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The Rajasthan government has launched the Palanhar scheme, under which the orphan children of Rajasthan will be given the benefit of this scheme. Under this scheme, financial assistance will be given by the government to the orphan children. Due to which such children whose parents are not in this world, financial assistance will be given by the government for their good education and upbringing. Those who are not aware about this scheme, read this post till the end. In this we are going to know complete information about Palanhar Yojana.

Friends, now the government is taking very good steps in the field of education. Since the government knows that if education is the most important contribution for the development of the country. The country cannot progress without education. Many children in our country are not able to get education because of their economic condition. In view of this, now the central government and the state governments of different states are taking many steps for education.

Right now the Rajasthan government has brought a new scheme for the education and upbringing of orphan and helpless children. Under this scheme, financial assistance will be given to the orphan children from the government. Due to which, along with the upbringing of those children, they will also get an opportunity for good education. Orphan children of Rajasthan are eligible for this scheme.

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Next in this article we are going to know what is Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana? What are the eligibility and criteria for this scheme? How to apply for this scheme? All the information is going to be known in this post. So read this post carefully.

Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana 2021

Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana has been started by the state government. Under this scheme, financial benefits will be given for the education and upbringing of orphan and destitute children of the state. Under this scheme, the system of education and upbringing etc. will not be postponed to such orphan children of the state whose parents have died, but within the society itself, the government will make the nearest relative of the boy / girl child or the person willing to know. Education, food, clothing and other necessary facilities will be provided in the family environment. This will enable the orphan child to be raised in a family environment.

Under this scheme, Rs 500 per month will be given by the government to the child’s foster person till the age of 5 years. 1000 per month till the age of 18 years will be given by the government after admission in the school. Apart from this, other help will also be given, about which we are going to know in more detail.

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Palanhar Yojana Rajasthan Details

scheme name Rajasthan Palanhar Scheme
started by rajasthan government
State Rajasthan
beneficiary State’s orphans and helpless children
Year 2021
Objective To provide education to the helpless children of the state
official website

Objective of Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana

As after knowing about this scheme, you all must have come to know that what is the purpose of this scheme. Let me tell you that the main objective of this scheme is to provide support to the poor and helpless children of the state and to provide them good education. Under this scheme, those children of the state whose parents have died, they will be provided financial assistance by the government.

Under this scheme, any close / known person of the child will be made his/her foster. And the government will send money every month to Palanhar’s account. Due to which the child will be given education along with family love.

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Grant amount given in Palanhar Yojana

Under this scheme, the amount to be given to the orphan children till the age of 5 years 500 rupees per month
Amount to be given after the enrollment of the child in the school 1000 rupees per month
Amount to be given for the financial needs of the child like clothes, shoes, etc. 2000 rupees per annum

Eligibility and Criteria for Palanhar Scheme,

  • The benefit of this scheme will be given only to the orphan and helpless children of Rajasthan.
  • The annual income of the foster family should not exceed Rs 1.20 lakh.
  • It is mandatory for the foster family to send the child to Angambadi center after the age of 2 years and to school after the age of 6 years.

Documents required for Palanhar Scheme:

  • Death Certificate of the child’s parents
  • orphans
  • Children of parents who have been sentenced to death/life imprisonment by judicial process
  • Maximum three children of widow mother eligible for destitute pension
  • Maximum three children of outgoing mother
  • Children of Remarried Widow Mother – Copy of Certificate of Remarriage
  • Children of HIV/AIDS victims mother/father – copy of ARD diary/green card issued by ART center
  • child of a parent with leprosy
  • children of disabled parents
  • child of divorced/abandoned woman
rajasthan palanhar yojana avedan details

You should have a copy of any of the above mentioned documents. Apart from this there should be some other documents like –

  • parent’s aadhar card
  • passport size photo
  • Address proof
  • Bhamashah Card
  • identity card
  • Ration card
  • child’s aadhar card
  • Certificate of registration of child in Anganwadi / Certificate of studying in school
  • mobile number

How to apply for Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana 2021?

Interested candidates who want to apply for this scheme, we are telling them some simple steps below, so that they will be able to easily apply for this scheme.

  • first for this Rajasthan Social Justice and Empowerment Department Will have to go to the official website of. For this you can go by clicking on this link.
  • After that you downFormat of Application Form for Palanhar SchemeDownload the form and take a print out.
  • Now you have to fill this form carefully. In this, all the information has to be filled correctly.
  • Now attach all the necessary documents with this form.
  • Now this form will have to be submitted by the Departmental District Officer in the urban area and with the concerned Development Officer in the rural area. Or you can submit by visiting the E-Mitra Kiosk Center.
  • In this way your application will be successful.

How to apply online for Palanhar Yojana? (for e-friend user)

If you are an E-Mitra operator then you can apply online for Palanhar Scheme. For this we are going to tell you stepwise below. With which you will be able to apply for anyone online.

  • For this you must first will go on. And here you have to log in by entering your kiosk login ID and password.
  • After logging in, many options will appear. here you’Emitra NewClick on the option of ‘.
Click On Emitra New 1
Click On Emitra New 1
  • Now a new page will open. In this page you will find ‘Servicesby clicking ‘ Avail service and then click on ‘Advanced SearchClick on the option of ‘.
  • After clicking on Advanced search, you have to select Utility, Social Justice & Empowerment, and Palanhar Registration. Something like this…
Advanced Search Palanhar Select
Advanced Search Palanhar Select
  • after that you Ok Must click on.
  • Now in the next page to apply for a new parent ‘Add New PalanharClick on the option of ‘.
Add New Palanhar Click
Add New Palanhar Click
  • After that you have to first enter the Bhamashah number of Palanhar. After that Validate Must click on.
  • Now a form will open. In this form, complete details of the parent will have to be filled. Along with this, the photo of the parent and the necessary documents will also have to be uploaded.
Form Add Palanhar All Details
Form Add Palanhar All Details
  • then form submit will have to do.
  • Now to add the children of the children of the Lord’Add Child‘ button has to be clicked.
Click To Add Child
Click To Add Child
  • After that you have to enter the Aadhaar number of the child. Then Validate You have to click on the button.
  • Now you have to verify the biometric of the child with the finger or OTP.
Verify Adhar By Biometric Or Otp
Verify Adhar By Biometric Or Otp
  • Now a form will appear in front of you. In this form, you have to fill all the information about the child correctly. And also the necessary documents have to be uploaded.
Add Child All Details
Add Child All Details
  • after that youADD CHILDClick on the option of ‘.
  • Now the message of successful completion will appear on your screen.
  • Now to submit the applicationView‘ button has to be clicked.
  • After that all the details will be shown. Check once again and make sure that the information entered by you is correct.
Final Submit Preview
Final Submit Preview
  • down you nowFINAL SUBMIT‘ button has to be clicked.
  • After that your application will be done. Now you can note down the Application ID visible on the screen. With this you will be able to know the status of your application in future.

Palanhar Yojana User Manual

Important information related to Palanhar Scheme:

  • It will be mandatory to update the child’s “Registration at Anganwari Center / Certificate of Study in School” every year in July through E-Mitra Kiosk. Otherwise, the payment of the amount received under the Palanhar scheme will be stopped from the month of July.
  • The Bhamashah card of Palanhar has been included as a mandatory document. Therefore, it will be mandatory to present the Bhamashah card to the parent. (Palanhal’s mobile number is not registered in Bhamashah card / mobile number is closed / mobile number is changed or any kind of personal information of the parent like name, date of birth, bank account number etc. to be updated. In this situation it will be mandatory to update the above information in Bhamashah.
  • Aadhar card of the child has been included as a mandatory document. Therefore, it will be mandatory for the parent to present the child’s Aadhar card and get it verified through biometric or OTP. (In the event of non-registration of mobile number in the child’s Aadhar card / mobile number switched off / mobile number changed or any kind of personal information of the child such as the child’s name, date of birth, it will be mandatory to update the above information in the habit. .
  • For this scheme, the annual income of the parent should not exceed 1.20 lakhs.
  • Any interested candidate can apply for Palanhar scheme by visiting his nearest E-Mitra service center.

Orders issued from time to time regarding extension of Palanhar scheme:-