The Pradhan Mantri Swamitva Yojana is being run by the Central Government to give property cards of the living conditions of their houses to the families living in the land of the government population. How does this plan work? And what do you have to do to get the benefit of the scheme?

What is Ownership Plan?

The Swamitva scheme was launched by PM Modi on 24 April 2020. Through this scheme, the land of the population present in all the villages of the country will be identified. After that, the families whose house or living are there on it. They will be given the ownership of the land, which means they will get their property card.

scheme name Prime Minister’s Ownership Scheme
when did it start 24 April 2020
who started Modi government
ministry Ministry of Panchayati Raj
Objective To give ownership rights to people’s living conditions
official website

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Why the need for ownership plan –

Often in the villages you must have seen that incidents of land dispute keep happening. The cause of most land disputes is the land of the government population. On which people keep fighting with each other for their rights. To give a permanent solution to all these problems, the Modi government has started this scheme.

new update-

National Panchayati Raj Day was celebrated on 24 April 2021. 4.09 lakh e-property cards were distributed by the Prime Minister on this occasion. Their homes were handed over to the beneficiaries through video conferencing.

Know how the ownership plan works –

Let us tell you that the complete implementation of the Prime Minister’s Ownership Scheme will be done with the help of Panchayati Raj Department and the states. In this, mapping and photography of every small and big land mark like well, drain, temple etc. present in the villages will be taken using modern technology like drones.

Patwari/Lekhpal will come to your village and collect the details of populated land. Also, the details of the people whose living conditions are on that land like Aadhar card, mobile number etc. will be taken. According to a report, in the next 4 years, all the families of more than 6 lakh villages will get the benefit of Pradhan Mantri Swamitva Yojana.

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Objectives of ownership plan –

The objective of Pradhan Mantri Swamitva Yojana is to remove land disputes, land mafia, illegal occupation etc., which are impeding the development of villages. Also, to all those families whose documents of their house or living are not available. All of them have to get government paper, that too by using digital medium and modern technology.

This arrangement was also necessary because even after 70 years of independence, people still did not have the right to live in them. The Prime Minister has also assured the people that now they can also take loan from any bank using this proprietary document of theirs. With which they can also increase their business. Broadly speaking, the purpose of this scheme is to make poor families financially and mentally capable.

How to get ownership plan property or property card?

There is no online application process of Pradhan Mantri Swamitva Yojana yet. In all such areas where villages or houses are present on the land of the population, after the survey, property cards or household papers are issued in their name. For more information you can visit Ministry of Panchayati Raj official website can go on.

All you have to do is give your residential information, Aadhar card and mobile number as per their instructions on the arrival of Patwari or Lekhpal in your village. The rest of the process will be completed by the government.

Swamitva Yojana Card Download –

People whose residential details have been digitally mapped by the government can download their property cards.

For this, the message that will be sent to your mobile number will have to be downloaded and printed by going to the link given in it. State Governments may also provide download facility on the website of Ministry of Panchayati Raj for the convenience of the people.

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What are the benefits of PM Swamitva Scheme?

land mafia will be wiped out Illegal occupation and corruption by the land mafia in villages will stop. All the families of the country will have their residential ownership with the document to be confirmed.

Facility to take loan from bank , All property card holders will be able to get loan to grow their business. Now they will not have to stretch their hands in front of anyone.

The development of villages will accelerate , by drone The details of the document prepared through mapping and digital medium will be available with the government. This will help the government in the development plans of the villages.

Now there will be no land dispute among themselves – Having a digital map of all residential living conditions will reduce the cases related to land disputes. Due to which the poor, backward and destitute people will not have any problem in catching the path of development.

My Experience with Ownership Scheme –

Friends, I am also from rural area, on October 12, Lekhpal came to my village. He marked the land of all the population present in our village. For this he used his old Panchayati Map.

People whose house was in the land of the population. The Lekhpal noted down the Aadhar card and mobile number of the heads of all those families. Along with this, he noted the details of everyone’s living and toleration, such as what signs (house, drain, temple, pond, house etc.) fall in the north, south, east and west directions.

When I asked if the help of drone would be taken now? Then he said yes, with the help of drones, mapping of the entire village will be done and the living conditions of all the houses will be marked with lime.

PM Swamitva Yojana Help –

For any kind of government assistance related to the ownership scheme, you can use the official email of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj Department.

E-mail address – [email protected]

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