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SDMC (South Delhi Municipal Corporation) launched Delhi Atal Jan Aahar Yojana 2021 to provide full thali meal meal to poor people in just Rs 15, which includes Chole, Poori, Halwa, Rice, Rajma, Chapati etc. Recently I have joined South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) ) approved the proposal to provide one plate of food for Rs.15. Now the people of Delhi will be able to get cheap one-day meal easily, this food plate can be obtained for only Rs.10 and Rs.15.

Delhi Atal Aahar Yojana 2022 (constant diet)

Delhi Atal Aahar Yojana has been launched in 2021 to provide food thali at Rs.15 in Delhi. The South Delhi Municipal Corporation on 22 March 2021 approved a proposal to launch a full thali meal scheme at Rs 15. Standing Committee of SDMC Atal Diet Plan (Atal Aahar Yojana) proposed a revamping plan, which was first launched in 2017.

As per the plans of the Municipal Corporation, people will get a thali (platter of food) at the rate of Rs 15 per plate. Earlier the South Delhi Municipal Corporation had started a food project with 5 kiosks but it was put on hold last year amid the COVID-19 lockdown. Now as per the new reports, around 40 kiosks will be set up at various places in South Delhi. The civic body plans to restart the project that started in 2017-18.

According to the official report, for the poor people by SDMC full plate food scheme 2021 will be re-modelled. Under this article we will give you Delhi Atal Diet Plan Will tell about the complete details of.

Atal Jan Aahar Yojana Highlights

scheme name Delhi Atal Diet Scheme 2021
who started SDMC
state name Delhi
beneficiary people of state
Objective of the plan provide cheap food
official website
Department South Delhi Municipal Corporation
year of planning 2022

Food will be given from inbuilt kitchen mobile van

Under the Atal Aadhar Yojana, people from the low-income group will be at the center of the project because due to financial constraints, they mostly partake of unhealthy food that puts their health at risk. As per the proposed proposal, 10 kiosks with inbuilt Kitchen Mobile Van (IKMV) will be initially placed in each of the four zones. The Standing Committee resolution also reflected that depending on the need it would increase or decrease the number of kiosks in each zone.

The maximum rate will be Rs 10 for breakfast and Rs 15 for lunch. Breakfast on the menu will include parathas stuffed in rice and dal, raita, and roti. The state government also said that no chairs will be allowed at these kiosks. As per reports, the kiosks will sell lunch from 8 am to 11 am and 12 pm to 3 pm.

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Food At Rs 15 Yojana

Under the Delhi Atal Aahar Yojana, food will be provided by the Delhi government from 8 am to 11 am and from 12 am to 3 pm. In this way, food will be given to the needy people twice so that they do not sleep hungry.

This Atal Aahar Yojana will be run at major places of the city such as railway station, bus stand and highest priority will be given to hospitals and this food distribution. inbuilt kitchen mobile van Due to which people will be able to get food easily everywhere.

Menu of Atal Diet Plan 2022

Under Atal Aahar Yojana people can buy lunch from the stalls of the bodies apart from breakfast which includes the following dishes:

  • Puri
  • chapati
  • Rice
  • vegetables
  • Sweet
  • Beans
  • chickpeas

SDMC is going to provide this subsidized lunch to all sections of the society. In addition, the government will lay special emphasis on the quality of food served to the people.

Atal Diet Plan Features

  • Pure, fresh and nutritious food for 15 rupees to the beneficiary
  • food everywhere
  • Food will be distributed from inbuilt kitchen mobile van
  • The food menu mainly includes chapatis, vegetables, rice, chickpeas, etc. per plate.
  • Atal Jan Aahar Yojana I will get breakfast under Rs.10 only.
  • all poor people will be able to get cheap food

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