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Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray has launched Shiv Bhojan “Shiv Bhojan” scheme for poor people across the state. This Rs. In Rs 5 shiv bhojan yojana thali, the state government will provide shiv bhojan thali to the needy in just Rs 5. We would like to inform all of you that shiv bhojan yojana 2021 Named after King Shivaji, the Government of Maharashtra, in the first phase of this scheme, Shiv Bhoj scheme was started in 50 places of the state at Rs.10. In the next phase of shiv bhojan yojana, the state government scheme is being expanded to other areas towards the state, shiv bhojan thali yojana Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi (MVA) had an election promise of the governing government in Maharashtra, which they have fulfilled.

Shiv Bhojan Thali Yojana 2021 Maharashtra

This Shiv Bhojan scheme is started by Maharashtra Chief Minister Udhav Thackeray in Maharashtra from 2020, through this scheme, a meal of ₹ 10 will be provided to the poor people. This scheme is for all the poor who are very needy for food so that Be able to fill your stomach by buying a food plate cheaply

This Rs 10 canteen scheme follows Tamil Nadu government’s Amma Unavagam / Amma Canteen and Karnataka state government’s Indira Canteen. has been closed since.

Shiv Bhojan Thali Yojana Highlights

scheme name Shivbhojan Thali Scheme 2021
who started Chief Minister Udhav Thackeray
Launch Date January 2020
state name Maharashtra
beneficiary people of state
Objective Providing food to people at very affordable rates
shiv bhojan thali price 5 rupees
official website NA
registration year 2021
Scheme Status is on

Shiv Bhojan Thali 2021 Extended Update

The state government of Maharashtra, the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government, is providing free food to the needy people across the state under the Shivbhojan Thali scheme. This free initiative was launched in April 2021 during the second wave of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and has now been extended to the end of September.

According to recent reports under the scheme, a total of 5,23,133 Shiv Bhojan thalis have been distributed to the poor through 83 Shiv Bhojan Kendras in Mumbai and Thane region in the month of May this year. 19,900 free plates have been sanctioned daily for the Mumbai-Thane region. Under the ‘Break the Chain’ campaign, the facility of Shiv Bhojan Parcel (Take Away) has been made available to the customers from 6th April, 2021.

What will I get in Shiv Bhojan Thali

Under this scheme of Maharashtra state government, 2 chapatis, a vegetable dish, a portion of rice-dal/curry and a sweet Shiv Bhojan Thali are included. And tell you all one more thing that shiv meal plan thali The menu will be changed every day.

  • 2 chapatis
  • 1 vegetable dish
  • 1 rice plate
  • 1 dal or curry

How Shiv Bhojan Yojana (Rs. 10 Thali Yojana) will be distributed

Under this scheme at least one canteen will be opened in each district headquarter and this food serving canteen will be opened from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm.

And for the operation of the scheme at many places, the government has run Hinduhridaysamrat Balasaheb Thackeray Anna-rath vehicles which are available at selected places. Shiv Bhojan Thali Will distribute for ₹ 10, poor people will be able to buy a plate for ₹ 10 through these vehicles and fill their stomach at such a cheap price

This Shiv Bhojan Yojana of the government will not discriminate against any person on the basis of their caste, color and religion. All the poor people who are needy or hungry can take advantage of this Shiv Bhojan Yojana.

Where is Shiv Bhojan Yojana Thali applicable now?

The state government had approved this scheme in the last month of 2019 but this scheme was started in 2020 and from 26 January this scheme has been implemented for the entire state.
But at present, this scheme has been started in 125 centers of Maharashtra state. The government will spend Rs 6.4 crore for this scheme.

Update: Now distributed in each district shiv food plate has been increased five times. The team has now extended the timings for the same, and is providing food from 11 am to 3 pm, post the lock down where the government is providing food for INR 45 per plate in urban areas and INR 30 per plate in rural areas. Will do

Shiv Bhojan FAQ

What is the cost of Shiv Bhojan Thali?

In the beginning of the scheme, the price of the plate provided under Shiv Bhojan scheme was ₹ 10 but in the third phase of the scheme, the price of the thali will be reduced to ₹ 5.

What is the actual cost of Shiv Bhojan Thali?

The actual cost of the meal will be Rs 50 in urban centers and Rs 35 in rural areas.

What is the purpose of Shiv Bhojan Yojana of the state government?

The scheme aims to provide affordable and quality food to all irrespective of caste, creed, religion and financial status.

How many thali can be served in each canteen of Shiv Bhojan in 1 day?

According to officials, at least 500 plates are being served per day in each canteen.

Why has the government started this scheme?

The launch of the scheme is part of an election promise made by Shiv Sena that the government has fulfilled.

Shiv Bhojan thali Update Oct 2020

Maharashtra State Government for six months Rs. Shiv Bhojan will expand the thali scheme at a cost of Rs 5 per plate. A proposal will be presented in the next cabinet meeting. It is a part of Shiv Sena, a senior partner in the government. major project It was priced at Rs 10 per plate, but it has been made more affordable since the lockdown. Now the price of a thali given under the government’s Shiv Bhojan thali scheme will be reduced to only Rs 5 per plate.

The scheme was applicable at half price till June 30, which was extended for three months, which ended on September 30. Now, the Food and Civil Supplies Department, which is implementing the scheme, proposed to extend. by the government Shiv Bhojan thali at Rs. 5″ The scheme will now be extended for the next 6 months

Reference: News and Media outlets

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