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Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana 2022 | Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana Application Online , PMMVY Apply Online | PM Matru Vandana Scheme Application Form | PM Matritva Vandana Yojana Registration 2022

Complete details of Central Government’s Pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana 2022 (pmmvy). About pmmvy What is this PM matritva vandana yojana? And also we will know about all the benefits of pm matru vandana yojana in this notification of the government. Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana In how to apply, we will discuss it here in pmmvy in hindi (Hindi) language.

Friends, as you all know that the government is running pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana Like, very few people have complete information about all the schemes, but there are many people who do not have any information about such schemes because most of these schemes are published in English language on the internet. But friends, now here we are going to give you complete information about this pmmvy (pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana) in Hindi language so that no one has any problem in reading this information, so let’s not waste much time on this pmmvy Let’s understand the plan in detail.

Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana 2021 (PMMVY)
Pradhan Mantri matru vandana yojana 2021

Pradhan Mantri matru vandana yojana 2022

Friends, here let us tell all of you that this PMMVY scheme is for the mothers of our country, pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana (PMMVY) is a maternity benefit program of our government, which is implemented in all parts of the country according to the provision of the National Food Security Act, 2013. implemented in the districts.

As you all know that many women of our country continue to work till the last days of their pregnancy to make a living for their family due to economic and social crisis due to which they do not get full nutrition due to which in India The adverse effects of under-nutrition continue to affect the majority of women. In India, every third woman is malnourished and every second woman is anemic. An undernourished mother almost inevitably gives birth to a low birth weight baby.

Due to all these circumstances, in order to reduce such situations in our country and to give a strong future to the coming generation, the government has started this Maternity Benefit Program from 01.01.2017, as per the provision of National Food Security Act, 2013 for all the countries of the country. implemented in the districts. name of the program ‘Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana’ (PMMVY).

That is, in view of all the circumstances, the government will provide assistance to women under this scheme so that they do not have to go through such a situation and due to this scheme, no woman in India is malnourished and anemic.

PM Matru Vandana Yojana 2022 Highlights

scheme name PMMVY 2021
pmmvy full form Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana
In Hindi Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana
official website pmmvy-cas.nic.in, wcd.nic.in
Launched By Manmohan Singh, 2010
Introduced By PM Narendra Modi, 2016
sponsored by central government
Target beneficiary Pregnant women
registration year 2021
Scheme Status is on
Scheme Guidelines PDF Download

PMMVY full form 2022

So friends first of all pmmvy full form Let us understand that friends, as you must have been lying above, in front of pmmvy, we have already written pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana, friends, in Hindi, it means “Prime Minister Matri Vandana Yojana” i.e. in simple words, this pmmvy is a short form of this scheme. The form is as you all know that in this new era, there are short forms of most of the schemes of the government, such as for example “PMAY” which means Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme.

So let us now understand the meaning of each word of pmmvy:

P- it means Pradhan
M- it means minister
M- means mother or mother
V- It means Vandana or Prayer (Vandana)
Y- means plan

So pmmvy full form will be something like this Pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana (Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana). So friends, according to me now you must have understood the meaning of pmmvy very well.

Objective of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana 2022

To provide partial compensation for loss of wages in case of cash incentives so that the woman can take adequate rest before and after delivery of the first surviving child.

The cash incentive provided leads to better health demand among pregnant women and lactating mothers (PW&LM).

PMMVY, a centrally sponsored scheme, will provide grants to State Governments/Union Territory Administrations in a dedicated escrow account for the purpose of direct benefit transfer to the beneficiaries.

pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana To use the platform of Anganwadi Services Scheme of Umbrella ICDS under Ministry of Women and Child Development through Ministry of Women and Child Development/ Department of Social Welfare in respect of States/UTs and through Health System in respect of States/UTs. will be implemented using The scheme will be implemented by the Department of Health and Family Welfare.

PMMVY Beneficiaries

All pregnant women and lactating mothers, except PW and LM, who are in regular employment with the Central Government or State Governments or Public Sector Undertakings or who are under any law applicable to get similar benefits.

Case of Miscarriage/Still Birth

(i) A beneficiary is eligible to receive benefits under PMMVY scheme only once.

(ii) In case of miscarriage / still birth, the beneficiary will be eligible to claim the remaining installment in the event of any future pregnancy.

(iii) Thus, after receiving the first instalment, if the beneficiary miscarries, he/she will be eligible to receive the second and third installment only in the event of future pregnancy subject to fulfillment of the eligibility criteria and conditionals of the PMMvy scheme. Will be Similarly, if the beneficiary’s miscarriage or birth still occurs after receiving the first and second installment, he/she is entitled to receive the third installment in the event of a future pregnancy subject to fulfillment of the eligibility criteria and conditionals of pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana. Will be eligible

Case of Infant Mortality:

A beneficiary is eligible to receive benefits under the scheme only once. She will not be eligible to claim benefits under the scheme in case of infant mortality if she has already received all installments of maternity benefits under PMMVY. Pregnant and lactating AWWs/AWHs/ASHA can also avail benefits under PMMVY

Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana

A cash incentive of Rs 5000 under PMMVY will be given directly to the account of pregnant women and lactating women (PW&LM), subject to specific conditions relating to maternal and child health to the child of the family.

Eligible beneficiaries will get the remaining cash incentive as per approved norms for maternity benefit under Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) after institutional delivery, so that on an average a woman will get Rs.6000.

Cash incentive incentive amount will be provided to the woman in three installments on initial registration of Anganwadi Center (AWC)/approved health facility, the first installment will be ₹ 1000, similarly after 6 months the second installment ₹ 2000 and likewise one more installment amount to the woman will be provided

PMMVY Scheme Installments

The cash benefit of Rs.5000 will be given to the PW and LM in three installments in the following phases as given in the table below:

PMMVY apply online 2021 [Registration]

For those of you who are thinking of applying online in this pmmvy scheme, let us tell them that at present there is no process available to apply online in this pmmvy scheme, if you want to take advantage of the scheme, then this pmmvy scheme Can register offline

But if our mother did, then you do not even need to register offline in this Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana, if any of you are from rural areas, then you can contact your nearest Anganwadi center where all of the “ASHA” registrations are present. will complete the process you will not need to do anything

But if you want to register yourself offline without anyone’s help, then the process is given below, by which you can apply offline in pmmvy scheme.

Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana Offline Registration

1. A woman desirous of getting eligible maternity benefits is required to register for Anganwadi Center (AWC)/approved health facility under matru vandana yojana depending on the implementing department of that particular State/UT.

2. For registration, the beneficiary shall submit the prescribed application form 1 – A, complete in all respects, along with relevant documents and undertaking/consent to the AWC/approved health facility duly signed.

3. While submitting the form, the beneficiary has to submit the Aadhaar details of herself and her husband along with their written consent, mobile number of their/husband/family member and their bank/post office account details.

4. All prescribed form forms can be obtained from AWC/approved health facility free of cost. The installation forms can also be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Women and Child Development at wcd.nic.in. Or else you can download all 3 instalment forms from our download section given below

5. For registration and claim of 1st installment, duly filled Form 1 – A along with copy of MCP card (Maternal and Child Protection Card), Proof of Identity of the beneficiary and her spouse (Aadhaar Card or both and Bank/Post Card) Alternate ID proof is allowed) Office of the beneficiary is required to submit the account details.

6. To claim the second installment, the beneficiary is required to submit the duly filled Form 1 – B after six months of pregnancy, along with a copy of the MCP card showing at least one ANC.

7. To claim the third installment, the beneficiary is required to submit the duly filled form along with the copy of the child’s birth registration and the copy of the MCP card, indicating that the child received the first cycle of vaccination or its equivalent/substitute Is.

PMMVY Form Download

If any target beneficiary wants to take advantage of this matru vandana yojana then he has to fill a pmmvy application form to get each installment to get all the three installments, by the way, you will get this form free of cost at your nearest Anganwadi center or else You can also download it from the website of Ministry of Women and Child Development wcd.nic.in. But here we are giving you the link to download all the three forms so that you can easily get all the three forms without any problem.

pmmvy login

If there is an anganwadi worker or a backoffice user who has login credentials for pmmvy scheme and he is looking for data login website of pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana to login to check data in scheme then how to login him We are going to give you information about what is the website to login.

So friends, if anyone has PMMVY login credentials, then he can visit the official website of the government. https://pmmvy-cas.nic.in/ Can login by visiting / Let us tell you all that this website is not for any common person, only backoffice users can login to this website who have authorization login credentials of DATA of the scheme

For More Details, To get more details about the scheme visit the official document of pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana: Yojana Document PDF – Click Here

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