other benefits –

What will those with the labor card get?

The Government of India is preparing a list of all unorganized sector workers by making a labor card through the e-shram portal. Those who will not only be given the benefit of various government schemes but also financial assistance will be provided. Some of the benefits of labor card are as follows –

1. Accident insurance up to Rs.2 lakh
2. Benefits of Special Government Schemes
3. Benefit of Social Security Scheme by Pension
4. Special discount on financial assistance and health care
5. Assistance to Pregnant Women Workers
6. Easy home construction loan, etc.

E Shram Portal Link –

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