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Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has issued notification to all the insurance companies of the country. Saral Pension Scheme 2021-22 I have been instructed to start across the country. This simple pension plan is an intermediate annuity plan i.e. it is an immediate plan. Under the plan, his pension will start as soon as the policyholder takes the policy. Insurance policies and pension plans are sold under different names by the insurance company. Every insurance company describes its policy better than any other company’s policy. Hence citizens face difficulties in choosing the right insurance policy. Therefore, all the terms and conditions under this Saral Pension Scheme will be simple, clear and uniform.

In this article we Saral Pension Yojana Registration Will give you complete information like what is the plan, features, documents, how to apply, its process etc. So read this article till the end.

Saral Pension Yojana 2021

In India, various individual immediate annuity policies are offered by life insurance companies. These products come with various features, annuity options and terms and conditions. In order to maintain uniformity among all the insurers and to make the product available to all the life insurers, IRDAI has introduced a standard Individual Immediate Annuity Plan. whom Saral Pension Scheme As per the name of the plan, now more different term plans will be offered by all the insurance companies in a single plan with simple rules.

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has issued notification to all life insurance companies simple pension Ltd. has been asked to introduce a standard Immediate Annuity product, aimed at providing convenience to the customers in choosing an insurance policy. In addition, this standard product will also enhance the trust between the insured and the insurer and will also prevent mis-selling of the insurance policy.

Let us tell you that on January 25, IRDAI had issued a circular to all the life insurance companies of the country, under which all the insurance companies would issue a standard policy in the market by the name of Saral Pension Yojana on or before April 1, 2021. The rate of this pension of all insurance companies may be different, but the name of this pension Saral Pension Scheme It will happen. Next to this the name of the company whose policy will be taken, that company will also be included.

LIC Saral Pension Yojana 2021

LIC’s Saral Pension Scheme It is a single premium plan in which one premium has to be paid at the time of taking the policy. After this, pension will be available for the whole life. If the policy holder dies in the middle, then the amount of single premium is also returned to his nominee under the plan. Under this scheme, till now you used to get pension from the age of 60 but now it is not so. Now you will not have to wait till the age of 60 to get the pension, now the pension will start from the age of 40.

Saral pension scheme 2021 Highlights

scheme name Saral Pension Scheme 2021
who started Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI)
Launch Date 1 April 2021
type of plan pension scheme
beneficiary all indian
Objective Providing policies with simple terms and conditions for citizens
purchase rate According to the annuity and insurance company
official website NA
Application Mode online and offline
Circular Link Click Here

Annuity, 100% return of purchase price

Annuity means the amount that the insurance company provides to the customer annually in return for investment. simple pension 2021 The facility of giving annuity to the subscriber on investment is available under The tenure of annuity can be chosen by the subscriber on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. The guidelines issued by IRDAI state that the maturity benefit will not be included under the Saral Pension Yojana. However, the plan will include an option to refund 100% of the purchase price. This is a standard individual immediate annuity product, i.e. you have to deposit only one premium and start getting pension immediately, which will continue for life.

According to Saral Pension Yojana, you will have two annuity options, which include Single Life Annuity and Joint Life Annuity.

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Saral Pension Annuity Amount

Period amount minimum amount max
Monthly Rs. 1,000 No limits
quarterly Rs. 3,000
half-yearly Rs. 6,000
Yearly Rs.12,000

Saral Pension Yojana Policy Surrender

If the spouse of the employer is diagnosed with any critical illness specified in the policy document, the subsidiary can surrender the policy at any time after 6 months from the date of issue of the policy. The list of critical illnesses may be revised by the Authority from time to time as required. Upon surrender of the policy, 95% of the purchase price will be paid annually, less the amount outstanding on the loan and interest on the loan, if any. The policy will terminate once the surrender value is paid.

Loan under Saral Pension Yojana

Loan facility is also available under RDAI Saral Pension Yojana. This loan can be taken after 6 months of buying the policy. If the subscriber dies, the life partner of the subscriber can also get a loan against the policy after the death of the subscriber. The customer has to pay interest on the loan. The maximum loan amount that can be given under the policy should be such that the effective annual interest payable on the loan does not exceed 50% of the annual annuity amount payable under the policy.

Saral Pension Yojana 2021 objective

The Indian life insurance market currently has a number of individual instantaneous annuity products marketed by life insurers, each with its own features, terms and conditions and annuity options. To have uniformity among insurers, and to provide a product by all life insurers that will broadly meet the needs of an average customer, to offer a standard, individual immediate annuity product, with simple features and standard terms important purpose.

The main objective of Saral Pension Yojana is to reduce the difficulty in understanding the pension scheme for all the citizens of India. The scheme will have simple terms and conditions and all companies will have same terms and conditions. So that common citizens can understand the terms and conditions and they do not face difficulties in choosing the policy.

Saral Pension Yojana 2021 Features

  • It is a single premium, non-participating, non-linked immediate annuity plan.
  • Saral Pension will provide two annuity options.
  • Lifelong annuity payout with 100% refund of purchase price
  • The plan offers a single premium payment option as it would be an immediate annuity policy.
  • The mode of annual payment is monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly.
  • Now customers will be able to buy policies from different companies on the same terms
  • Under this scheme, the customer will also get the facility of loan.
  • The policy can also be surrendered after 6 months of purchase of the policy in case of any critical illness of the spouse or child of the employer.
  • In the event of death of the spouse, 100% of the purchase price will be returned to the legal heirs.
  • Customer will receive annuity on investment
  • Maturity benefit will not be available under Saral Pension Yojana.

Saral Pension Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of India
  • The minimum age of the customer should be 40 years and maximum age should be 80 years.
  • Applicant has to buy this policy from any Jeevan Neem company
  • Minimum monthly policy can be purchased from Rs.1000

Documents Required for Saral Pension Application

  • Residence proof
  • Aadhar card
  • identity proof
  • bank details
  • income proof
  • age proof
  • mobile number
  • passport size photo

Saral Pension Yojana Application Online

if you Saral Pension Yojana If you want to apply online then you can follow the procedure given below:

  • Now click on Saral Pension Yojana present on the homepage of the website
  • Now click on the Apply Now link under the scheme
  • Now the application form will open in front of you
  • Fill the required information and click on submit button
  • Now submit the required documents and submit the form

How to apply Saral Pension Yojana Offline?

If you do not want to apply online in the scheme, then you can apply offline in Saral Pension Yojana. You will have to get the application form, after that you will have to fill all the information asked in the application form correctly, after that you will have to attach the necessary documents with the form, finally after checking the application form once again, submit it to the officer concerned with you. can do

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