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In this article we have told how you can check your ration card online in Rajasthan. Friends, if you also want to download your ration card from the list of all the ration cards of your Gram Panchayat, then read our article completely. Direct links of all official websites related to Rajasthan Ration Card will be found at the bottom of the article.

What’s in this article?

Ration card how to see Rajasthan –

To see your ration card in Rajasthan, you must first visit the official website of Rajasthan Food and Civil Supplies Department. Open it. now home page Important public useful information” Under Ration Card in the box “District Wise Ration Card Details” Click the link.

ration card list rajasthan

Now first of all choose your district and type of place of residence. If you are from rural area then click on blue numbers below urban if not rural.

how to see ration card rajasthan

After doing this, you have to choose the Block, Panchayat, Village and FPS Name i.e. Fair Price Shop respectively. After doing this, the list of total ration cards of the Gram Panchayat will open. Find your ration in this list and click on the ration card number. So thus the beneficiary’s ration card details will open. You can print or download this.

Village Panchayat Ration card List Rajasthan 2021 –

Friends, in Rajasthan, we keep on needing ration cards every month to get free ration and in various government works. Suppose you do not have a ration card at the time of need, what will you do? In such a situation, either you will have to go home to get the ration card or you will have to see the online gram panchayat ration card list.

Removing your ration card from gram panchayat ration card list is not a huge task, it will take you hardly 2 minutes. Friends, let us tell you that the official website of Rajasthan Food and Civil Supplies Department But you can easily see the district wise ration card list.

See the complete ration card list of any gram panchayat of Rajasthan like this –

  1. First to see Gram Panchayat Ration Card List Rajasthan Website go to
  2. of home page Important public useful information” Under Ration Card in the box “District Wise Ration Card Details” Click the link
  3. Now choose your district, place of residence (Rural or Urban), Block, Panchayat, Village respectively
  4. So in this way you will see the Gram Panchayat Ration Card List.

When will new ration cards be made in Rajasthan

To get a new ration card, contact the nearest public service center or csc center. With the help of these, you can apply online for making new ration in Rajasthan.

Food Security Eligibility List Rajasthan

The people whose names are there in the Online Food Security Act (NFSA) eligibility list will appear in the food security eligibility list. If the name is not in this list, then they will have to make a fresh application for getting a ration card.

To see the eligibility list of Food Security Scheme (NFSA) official website go to. NowImportant public useful information” Provided in the box under the Food Security Scheme (NFSA) Report of NFSA & Non NFSA Beneficiary Click the link. After that search your name in the eligibility list according to your district, block, FPS name.

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