SSO ID kaise dekhe or how to make

Single Sign On (SSO) Portal in Rajasthan With the help of AAP, various government schemes run by the government can be taken advantage of through a single portal. For this, all the citizens of the state can create their new account i.e. SSO ID on the portal. In this article, we have tried to explain in easy language the information related to creating a new SSO ID, login and take advantage of various schemes.

So friends, if you also want to create your SSO ID or want complete information about Rajasthan SSO Portal, then stay with us in this article –

What’s in this article?

SSO ID is What?

Let us tell you that SSO ID is a type of online online account, with the help of which various government facilities can be availed by logging on to Rajasthan Single Sign On Portal. The advantage of SSO portal is that you do not have to search different websites for different tasks. Due to which it becomes very easy for the people to get the benefits of government services.

Why was there a need to create an SSO portal?

In this era of Digital India, every educated person wants that all his important work should be done online sitting at home. He should not have to make rounds of any office or office to get the benefits of government schemes. understanding this Government of Rajasthan has SSO Digital portal launched. This portal allows all the citizens of Rajasthan to create their account i.e. New SSO ID. Using this ID, now residents of Rajasthan can get the benefits of all government schemes online on a single portal.

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How to open or create SSO ID –

It is very easy to create your SSO ID on Rajasthan Single Sign On Portal. You can use any one of these documents to generate SSO ID on this portal –

  1. Aadhar Card (Jan Aadhar)
  2. Bhamashah Card
  3. Facebook account
  4. Email ID (Google Account)


To create a new SSO ID, do these things –

  • First of all Rajasthan SSO official website of Open it.
  • showing on home page Registration Click on the button.
  • Now at your convenience Aadhar, Email, Facebook, Bhamashah Card Set username and password by filling in number, name, address.
  • After doing this, your new SSO ID will be created and the account details will be sent to the mobile number or email.

After creating an account, do SSO ID login like this –

First to login to SSO Portal go to. On the home page of the website, enter your username, password and captcha code in the login box and click on the login button. By doing this you will be login to Rajasthan SSO Portal.

sso id kaise banaye

In the schemes present on the SSO portal, online application, status, registration etc. can be seen for education, employment and many other schemes like Aadhar card amendment, Bhamashah card, E Mitra etc.

SSO ID Kaise Dekhe

Rajasthan Single Sign On (43) and (42) – You can check your SSO ID on the Government of Rajasthan portal. For this, you have to create your profile through Mobile No. / Email ID / Bhamashah ID / Jan Aadhaar ID / UID. With the help of SSO ID, you will be able to get the benefits of all the schemes run by the Rajasthan government on a single portal.

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Who can create SSO ID –

No special eligibility is required to generate Rajasthan SSO ID. All those citizens who want to get the benefits of government scheme online with the help of SSO portal, they can You can create Rajasthan SSO ID. With the help of this portal, hundreds of government and e-citizen facilities can be availed on a single portal.

You can take advantage of these facilities by Rajasthan SSO ID –

  • SSO ID for arms license
  • Artisan Reg (Artisan Registration)
  • Attendance MIS
  • Bank correspondence
  • Bhamashah Card
  • BPAS (UDH)
  • BRSY
  • BSBY
  • Business Registration
  • Challenge For Change
  • CHMS
  • Digital Visitor Register
  • DMRD
  • Drug Control
  • Drug Control Organization(DCO)
  • eBazaar
  • e-devasthan
  • EHR
  • EID
  • E-learning
  • Employment
  • e-sakhi
  • forest and wildlife
  • GEMS
  • GST home portal
  • HSMS
  • TAD
  • HTE
  • IHMS
  • I start
  • ITI
  • APP
  • E-Mitra Report
  • JOB (Job)
  • LDMS
  • LSG (change of land use) LSG (change of land use), etc.

SSO ID Helpline Number –

If you face any problem in using the Rajasthan Government SSO Portal then you can call or message the helpline number or email id given below.

How to Download SSO ID Mobile App –

  • To download the mobile app of the SSO ID portal, visit the Google Play Store.
  • In the search box, type sso id rajasthan.
  • You will see many mobile applications. You can download whatever you like.
  • And can do small details of all government schemes and some work like electricity or water bill, gas booking etc.

SSO Id Kaise Banaye Mobile se

  • To create sso id from jio phone or mobile, search by typing sso id on internet browser.
  • The website of this scheme will be found on the first number. Click on it to proceed.
  • On opening the site, open the original page so that the website can be seen properly.
  • Now scroll down to find Citizen Registration.
  • After that your sso id can be created according to the above guidelines.

important information No other account can be created from the information that will be filled at the time of new registration like Aadhar number, mobile number, email, Bhamashah card number etc. So keep your information safe.

Uses and benefits of SSO ID –

  • You can take advantage of hundreds of government schemes in Rajasthan with the help of SSO ID on this portal.
  • Labor card, Aadhar card amendment, unemployment allowance online application etc. can be done with the help of sso id.
  • Scholarship form can be filled for students.
  • Payment of electricity bill, mobile recharge, etc. can be done.

SSO Id full form

SSO ID is the identity of the account opened on the SSO portal launched by the Government of Rajasthan. The full form of SSO ID is Single Sign On Identification.

Questions and answers related to Rajasthan SSO Portal (FAQ) –

How to open SSO ID?

To open or create your SSO ID, you Go to the home page of the website and select the registration option. After that you will be able to do new registration with the help of your Aadhaar number, email account, Facebook ID or Bhamashah card.

How to login SSO ID?

To login Rajasthan SSO ID Go to the home page of After that select Login option. You will need SSO ID and Password to login.

How to create SSO ID?

SSO ID is generated on Rajasthan Single Sign On Portal. The whole process of which is explained in this article.

What is SSO ID?

SSO ID works in the same way as we have to create a Gmail ID to use the features of Google.

What is the main advantage of SSO facility?

With the SSO facility, now the people of Rajasthan can take advantage of hundreds of government schemes on a single portal.

What is the full form of SSO?

The full form of SSO is Single Sign On, that is, only one portal, all the work.

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