If you want to check online rejected status of your sold or purchased land, then read the information given here till the end. Here we have explained the process of checking Bihar online mutation status in a very easy way –

Bihar online filing rejected portal ,

The Bihar government has made the process of checking the status of the rejected filing online for a long time. That is, now you do not need to run anywhere, according to the instructions given below, you can see the filed rejected report of your property i.e. land property online sitting at home.

Here’s how to see the rejected online Bihar status –

  • First Bihar Revenue and Land Reform Portal biharbhumi.bihar.gov.in open to
  • Now on the home pageView Filing Rejected Application StatusClick on the button.
  • on the next page respectively District, Zone, Financial Year, Case or Deed Number fill
  • After that Registration Year by choosing, Search click the button
  • After doing this, you will start seeing the rejected status report of the land filed.

Filing rejected online Bihar status

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new update-

  • After March 31, the process of mutation of land in Bihar has been made automatic. Now people will not have to make rounds of government offices for rejection of filing. This update has been named Sumoto Mutation, yes friends, it has been told that along with the registry of house, shop, flat, farm, land etc., the process of mutation will start automatically.
  • Let us tell you that the Revenue and Land Reforms Portal no longer looks the same as before. However, if you are looking for the status of the rejected application filed on the old version website, then its process is explained below.
  • The benefit of this arrangement of Sumoto Mutesan will not be available to those people whose land has about 22 reasons attached to it.

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Filing Rejected Online Bihar Status (Old Process) –

step 1. First of all you visit the official portal of Bihar Revenue and Land Reforms Department. biharbhumi.bihar.gov.in go to. Now visible on the left side of the home page Filing Rejected Application Status Click on the button.


Step 2. Now the map of Bihar will open in front of you, find your district in it and click on it.

Step 3. After this the map of your district will open, from which you have to click on the name of your zone ie block.

Step 4. now in front of you APPLICATION STATUS OF MUTATION (mutation application status) The page will open. Here you have to tick all in Year Session, Case Type.

Filing Rejected Online Bihar Status

Three ways to check the status of Bihar online filing rejected –

  1. by case number
  2. in the name of the applicant
  3. from Mauja (Gram Panchayat)

Step 5. You can check the application status by ticking any one of these three methods. By selecting your Mauja on watching Mouja Wise Search Click on the button.

Step 6, Now the whole list will come below. Of which appearing next to your case number View You have to click on the button.

As soon as you view, you will see the complete report of the rejection filed in front of you. Talking about the status, here you will see Disposed off or Pending. Rest of the details are given below. You can also print it.

Direct Link – official page mutation status bihar

So friends, I hope you have understood the whole process, if you have any question or suggestion, you can write your opinion below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ,

What is Dismissal?

Removal of person selling his property or property from official documents dismiss, and mentioning the name of the buyer is called filing. So in this way this whole process is called filing dismissal.

How to View Rejected Files?

The purchase and sale of your land i.e. filed rejected report can be seen on the official website of Revenue and Land Reforms Department.

In how many days is the filing rejected?

Normally the average time for rejection of filing is 45 days. In 18 working days under Right to Public Services Act filing,rejected There is also a provision to do

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