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CSC SPV has officially started Aadhaar UCL Registration 2021, how to do UIDAI ucl registration online, complete information, learn how to register aadhar ucl software ucl software 2021 Download Free, aadhar ucl registration vle society new aadhar ucl requirements What are? Check from here.

If you want to do aadhar demographic update through csc and are thinking of downloading aadhaar UCL and also Aadhaar UCL Registration 2021 If you want to do this then you have come to the right place, here we have to do the registration for aadhar ucl software and what are the aadhar ucl requirements to run aadhar center, we will provide you complete information about it here and also we will see How can you do Aadhaar UCL Registration 2021, what is the official website of CSC to do UCL registration, here we will discuss about it in detail and here you will get the direct download link of UCL.

Aadhar UCL Software 2021 (Aadhaar UCL)

UCL is an aadhar demographic update software of CSC. In UCL all the work is done by fingerprint only, there is no need of OTP. Aadhaar data can be updated through aadhar ucl software without OTP or registered mobile number.

In simple language, as there are many people who do not have their registered mobile number in Aadhaar, so people do not receive OTP and they do not update their Aadhaar card in their address, such as change in name, correcting the name. etc., but with the help of UCL software, you can update aadhar card without OTP through the fingerprint of the aadhar user, but earlier the work of UCL was stopped due to fraud but now UCL aadhar on certain conditions The work of CSC VLE is being given again to the brothers.

But they have to first complete the Aadhaar UCL Registration process, after that some special requirements will have to be fulfilled to open the Aadhaar center, only then they will be able to do the work of Aadhaar, we will give you complete information about how to start the work of Aadhaar through this article. Will try, so you must read this article till the end.

Demographic Update Client/UCL Software developed by UIDAI through which a resident can update his/her demographic details like Name, Address, Mobile and Email id etc.

Aadhar UCL Highlights

Software Name UCL
UCL Full Form Update Client Lite
Post Category Aadhar Card Services
Service For Aadhar Demographic Update
Sponsored By UIDAI & CSC SPV
Developed by UIDAI
benefit of service people can update aadhar data
official website eseva.csccloud.in/ucl/
Toll Free Number 1800-121-3468
Email [email protected]

Aadhaar UCL Registration CSC eSeva 2021

If you want to do the work of Aadhar, then you have to complete CSC UCL registration, however after doing UCL registration, you will not get the work of Aadhar immediately, for this you have to fulfill some other eligibility criteria. see below:-

  • To do Aadhar UCL Registration, first you need to visit the official website of CSC. https://eseva.csccloud.in/ucl/ have to go
  • After reaching the official website of UCL Registration, now you are given on the home page “Digital Seva Connect” have to click on the button
  • As soon as you click on the button mentioned above, then the login page of Digital Seva Portal will open in front of you, now here you have to login using your CSC ID and password.
  • As soon as you login to the Jal Seva Portal with CSC ID and Password, the UCL Registration page will open in front of you, here you will see your CSC ID and eMail, now you have to click on the “Proceed” button given.
  • As soon as you click on the Proceed button, the Aadhar UCL Registration Form will open in front of you.
  • Now you have to fill all the information asked in the form correctly such as VLE Name, VLE CSC ID, VLE Bank BC Code, etc.
  • While filling the form, you have to keep in mind that you have to correctly tick all the requirements asked in the form like whether your center has toilet facility or not, then you have to select “Yes” if you choose “NO” option If you choose then your form will be rejected
  • After filling the form correctly, you have to finally “Submit” the form by filling the captcha box at the end.

As soon as you submit the form, your UCL registration process will be completed, now the officials will contact you and proceed with the process of installing the software in your computer, this will happen only when your form is approved

CSC Aadhar Center UCL Requirements (Eligibility for Aadhar Center)

Friends, the work of Aadhar has been started through CSC but CSC UIDAI has imposed many conditions, only after following which VLEs will also be able to do the work of Aadhar from UCL by opening CSC Aadhar Center from CSC. For this you have to fulfill some of the Mandatory Requirements given below:

  1. VLE Bank BC Code & Name Of Bank Issuing VLE BC Code
  2. Aadhaar NSEIT Operator/Supervisor Certificate
  3. Operator/Supervisor Police Verification (Not More Than 3 Months Old)
  4. Operator/Supervisor EAadhaar
  5. Saprate Laptop For UCL As Per UIDAI Specification
  6. Color Multifunction Printer
  7. Single Fingerprint Scan Device
  8. Single IRIS Scan Device
  9. CSC Center Having The Space Of Waiting Area Of Atleast Sitting Of 5 Citizens
  10. CCTV Camera
  11. Availability Of RAMP And Wheelchair For Divyang Costumer
  12. Broadband And Internet Connection Availability
  13. Token System/Machine
  14. Toilet Facility Availability At The Center

Keep in mind that you will have to fulfill all the requirements mentioned above and you will have to buy whatever device is not in your center and the facilities which are not in your center, then according to the requirements you will have to provide those facilities only then you are eligible to open an Aadhaar center. will be

CSC Aadhar UCL Consent Form 2021 Download

If you want to do Aadhaar work through CSC and doing Aadhaar UCL Registration then you have to download CSC UCL Consent Form and later print the form and fill it correctly and then submit the form

Let us tell you all, you have to fill the UCL Consent Form correctly, if the form is not found complete, then in this case your form will be canceled, keep in mind that it is mandatory to have the supervisor’s signature on the form and the photo should also be signed, all VLE brothers can download and take a print out of the UCL Consent Form through the below mentioned directing link

Download Aadhar UCL Software

CSC UIDAI recently by CSC SPV The agreement has been signed with In which CSC Common Service Center has got approval to make Aadhar card. and now all CSC CENTER AADHAR But for this, some important documents will be required with the public service center operators.

Although once the Aadhaar UCL Registration is completed and approved, you will not need to download the UCL software from anywhere else, you will be made officially available here with the installation but still if you download the Update Client Lite (UCL) old version. want to

So we have published a separate article for you on CSCPortal which you can check and in this article we have also given you the link to download UCL software and how to use UCL software which drivers to download. Information is given on the link given below to download CSC UCL

UCL Download Post Link: https://cscportal.in/download-install-aadhar-ucl-software/

Aadhar UCL FAQ

What is Aadhar UCL?

UCL is an Aadhar Demographic Update software of CSC, in UCL all the work is done by fingerprint only, there is no need of OTP.

How to do aadhar ucl registration?

If you want to run this Demographic Update software, then you have to do UCL software registration, for this you can register by login on csc digital service portal, the complete process of registration is given above.

How to download Aadhaar UCL?

To download UCL, first you have to complete the UCL registration, only then you will be provided with the software download link.

What is UCL Consent Form?

If you want to do Aadhaar work through CSC and doing Aadhaar UCL Registration then you have to download CSC UCL Consent Form and fill it and submit it

UCL software is released by?

This UCL software is released by UIDAI

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