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PMGDISHA Registration: According to the 2014 71st NSSO survey on education, only 6% of rural households have a computer. It is highlighted that more than 15 crore rural households (16.85 crore households @ 94%) do not have computers and a significant number of these households are likely to be digitally illiterate. Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Abhiyan Abhiyan (PMGDISHA) being launched under the Digital India Program will cover 6 crore households in rural areas to make them digitally literate.

PMGDISHA Scheme 2021

The government had implemented the National Digital Saksharta Mission or Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (DISHA) or National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) to provide IT training to 52.5 lakh people, including Anganwadi and ASHA workers and authorized rations of all states/ration dealers. Dealers included. UTs across the country so that non-IT literate citizens are trained to become IT literate so that they can actively and effectively participate in the democratic and developmental process and also enhance their livelihood.

The scheme has been launched with a vision to empower at least one person per household with critical digital literacy skills. It is expected to touch the lives of over 250 million individuals in the next few years. PMGDISHA is an effort that complements the government’s vision to make one person from every household digitally literate. The project aims to help adults with low technical literacy to interact in an increasingly digital world.

Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Shiksha Abhiyan is a dynamic and integrated platform of digital literacy awareness, education and competence programs that will help rural communities to fully participate in the global digital economy. PMGDISHA’s focus is on making technology central to enable change.

PMGDISHA Registration 2021 – PM G Disha Exam Application

What is PMGDISHA Exam 2021?

For “Direct Candidates” PMGDISHA The exam is implemented for all the general candidates who want to get PMGDISHA Certificate. Candidates are not required to undergo any special training or contact any training partner for this exam. Register as direct candidate Applicant has to do electronic KYC and agree to the terms and condition to become a beneficiary in PMGDISHA scheme.

The data of the candidates will be shared with the examination agencies for the purpose of certification only. In case a candidate wishes to self-isolate, then CSC will not further share the e-KYC data for issuance of the certificate. Such data may be stored for audit purpose only in accordance with the program guidelines.

Objectives of PMGDISHA 2021

  • Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Abhiyan, a scheme to make six crore people in rural areas digitally literate in the State/UT, reaching out to about 40% of rural households by covering one member from each eligible household.
  • The scheme aims to train citizens in rural areas to operate computers or digital access devices (such as tablets, smart phones, etc.), send and receive e-mails, browse the Internet, access government services, search for information, To empower by providing training in making digital payments.
  • etc. and hence enable them to use information technology and related applications especially digital payments to actively participate in the process of nation building. The objective of the scheme is to bridge the digital divide.
  • Specifically targeting the rural population including the marginalized sections of the society such as Scheduled Castes (SC)/Scheduled Tribes (ST), minorities, Below Poverty Line (BPL), women and differently-abled persons and minorities.
  • To register as a candidate the applicant has to do electronic KYC and agree to the term and condition.
  • The training data will be shared with the examination agencies and for the training center for certification purpose.
  • This scheme is applicable only for rural areas of the country.

PMGDISHA Eligibility Criteria

  • Admission Criteria Beneficiary must be digitally illiterate
  • Only one person per eligible household will be considered for training
  • Age Group: 14 – 60 Years
  • Non-smartphone users, Antyodaya households, college drop-outs, adult literacy mission participants
  • Preference will be given to SC, ST, BPL, women, differently abled persons and minorities
  • Beneficiaries will be identified by CSC-SPV in active collaboration with DGS, Gram Panchayats and Block Development Officers. The list of such beneficiaries will be made available on the scheme portal.
  • The scheme will be implemented under the overall supervision of the Ministry of Electronics/IT in active collaboration with the States/UTs through their designated State Implementing Agencies, District e-Governance Societies (DGS), etc.

PMGDISHA Training Process

The duration of the training program is for 20 hours which has to be completed in minimum 10 days and maximum 30 days.

training partner

The scheme envisages affiliated entities like NGOs/Institutions/Corporates desirous of imparting digital literacy training as training partner with CSC-SPV subject to fulfillment of prescribed criteria. The indicative criteria are as follows:-

  • A training partner should be an organization registered in India, conducting business in the field of education / IT literacy for more than three years and having Permanent Income Tax Account Number (PAN) and audited statements of accounts for at least the last three years Happen.
  • The institution/organization must be registered in India under any law, e.g., in case of a company it must be registered with the Registrar of Companies, in case of a society, it must be registered with the Registrar of Societies and so on etc. .
  • The participant must have clearly defined objectives, well documented procedures and processes covering the full range of education/IT literacy training.

Role of Training Partner in PMGDISHA

  • A training partner will be responsible for the placement or placement of training centers in the identified districts/blocks/village panchayats that will provide digital literacy training to the beneficiaries.
  • A Training Partner will be responsible for ensuring that the Training Centers comply with PMGDISHA requirements.
  • A training partner will be responsible for overseeing the overall functioning of the centers under its purview.
  • A training partner will be responsible for accurate and timely reporting of the assignments to the centres.

PMGDISHA Scheme Registration Students 2021

Below is the complete procedure to do PMGDISHA Scheme 2021 registration/login for students:-

  • First official website https://www.pmgdisha.in/ go to
  • on the homepage,”Direct Candidate – Click HereClick on the link as shown below
  • Here candidates can open the PMGDISHA Scheme Registration Form online by clicking on the “Register” tab
  • Applicants can register for PMGDISHA Exams by entering their UIDAI Number, Student Name, Date of Birth, Gender, give their consent and click on the “Add” button.

Note: To see the complete process of candidate registration on PMGDISHA portal, visit the link given below PMGDISHA Registration 2021 – PM G Disha Exam Application Click Here

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