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Hello friends if you are a CSC VLE then you have vle society 2022 You must have heard the name of CSC VLE but there will be many of you who will not know much about it, so friends, here we are going to discuss in detail about CSC VLE society 2022 in today’s article, here we will know that What is it after all? What are its benefits? And can any person (VLE) join this society, there are many such questions, the answer is often not known to any of you.

Let everyone know that if you are not a VLE and VLE Society 2022 If you want to become a member then you can easily become one. It is not that if you are not a VLE then you cannot become its member. Will find If you want to know why only VLE will benefit from becoming a member of this society, then for this you must read this article till the end so that you can get answers to all the questions related to VLE society.

If you want to know why only VLE will benefit from becoming a member of this society, then for this you must read this article till the end so that you can get answers to all the questions related to vle society

CSC VLE Society Registration 2021

CSC VLE Society 2022 (VLE Society)

As you all know that CSC is a part of the Digital India program of our country, due to which all the work in CSC is done in digital form and if now the work will be done digitally then you all know that many of our Such VLEs are brothers

Those who do not have much information about digital platforms, there are many such works in which many types of problems come, for the solution of these, a VLE society is present inside every district by CSC. Those who help to solve the problems coming under CSC

VLE society is not limited to this only if you are a new vle and don’t know how to work in CSC then if you become a member of village level entrepreneur society then provide you all kind of training courses related to CSC We go so that VLE does not face any problem in working in CSC, tell everyone that VLE society is not an official scheme or service, if you are a VLE then you can also form a VLE society. And can train many VLEs, provide them all help and in this way you can also create a chain of VLEs

Let us tell you all here that village-level entrepreneur society is not an official scheme or service. If you are a VLE, ​​you can create a VLE society. And you can train many VLEs and provide them all help and in this way you can also make a chain of VLEs.

VLE Society Highlights

Service Name CSC VLE Society Registration 2022
sponsored by Central Govt.
official website csc.gov.in
Registration register.csc.gov.in
CSC total services 170+
CSC Pan-India network PDF Download
CSC Helpline Number 1800-121-3468,
e-mail [email protected]
Department Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology

What Is Meaning of csc vle society?

First of all let us understand the meaning of vle society as you all must be well aware about VLE. VLE means village level entrepreneur i.e. a village level entrepreneur if you say in simple language then a CSC operator who works in village Brings the available services to the rural people at the level of csc

And now we understand about the meaning of society, which we call in Hindi society is a group of more than one person i.e. if in simple language, more than one VLE is brought together, then we will call it VLE society. So friends, according to me, now you must have understood the meaning of VLE society.

What help can CSC VLE Society help?

  • With the help of VLE Help Desk team, you can get the solution of any software problem related to CSC in your laptop.
  • From CSC vle society team you can get information about new services coming in CSC.
  • From this society team, you can get information about CSC and new schemes being implemented in the country.
  • With the help of vle society team, you can solve all kinds of technical problems.
  • Getting in touch with other VLEs like you can help you find solutions to new problems you may come across in CSC
  • With the help of VLE Society, you can become an aware VLE and contribute to the rural society.

VLE society Help Desk Executives

With the help of CSC VLE Samaj HELP DESK team, all the CSC VLEs working in the state will be given assistance and there is also a HELPDESK Toll Free number of CSC to solve the big problems so that CSC VLEs can get any kind of information.

Due to many problems, the VLE is not able to work properly at the Common Service Center or it has trouble in working. In such a situation, CSC had formed a CSC VLE society team at their district level to overcome the problems of their public service center operators, which would provide all kinds of information to the VLEs by staying in the district and whatever problem the CSC VLE is facing. it will also solve that problem

Due to this, CSC had also released a list of the contact numbers of the VLE society team in one of its Weackly newsletters, in which the contact numbers of the teams of all the districts have been included. You can check the PDF list by clicking on the link given below VLE society Team Contact Pdf Direct Link

VLE society Help Desk

Digital India’s VLE society

Digital India is a flagship program of the Central Government of India, with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The program was inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 1 July 2015.

Various programs have been launched by the government through the Digital India platform, out of which CSC is also one, VLE Society is a better initiative to empower CSC. To know more about the Digital India Program you may visit the website digitalindia.gov.in

CSC VLE Society registration Online 2022

If you also want to become a member of CSC Village Level Entrepreneur Society, then to become a member, first you have to know the CSC Vle society of your district. Will tell who is handling the work of CSC Vle society here.

And as we have already told you this is not an official organization, so there is no process of online registration in village level entrepreneur society, if there is any village level entrepreneurial society available in your district then you can become a member of that society. Huh

Benefits of becoming a vle society member

If you become a member of a VLE Society, then you will get the solution of many technical problems coming in CSC through CSC VLE Society and in the same way you can get many benefits from this society. Some of which are as follows:

  • CSC training is provided to Digital Seva Kendra operators
  • With the help of this society, new csc operators will be able to take advantage of all the services of csc with ease.
  • All the member VLEs will be informed in advance by the village level entrepreneur society about all the new services coming in CSC.
  • vle society CSC VLEs can be trained for all the services to be added in
  • Due to this effort of VLEs, the initiative of One Nation One Platform of the government gets a lot of boost.

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