How to Install Digipay in Mobile Digipay for Mobile 2021

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Friends, as you all know that CSC e-governance 2021 service has launched its AEPS DIGIPAY software for mobile and now you can do balance inquiry cash withdrawal cash deposit wallet recharge etc. from your mobile itself. no need for computer

To run AEPS DIGIPAY software, you can do all this work from your mobile sitting and it is very easily installed in your mobile, for this no software is needed from anywhere, just you have a software named DIGIPAY. You have to install which you will find it very easily in the Play Store, the link of the application is being given below from where you can download this application.

how to install digipay in mobile 2021

Step 1.First of all DIGIPAY App Install it on your Android mobile from Play Store. Keep in mind that your Android mobile should be OTG support.

Step 2 .DIGIPAY After the application is successfully installed in the mobile, first of all connect the finger print device to your mobile if your fingerprint device comes with USB then connect it to OTG and then refresh the RD service by opening Morpho SCL software.

Step 3After this in your mobile DIGIPAY A logo will appear, open it, if your fingerprint device is not connected correctly with your mobile, then your application will not start and you will get a pop in which it will be written that connect the device first and if the fingerprint device is not connected correctly If connected then the sign up page will open in front of you

Step 4. After this you will have to first sign up in which you will be asked for your CSC ID and your Aadhaar number below, then you fill your CSC ID and enter Aadhaar number, put the term and condition checkmark and proceed further

Step 5. After this OTP will be sent to your registered number and you will be shown the last 4 digits of your mobile number, you check OTP on that mobile number and enter OTP in this box, after entering OTP, click on Verify OTP

Step 6. After this a new page will come in which your CSC ID, your name, your mobile number and your registered bank will appear here, you will see a box next, you have to put a check mark in it. As soon as you put the check mark, now the light of your fingerprint device will light up and you have to put your finger there and verify yourself, after verifying your application will be successfully registered, now you will see the login page in the next step

Step 7. Now you will be asked for your CSC ID in the screen, enter your CSC ID and scan your fingerprint and login. can do what you used to do on the computer

CSC Digipay latest version download 2021

Friends here we have for all of you Digi Pay If you want to download DigiPay for mobile then click on Android link and if you want to download for computer then click on DigiPay4.6 version link:

Click here to download DIGIPAY 6.0 from official website

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