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Friends, in today’s post we are going to talk about Pradhannatri Shram Yogi Maandhan Pension Scheme. This scheme can be very important for poor Shrimik. If you do not know about this scheme then this post can be important for you. In this post we are going to tell you complete information about this scheme. So read this post carefully till the end.

Friends, there are many such people in our country who are able to run their household expenses by working daily. They are able to run their family by working everyday. Among them are servants, drivers, laborers, rickshaw drivers, etc., who are able to support their families by working daily, for such people, saving or investing their money in any pension or other scheme would have been a very difficult task. Is. Because in today’s inflationary era, such people are not able to run the house properly after working daily. It is a far cry for them to save money or invest money in any scheme.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has come out with a very good scheme for such people. Under this scheme, the workers who want to deposit their old age pension, they can open their pension scheme in less money under this scheme. In this scheme, the government will give half the money and half the money is going to be given to the beneficiary. In today’s article, we are going to get information about this scheme, how can you apply for this scheme? What is the eligibility to apply for this scheme? You are going to get all the information etc. in this post. So read this post carefully.

PMSYM 2021

Pradhan Mantri Shram Maandhan Yojana was launched by Prime Minister Modi on 15 February 2019. This scheme has been started for the workers of the unorganized sector of the country who are unable to earn enough money that they can deposit some money for their future by investing money in any pension scheme. Somehow they are able to run their household by working daily.

The central government has started the PM Shram Maandhan Yojana for those people, so that such people who work in the unorganized sector and their income is not high enough that they can deposit it in any pension scheme, they can get benefits under this scheme. Going to do. Under this scheme, half the expenditure of the pension scheme of such people will be given by the government. For example, if you have to give 200 rupees every month in a scheme, then you will have to pay only 100 rupees, the rest 100 rupees will be given by the government. In this way, you will also keep some money for your future so that you do not face any kind of difficulty in old age.

PMSYM 2021 Registration Online Apply

Summary: Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Manthan is a government scheme for old age security and social security of unorganized workers (UW).

Unorganized workers (UWs) mostly engaged as home based workers, street vendors, mid-day meal workers, head loaders, brick kiln workers, cobblers, rag pickers, domestic workers, washer men, rickshaw pullers, landless labourers, self account workers Has happened. Agricultural workers, construction workers, beedi workers, handloom workers, leather workers, audio-visual workers or workers in other similar occupations. There are about 42 crore such unorganized laborers in the country.

All the candidates who are willing to apply online then download official notification and read all eligibility criteria and application process carefully. We provide details like scheme benefits, eligibility criteria, scheme salient features, application status, application process and more” Prime Minister Shram Yogi Yojana Scheme 2020 Will provide less information about .

Prime Minister Shram Maandhan Pension Scheme

scheme name Pradhan Mantri Shram Maandhan Yojana
started by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
commencing date 15 February 2019
beneficiary People working in all the unorganized sector of the country
mode of application by CSC Center
State all the states of the country
When will you get the pension of this scheme? after 60 years
pension amount 3000 rupees per month

Benefits of PM Shram Maandhan Yojana:

  • With this scheme, poor families who are not able to save for their old age, they can deposit money in the pension scheme from this scheme.
  • Under this scheme, half the amount to be deposited in the pension scheme will be deposited by the government. For example, if you have chosen a scheme with a plan of Rs 200 per month, then you will have to deposit only Rs 100 per month and the government will deposit Rs 100.
  • 3000 rupees per month will be given to the person participating in this pension scheme after 60 years.
  • Many poor people are not able to save anything for their old age, so by taking advantage of this scheme of the government, they can make their old age better.
  • Under this scheme, if the applicant dies, then the benefit of his pension will be given to his life partner ie his wife.

Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana (Pension Scheme)

Eligibility and Criteria for the Scheme:

  • For this scheme, any person of the country associated with the unorganized sector can apply for this scheme.
  • Applicant’s age should be between 18 years to 40 years for PM Shram Maandhan Yojana.
  • The aspirants who are already taking advantage of any government pension scheme cannot take advantage of this scheme.
  • The monthly income of the applicant should not be more than 15 thousand.
  • For this scheme, servants, laborers, drivers, rickshaw pullers etc. working in any household can participate.
  • For this scheme, the applicant should have a savings account in the bank.

How much money will have to be deposited under PM Shram Maandhan Pension Scheme

Now many of you will be confused that how much money we have to deposit in this pension scheme, so that we will be given 3000 rupees per month after 60 years. So I want to tell all of you that according to your age, money will have to be deposited per month for this. We are showing you a chart below. In this chart you can see that for which age people will have to deposit how much rupees per month for PM Shram Maandhan Yojana.

entry age superannuation age Member’s monthly contribution ,Rupee) Central Government Monthly Contribution ,Rupee) Total Monthly Contribution (Rs)
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) = (3) + (4)
18 60 55 55 110
19 60 58 58 116
20 60 61 61 122
21 60 64 64 128
22 60 68 68 136
23 60 72 72 144
24 60 76 76 152
25 60 80 80 160
26 60 85 85 170
27 60 90 90 180
28 60 95 95 190
29 60 100 100 200
30 60 105 105 210
31 60 110 110 220
32 60 120 120 240
33 60 130 130 260
34 60 140 140 280
35 60 150 150 300
36 60 160 160 320
37 60 170 170 340
38 60 180 180 360
39 60 190 190 380
40 60 200 200 400

So you can see in this chart that for which age people, how much money will have to be deposited per month. You have to deposit money for this scheme every month according to your age. The amount of money you deposit every month, the same amount will be deposited by the government in your pension scheme account.

Documents required for PMSYM:

  • Aadhar card
  • identity card
  • Savings Bank Account / Jan Dhan Account Number with IFSC
  • Postal address
  • mobile number
  • passport size photo

Pradhan Mantri Shram Maandhan Pension Scheme Online Application | PM Pension Registration Form

After knowing about this scheme above, the interested candidates who want to apply for this scheme, we are telling them below. Before proceeding, if you have not read the above-mentioned information thoroughly, then definitely read it so that you get to know about this scheme very well. So now we are going to tell you two ways to apply for this scheme below.

How to Apply Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Yojana Scheme Application Form

step 1: Interested eligible persons will visit the nearest CSC center.

step 2: The following are the conditions for the enrollment process:

  • Aadhar card
  • Savings / Jan Dhan Bank Account details with IFSC Code (Bank Passbook or Cheque Leave / Copy of Book or Bank Statement as evidence)

step 3: The initial contribution amount in cash will be given to the Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE).

step 4: The VLE key-Aadhaar number, customer’s name and date of birth will be printed in the Aadhar card for authentication.

step 5: VLEs will complete the online registration by filling in the details like bank account details, mobile number, email address, spouse (if any) and nominee details.

step 6: Self-certification will be done for the eligibility conditions.

step 7: The system will calculate the monthly contribution payable as per the age of the subscriber.

step 8: Subscriber shall pay the first subscription amount in cash to the VLE.

step 9: The enrollment cum auto debit mandate form will be printed and further signed by the customer. VLE will scan the same and upload in the system.

step 10: A unique Shram Yogi Pension Account Number (SPAN) will be generated and Shram Yogi Card will be printed.

MPSYM Apply through CSC Portal

  • For this you have to go to your nearest CSC Center. If you want to locate your nearest CSC center online, then for this you can click here,
  • After knowing the center, you will have to go to your nearest center. And also you have to carry some important documents like Aadhar card, bank passbook, mobile number etc.
  • From here you will be able to easily apply online for this scheme. You will also have to pay some fees for this. After that at the end you will also get a receipt.

PM Shram Mandhan Pension Yojana PMSYM Online Apply 2020

If you want to apply online for Shram Maandhan Pension Scheme on your own, then for this we are telling you some simple steps below. For this you must have CSC ID. Whenever you can apply on your own. By following them carefully, you can apply online for this scheme from yourself.

  • For this, first of all you have to go to the official website of Manadhan. For this you can also go by clicking on this link. https://maandhan.in/shramyogi
  • After opening the website, you have to click on the option of “Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana”.
  • After that you have to click on “Click Here to Apply Now”.
  • Now in the next page you have to log in with your CSC ID and Password.
  • After that a dashboard like this will come in front of you. here youEnrollmentYou have to click on “then”Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan YojanaYou have to click on the option of.
  • After that a form will appear in front of you in the next page. In this form, you have to enter all the information correctly. Like here you have to enter Aadhar number, Name, Mobile number, Email, DOB, Gender, State, District, Pincode, Category, Occupation etc. Then you have to select some option according to you.
  • After that you have to tick the bottom and click on the submit button at the end.

In this way you can easily apply for this scheme online. But unfortunately at present only those who have CSC ID can apply using this method. If you do not have CSC ID, then you can apply by visiting any of your nearest CSC center.

helpline number

Joint Secretary and Director General (Labour Welfare), Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India

  • Helpline: 1800 267 6888
  • Email: vyapari@gov.in | shramyogi@nic.in

What is PM Shram Mandhan Yojana?

Under the PM Shram Maandhan Yojana, the government is giving a pension scheme in half instalment to the people working in the unorganized sector.

What should be the age for PM Shram Maandhan Yojana?

The age of the applicant for this scheme should be between 18 years to 40 years.

How to apply for Pm Shram Pension Yojana?

For this you have to go to your nearest CSC Center. From there you will be able to apply for this scheme.