How to see the map of land (farm) Rajasthan by Khasra number?

Friends, let us know today that the people of Rajasthan land map by khasra number How can you see Here we have explained step by step online process. According to these instructions you can also Farm Map Rajasthan You can watch with the help of your mobile or computer.

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Online Farm Map Rajasthan

Map of your land or farm in Rajasthan with the help of Khasra Number can be viewed on the portal. Often people search on Google to see the map of the Khasra number land. But they can’t find the right way. Friends, today you are going to get the correct information to see the map of the farm in Rajasthan. For this, you have to enter these information on the land map portal –

  • Name of district
  • Tehsil Name
  • RI (Block)
  • Name of Halka (Gram Panchayat)
  • village name
  • Khasra Number (Plot)

Its complete process is explained below. With all the facilities becoming online, people are now getting a lot of convenience in terms of land and property. Downloading and getting the map of your land or plot printed has become very easy.

See land map of Rajasthan from Khasra number like this –

Rajasthan In land map by khasra number can be seen on portal. Here first of all you have to enter your district, tehsil, light, land record area, village name, seat Number would choose. After that as soon as you enter your search box khasra number will put your land map Will be seen

Process to view and download land map from Khasra number –

By following these steps, you can view and download the land map with the help of Khasra number –

land map by khasra number

Step 1 – First of all go to the home page of Rajasthan Bhu Naksha Portal

Friends, first of all you have to come to the land map portal of Rajasthan. its official website Is. The direct link to visit this portal is given at the bottom of this article. Please read all the instructions before going there.

Step 2 – Now select your district, tehsil, block, panchayat and village name respectively

On the second step, you have to select these information using the options shown in the side bar on the home page –

  • District – Select district name
  • Tehsil Select your Tehsil name
  • RI – Select the name of the development block, block or development area
  • Halkas – Choose the name of Halka or Gram Panchayat
  • Village – Select your village name
  • Sheet No – Here the seat number will come automatically.

Step 3 – Enter your Khasra number in the search box

Friends, in the last step, you have to write your plot number i.e. Khasra number in the search box. You will see this search box near BhuNaksha at the top. If you do not enter your measles number, then the map of the entire village will appear, which will make it difficult for you to find it.

Step 4. View or download the map of your farm or land

After the above-mentioned process, now you will see the map of the searched measles number. You can also download it in PDF. To download the land map here, do the following –

  • Showing in Plot number box Nakal Click the link.
  • Now the second page will open, here Show Report PDF Click on button.
  • After this the preview of the land map PDF will appear, click on the button given above to print or download it.

download bhunaksha khasra number

Important Link –

So friends, here I told you the process of seeing the map of land or farm with the help of Khasra number. I hope you have understood the complete information. For any suggestion or query, you can comment below.

Question Answer (FAQ) –

How to get farm map?

The farm map in Rajasthan is available on the Bhu Naksha Raj portal, here you can get the map of your own or someone’s farm in your gram panchayat.

How to get land map from Khasra number?

After selecting your district, tehsil, halka, village etc. on the land map portal, type your measles number in the search bar. By clicking on the search button, you will start seeing the land map of the same plot i.e. Khasra number.

How to see land map from mobile?

The land map can also be seen from your smart phone mobile, for this, first open the website of your state’s land map portal. Now choose your district, tehsil, block etc. However, viewing the land map from mobile can be a bit difficult as compared to computer because its website is very heavy which is not supported properly on mobile.

How to get Rajasthan Khasra Number?

If you do not know the measles number, then first of all, open the land map of your Gram Panchayat. Here you will find all the available Khasra numbers by searching by the name of the account holder.

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