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by Assam government Assam Snehasparsh Scheme 2021 The Online Application Form for PDF has been made available online on the official website Assam Govt. The Snehasparsh Scheme is a public initiative aimed at meeting the cost of very high-end special treatment. People Now Through Official Online Portal in PDF Format Assam Snehasparsh Scheme 2021 Registration You can download the form. In this article, we will tell you the complete details of complete Snehasparsham scheme, how to download apply online application form, eligibility of the scheme, place of treatment, maximum amount eligible for a disease, progress report etc.

Snehasparsh Scheme 2021 (স্নেহাস্পৰ্শ)

াস্পৰ্শৰ াহিত্যিক `ল `প্ৰেমৰ ` মি াস্থ্য ীনৰ াবে ম াৰৰ াস্থ্য াল ল্যাণ াগৰ াৰা াৰম্ভ ম, মৰ াৰা াৰ্য্যকৰী া , -১৩ ীয় া াৰ্য্য ম ম ল াকা লন া .

াস্থ্য াৰণে াম াৰত লাচেমা -মজ্বাৰ , াৰ লা মূল াৰ াৰ াৰণে

Snehasparsh Means “Touch of Love”, is a recent unique health care initiative for children under 12 years of age. This scheme was launched by the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Assam.

Snehasparsh Scheme Application Form PDF

How to download the application form to apply for Assam Sneher Sparsh Yojana through online mode below in PDF format Assam Snehasparsh scheme 2021-22 The complete procedure to download the application form is given below:-

  • To download the application form PDF, first of all visit the link given below
  • Now after reaching the scheme page go to the “Download” section given at the bottom and then click on “Application Form For Sneha Sparsha (স্নেহা াৰণে )” link.
  • As soon as you click on the above mentioned link then Snehasparsh Scheme Application Form PDF will open in front of you as shown below
  • Accordingly, download the Sneha Sparsha Scheme application form in PDF format, fill it and submit it to the concerned authorities as mentioned below.

After successfully submitting the Snehasparsha Scheme registration form in PDF format, applicants will be able to avail high end specialized treatment for various diseases.

Where to Submit Snehasparsham Scheme Application Form

Filled application form has to be submitted either by hand or by post to the Principal/Vice Principal, Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, Bhangarh, Guwahati, Assam-781032. “Application for Sneha Sparsham Yojana” should be superscribed on the envelope in block letters.

The Filled in application form is to be submitted, by hand or by post, to Principal/Vice Principal, Gauhati Medical College & Hospital, Bhangagarh, Guwahati, Assam-781032. ‘Application for Sneha Sparsha Scheme’ should be written on the envelope in Block Letters.

Snehasparsh Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Only those candidates who fulfill all the eligibility criteria given below can Sneha Sparsh Will be eligible for the scheme:-

  • The applicant must be a resident of the state of Assam.
  • The total annual family income of the patient from all sources should not exceed Rs 2.50 lakh.
  • Below poverty line (BPL) families will be given priority for the scheme.

Along with the application, the beneficiary or guardian will have to submit an income certificate issued by the competent authority

ালৰ ীয়া . লাখতকী ম লোকে ীনত ভৰ লাভৰ াৰণে া ল ালক াধিকাৰ া .

য়াধিকাৰী া য়াৱকে য়মাণমত্ৰ দাখিল গে ল য়াসম্পন্ন গে, উপসঞ্চালক, সংমণ্ডলৰ া, মণ্ডল বিষয়া, ণ্ড া য়া মাদ্ব য়া ায় ায় য়ায়

Snehasparsh Scheme Required Documents

All the people of the state who want to apply in this scheme of the government, they have to submit the required documents given below along with the application form:

  • Patient photograph (verified by doctor)
  • Birth Certificate (Verified)
  • Income Certificate (Verified) (Original to be produced at the time of submission of Application Form)
  • Residential Certificate (Verified)
  • OPD Advice Slip / Discharge Summary / Prescription

Sneha Sparsha Scheme Place of Treatment for Disease

Some acceptable procedures under the scheme may be treated in medical college hospitals and other hospitals in the state, while treatment for certain diseases may require referral to appropriate health institutions outside the state.

Sneha Sparsha The committee will make recommendations based on the merit of the case, referral of a case for super specialty treatment outside the State, or consider reimbursement of medical expenses incurred during treatment in medical college hospitals and other hospitals in the State. For the purpose of referral, the committee will also recommend the designated hospital outside the state. Financial assistance will be offered under the Sneha Sparsha Scheme for both the groups.

ীনত াৰ াৰণে া ম মেডিকেল লেজ লত াব পাৰে আৰু ৰাজ্যৰ ভিতৰত আন হস্পিতেলতো হাৰে, মান মাৰৰ াৰ াৰণে াজ্যৰ াহিৰৰ াস্থ্য ানলা াৰ `ব াৰে.

ম ামৰ্শ , াৰ ীন, াজ্যৰ াহিৰত াৰ াৰণে া া মেডিকেলৰ াই াৰ াৰে া মেডিকেল াহস্পিতে ল লন া ী া াৰণে া া াৰ , মিতিখনে ামৰ্শ াজ্যৰ াহিৰৰ ল্পিত লৈ াৰ াবে. া ীৰ াৰণে ীয় াহাৰ্য্য ীনত া `ব.

Assam Sneha Sparsha Scheme Permitted Procedure / Maximum Amount Admissible

Under this scheme rates notified are indicative and the actual acceptable amount shall be fixed through a transparent process:

  1. -মজ্জা : লিউকেমিয়া (ৰক্ত ) া া লাচেমিয়া `ত -মজ্জা া লি া . াজ্যৰ াৰীৰ লৈী া াবে খ লাখ া ীয় াহাৰ্য্য াই া া া া াৰণে.
  2. লাৰ : াবে ল াধিকাৰীৰ .৩৫ লাখ া ল াধিকাৰীৰ .
  3. : লগা ীয় াহাৰ্য্য াইচে .০০ খালৈ ালৈ ল াধিকাৰীলৈ .০০ ললৈ াধিকাৰীলী. াজ্যৰ াহিৰৰ লৈী াৰ ীয় া া া াৰ া-সুবিধা .
  4. : াৰ ল াধিকাৰী `লে .০০ লাখ াধিকাৰীৰ াৰণে .০০ খ ল াৰ ায় া া া া া া াাৰীৰ াধিকাৰীৰ
  5. াত-ভৰিৰ ম : াত া ম লগোৱাৰ া াধন াবে .০০ লাখ ান্ত্ৰিক ম াত-ভৰি লগাবলৈ . খা া ান া .
  6. : মোথোৰাপিৰে ীতে াৰ া .০০ লাখ া াহাৰ্য্য ান া .
  7. াৰৰ া: লাক া াবে া াৰ া ম্ব াৰ্য্যপ্ৰণালী াবে াজালী াৰ াহাৰ্য্য ান া .
  8. মাৰ: মাৰত ী ী ীক্ষা-নিৰীক্ষাৰ
  9. ায়ৱিক : ায়ৱিক লৈ ম ম া াইড্ৰচেফোলাচ া া, াজাৰ া া াহাৰ্য্য া ীক্ষা, াৰ াপনৰ াৰণে.
  10. লাচেমিয়া: লাচেমিয়াত লোকক .০০ লাখ া াহাৰ্য্য া ,

াহিৰেও, ম াঁচটা াত াজ্যৰ াহিৰল া াকীবোৰ াৰ্য্যপ্ৰণালৰ াৰণে াজ্যৰ মেডিকেল লেজ ল ল .

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