Do these measures on the night of Diwali, all problems will go away

for economic prosperityIn the auspicious month of Diwali, wrap the whole coconut in a red cloth and worship Lord Lakshmi. After the puja, install a coconut in the place of your wealth. With this remedy, Mother Lakshmi will be pleased and will always keep your grace.

For permanent residence of Maa Lakshmi On the day of Diwali, after cleaning the entire house, worship Ma Lakshmi ji at one time. Continue worshiping Lakshmi on every new moon day after Diwali. This remedy leads to the permanent abode of Mother Lakshmi and increases wealth.

to get rid of debtOn the night of Diwali, put a silver coin in kerosene, give it to Maa Lakshmi and worship her while chanting any mantra of Mata Lakshmi. After the puja, replace the silver coin at a place where the sun’s rays do not fall. With this remedy, the blessings of Mother Lakshmi will surely be upon you and soon the merging of debts will be over.

for family prosperity For the happiness and prosperity of the family, remove black sesame seeds and throw it on all the family members seven times in the west direction on the night of Diwali. By doing this, the effect of negative forces in the house is reduced and happiness and prosperity remain.

to protect from the enemy To protect the enemy from the enemy on the night of Diwali, write the name of your enemy on the whole lemon and drop the lemon in the running water. By doing this, the enemy will not harm you, and his heart will begin to develop friendship.

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