CSC DIGIPAY 6.0 Download 2021 RD Service Digipay New Version Download

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Digipay Download
Digipay Download

Recently I CSC SPV has changed some services of NEW CSC DIGIPAY in its digital service portal and added some new services, V6.0 version of DIGIPAY has been updated by CSC to Digipay I now The service of money transfer has also been provided, if you want to take advantage of this new service of DIGIPAY, then for this you will have to update your Digipay software or uninstall your old software completely and reinstall the new software. The link to download DIGIPAY v6.0 software is given below

DIGIPAY 6.0 latest version 2021

In Digipay v6.0 version some more new services have been added as well as the performance of the software has also been increased and some problems faced in Digipay have also been fixed. Friends, the new version of Digipay has been updated by CSC, now you can easily download DGP from Digipay’s official website and use it. problem has been resolved

After this new update of Digipay, now all VLEs who transact with Digipay, they will not face any problem in doing the transaction and along with this many bugs have also been fixed in Digipay Software.

CSC DIGIPAY New Highlights


  • After cash withdrawal, now the customer will get the information about his balance
  • money transfer
  • cash withdrawal
  • balance inquiry
  • bill payment etc.

CSC DIGIPAY latest version download 2021

Friends, here we have given direct links to download Digi Pay for all of you, if you want to download DigiPay for mobile then click on Android link and if you want to download for computer then click on DigiPay 6.0 version link do:

Digipay BY CSC e-governance

CSC e-Governance Services India Limited has collaborated with The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to launch Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) at locations where CSC is acting as business correspondent. This payment system is called DIGIPAY.

This system facilitates the disbursement of Government entitlements like NREGA, Social Security Pension, Disabled, Old Age Pension etc. to any Central or State Government Institution/Institution using UIDAI’s Aadhaar Authentication Service.

The system is based on demographic and biometric/iris information of an individual, which minimizes the risk of any fraudulent or non-genuine activity. Aadhaar provides the facility of authentication for the citizen/customer anytime, anywhere, in any way.

This service is currently working on Windows and Android based laptops/desktops/mobile phones.

How to use Digipay For CSC VLE

CSC-SPV in association with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and IndusInd Bank has launched Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) at all CSC locations across the country. The system is based on Aadhaar authentication of an individual, which eliminates the threat of any fraudulent and malicious activity. Aadhaar will facilitate ‘anytime, anywhere’ authentication to its beneficiary.

It aims to achieve inter-operability between banks for Aadhaar based payment transactions. DIGIPAY application will enable CSCs to meet the need of financial services in remote and unbanked areas of the country.

VLEs can also take advantage of the footfall at their center and play a vital role in creating a cashless society as per the vision of the government. Digipay is a simple, secure and seamless way of transacting through Aadhaar based authentication.

How to Fix Errors Coming to Digipay

Most of the CSC operators have to face many problems in using Digipay, there are many DIGIPAY Errors due to which they are not able to work properly in this software and they have to face many problems in doing any transaction. Is

So let us tell you here about some such common DIGIPAY Errors and we will also tell you about how to fix them here.

1. Insufficient digipay balance Unable to proceed with the transaction

If a VLE is facing the above-mentioned problem, you must first sync your Digipay passbook to the CSC VLE so that the wallet balance is updated after every transaction. Once Digipay balance key is updated, VLE can easily make Digipay balance payment using NEFT/IMPS facility.

2. Device authorization failed during Digipay login

If VLE is facing above problem while login Digipay then VLE follow below steps

1. First of all go to C Drive of your computer and copy and keep the Digipay folder available under CSC e-Governance Services India Limited folder somewhere else on your computer

2. Uninstall Digipay from your computer and also remove the CSC e-Governance Services India Limited folder from the C: drive

3. Now download the updated version of Digipay (Banking App) and re-install it on your computer and re-register in Digipay. Doing this will solve the problem extra: Now restore the copied folder in the same place.

3. Unable the find of csc id please provide a CSC ID

If any CSC operator CSC ID is showing unavailable in Digipay, then he has to first check his banking by clicking on the given link and login with CSC ID and If something is wrong, then you have to update it or you have to login once in the Digital Seva Portal to check whether the ID is being logged in correctly or not, such problem mostly comes due to wrong banking details.

Other Software to Run CSC DIGIPAY on Computer

If you are a CSC VLE and want to use Digipay by installing it in your computer, then you have to install some other software/drivers along with Digipay in your computer otherwise you will not be able to use this software in your computer or use it. If you do, you will have to face many problems. The following software must be installed on your computer to run Digipay

1. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5: Direct Link
2. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Packages : Direct Link

You will have to download and install the above drivers, you can download them by visiting the official website of Microsoft Windows or you will find this software on the official website of Digipay or you can click on the direct link given above and you can directly go to the download page. can reach

Digipay Passbook

By clicking on the passbook icon, the VLE will be able to track the transactions of his services such as cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, wallet and payment as shown.

The VLE has to select the date and click on ‘Go’ to view the date of all the transactions. He can also download the transaction details in excel sheet in .csv format.

Full sync facility is introduced in Passbook so that VLEs can regularly update their transaction details along with their Digipay balance. DigiPay balance is calculated as per the transaction done by the VLE. This balance is used to determine the payout request amount.

Process to Install DigiPay Android Version

VLE needs to install DigiPay application from Google Play Store. The link to download is as follows:

  • In order to register on the application after installing DigiPay in their mobile, the VLE has to enter his CSC ID and valid Aadhaar number in the blank boxes and click on the checkbox ‘Give consent’. After clicking on the check box, click on proceed
  • To sign up to DigiPay account, VLE has to enter the OTP sent to his registered mobile number and click on ‘VERIFY OTP’ button to validate CSC ID and Aadhaar number.
  • To complete the registration process, the VLE has to give his consent and click on the ‘Scan’ button to scan the Iris. Scanning is done through biometric mode of authentication. Hold your camera in front of your eyes to complete the process as shown
  • After successful authentication, User/VLE will be successfully registered on DigiPay App. Message for successful registration on Digipay app will be auto displayed on the screen

Benefits of Digipay

  • NREGA, Pension, Disbursement of Disability, Payment
  • Good commission without any investment
  • money transfer services
  • No transaction fee on NEFT transactions
  • There is no extra charge for this is a government banking app
  • Developed by CSC e-Governance Services India Limited

Digipay RD service

As soon as you have installed the DGP software in your computer, mobile, then after that you have to install the RD service driver to use your fingerprint machine.

If this RD service is not there in your mobile or computer then this Digipay software is of no use to you. If RD service is not installed in your computer mobile then your fingerprint machine will not work.

How to Download digipay rd services

To download RD Services, you can visit the official website of Digipay. After reaching the home page of the website, you will get to see all the finger print devices under the main menu of the website, by clicking on which you can download the RD service driver

Contact Details

  • Toll Free Number: 1800 121 3468
  • email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Digipay FAQ (FAQ)

1. What is Digipay

Digipay is a software and mobile app released by CSC e-Governance through which a CSC operator can perform banking functions such as money transfer, cash withdrawal etc.

2. Digipay is developed by

CSC e-Governance Services India Limited

3. How to Download Digipay

4. Is Digipay also available for Android Mobiles

Yes (Yes) also available for mobile

5. Are there any additional charges for using Digipay

“No” Digipay is absolutely free to use application

6. What are the benefits of using Digipay for VLEs

VLE will be given commission on every transaction for withdrawing money through Digipay

7. Can anyone use Digipay other than CSC Vle

No’ This is only for CSC Operators