CSC ID Card Download Online VLE Identity Card PDF 2021

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For all Customer Service Center Operator VLE brothers CSC ID Card Download 2021 The process of (Digital Seva kendra CSC identity card download) has been started, now any CSC center operator can download csc identity card through digital service portal. Today, CSC center has been established in almost every village of India and many Customer Service Center Operators (CSC VLE) are playing an important role in this. The benefit of all services in remote areas is also given by VLE brothers only. That is why now the process of downloading CSC ID Card through Digital Seva Portal has been started to give identity to these brothers.


As you all know, the network of CSC is very widely spread all over the country, you will find a small or big CSC center almost everywhere in the whole country and CSC Digital India initiative to make India in the field of e-governance. It has proved to be very helpful to move forward and the operators of these Customer Service Centers (CSC) are providing many services even in the smallest villages so that the dream of Digital India can be realized and the whole of India in this digital. can be included in the team and the operators play an important role in it

But till now the center operators have CSC Identity Card 2021 Therefore, to give a main identity to all these VLE brothers, the process of csc vle id card download by CSC Digital Seva Portal is online only. You can download the ID card by logging into your account through

CSC VLE ID Card Download 2021 Highlights

Service Name csc id card download 2021
started by CSC SPV
sponsored by central government
beneficiary CSC Director
Objective Providing Identity Proof to CSC VLE
official website
mode of service Online
Service Status is on
registration year 2021
CSC ID Card PDF Download

How To Download CSC ID Card Online 2021

The complete step by step information about how to download CSC VLE ID Card 2021 of Jan Seva Kendra online is given below, by following which you can easily download your csc operator id card:

  • CSC ID Card Download/Print first to go to portal
  • After reaching the CSC portal, click on the My Account link present in the menu
  • now you “Login to your account” You will reach the page, here you have to login to the portal by filling your CSC ID and captcha code and clicking on the submit button
  • As soon as you login to the portal, after that you have to complete the Biometric process to login fully. You can complete this process by providing your fingerprint.
  • After completing the KYC process of your account, now you will also reach the dashboard of the account where you can avail various services related to your account
  • After this, now to download the CSC ID card, now you have to click on the ID card link present on the home page.
  • As soon as you click on the ID Card link, your ID card will open in the form of a new PDF which you can download or print

VLE ID Card Format

This ID card by CSC e-Governance is to deal with the problems being faced by the customer service center operators due to the lockdown. To provide their services to the CSC operators, as far as they have to step out of the house even during the lockdown, they face many problems. So with the help of ID card, he can take CSC services out of the house even due to lockdown, by downloading the ID card, you can print it yourself and frame it in a plastic card.

We have given a format of the ID card here, so that you can get an idea of ​​what your ID card will be like, although many changes have been made in the ID card given below, it is not a copy of the original ID card at all. The ID card reflects only the information provided in the original ID card

CSC Certificate Download 2021

Dear friends, if all of you are searching on the internet that how you can download your Csc Certificate, then you have come to the right place because in today’s article we are going to tell you how to download your Csc Certificate. Can, friends, here we would like to tell you that downloading Csc Certificate was very easy earlier, you used to get the link to download Csc Certificate on the home page of the website, but after Csc 2.0 update, you will get the link to download Csc Certificate on the portal. not given

And if you download the certificate from the old Csc Certificate download link then the link does not work then now you can download your CSC certificate by visiting the brand new portal Cscentrepreneur.In and

For this we have already prepared a step by step process article, its link is given below, by clicking on which you can easily understand the complete process of downloading CSC certificate

Page Link/Artical Link:


What is CSC ID Card?

CSC Customer Service Center operators are issued a new identity card to present their identity in front of their customers, which we can call CSC ID Card.

What is the difference between CSC Certificate and CSC ID Card?

CSC VLE ID Card identifies the Common Service Center Operators while CSC Certificate shows the ability of a Customer Service Operator to run a CSC

What is the need of CSC ID card?

Right now in the event of Coronavirus, if you want to take your service somewhere due to the lockdown in the country, then you can keep your csc identity card with you, which will help you to reach your services to others.

Is there any fee to be paid for downloading CSC ID Card?

No! There is no fee to download CSC ID card, you can download ID card absolutely free by login to CSC Digital Seva Portal

Will this ID card issued by Digital Seva Portal be considered valid?

This ID card is issued by CSC Digital Seva Portal it is completely valid

What can you do if the ID card is lost?

You can download new ID card again through Digital Seva Portal

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