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If you are thinking of downloading Aadhar UCL then you have come to the right place, here we have provided Aadhar UCL software. (Aadhar UCL Software) Free download links have been provided which you can use. Great news is coming out to all the CSC VLE public service center operators as well as if you CSC VLE SOCIETY If you are associated with this, then there is an even more golden opportunity for you. Now CSC is going to start all its CSC Aadhar Center then if you also want to open CSC Aadhar Center

CSC Aadhaar UCL Download 2021

Recently, according to new information, the UIDAI Department has given permission to about 20000 Public Service Centers to update the Aadhaar card details of the customers. UIDAI CSC E-Governance Sent a letter to the CEO of the services, Mr. Dinesh Tyagi, stating that only the facility of demographic update will be allowed to CSCs.

Authentication of all operators and residents will be done by only two factors, only through fingerprints and iris, Aadhaar correction can be done, due to which the Union Information and Technology Minister Shri Ravi Shankar ji informed the CSC about this information through the media. Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad ji has told that the CSC of the village will have to start the work of Aadhaar as per the instructions of UIDI.

UCL Latest Updates

Registration has been started for UIDAI ke UCL Software by csc Digital Seva Kendra, any VLE can register for Aadhaar work, visit the link given below to see the complete process of registration https://cscportal.in/aadhaar-ucl-registration/

CSC UIDAI Has recently signed an agreement with CSC SPV. In which CSC Common Service Center has got approval to make Aadhar card. and now all CSC CENTER AADHAR But for this, some important documents will be required with the public service center operators.

Aadhar UCL Software Download And Install 2021

Friends, now everyone is not allowed to download the new UCL software because now the work of Aadhaar update will be given to the selected VLE only, but the link of OLD UCL software is given below which you can download and check the demo.

If you want to do the work of aadhar update, then you have to register for it from your csc dashboard only after that you have to New UCL SOFTWARE Download will get to do

Note: If any CSP operator wants to do the work of Aadhaar, then he should first Aadhaar UCL Registration You will have to download and submit the Consent Form as well, we have published another article about how to register UCL Software through CSC, whose link is given below, you can check . Page Link: https://cscportal.in/aadhaar-ucl-registration/

Download Aadhar UCL Software (OLD)

However, at the moment you do not need to download the old UCL software because after registering the UCL Lite Client, you are given the official new UCL software of Aadhaar, currently the latest UCL software has not been made available to the public domain by UIDAI.

Requirement to Use Aadhar UCL Software 2021

  • UIDAI NSEIT Supervisor/Operator Certificate
  • Laptop with Genuine Windows 7/8/10 32/64-Bit sp1 & USB hub
  • Minimum 2Ghz
  • Core i3 Processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 360 GB HDD, Single Fingerprint Authentication Device(like Morpho)
  • Digital Camera (Logitec C310 or 525)
  • Color Laser Printer
  • Internet connectivity
  • Scanner
  • Printed Correction Forms

How To Install UCL v Old Process

  • Step 1: Run Setup_MSP_UCL_Full_3.3.0.0.
  • Step 2: Click Next & Next Full Setup
  • Step 3: Create an admin account with Operator/Supervisor Id, a password should be 123
  • Step 4: Login to ECA, Click on Database Mgmt, and import files: All these databases have to be imported by login ecm
  • You have to import master data in zip format
  • Register data will also have to be imported in zip format.
  • And directory data will also have to be imported in zip format.
  • Step 5: Log In District Manager to ECA under Client Identity

Enter details:

(1) Registrar Name : 206 – CSC e-Governance Services Ltd

(2) EA Name : 206 – CSC e-Governance Services Ltd

(3) Station Id :

(4) Client Location : Enter Pincode

  • Step 6: Import Registrar Certificate: Click on download and Import
  • Step 7: Enrollment Client Registration:

Contact your District Manager

This way the username and password will be
Enter Username: cscportal.in @123
Password: ********

Install Morpho 1300 E, Cogent, Mantra

Open MSP_UCL_Full_3.3.0.0-<4.Dependencies-

  • Install Full Setup
  • Install finger print device Driver :
  • Use Sagem MorphoSmart USB Drivers
  • Use Cogent CDS200 Device Install Full Software
  • Use Mantra device install software

Will all VLEs be able to do Aadhaar work?

As dear friends let us tell you that now CSC AADHAR CENTER It is not possible to meet all the VLEs as more and more Aadhar cards have been generated. And recently, there is no tampering with Aadhaar data, so UIDAI has not given permission to give Aadhaar centers everywhere. Aadhar centers can be opened only in any government or any semi government place.

So if you are also one of your Aadhar Center in CSC Center If you are buying a machine to open it, then it is not possible that you should not spend much money for this, you must contact your CSC District Manager once for complete information.

Aadhar UCL Download FAQ

What is Aadhar UCL Software?

UCL is an Aadhar Demographic Update software of CSC, in UCL all the work is done by fingerprint only, there is no need of OTP.

How to download Aadhaar UCL?

To download UCL, first you have to complete the UCL registration, only then you will be provided with the software download link.

How to do aadhar ucl registration?

If you want to run this CSC Demographic Update software then you have to do UCL software registration, for this you can register by login on csc digital service portal, the complete process of registration is given above.

UCL software is developed by?

This Aadhaar UCL software is issued by CSC & UIDAI

What is UCL Consent Form?

If you want to do Aadhaar work through CSC and doing Aadhaar UCL Registration then you have to download CSC UCL Consent Form and fill it and submit it

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