Andhra Pradesh YSR Rice Doorstep Delivery Scheme 2021 through PDS

Andhra Pradesh government has launched AP YSR Rice Doorstep Delivery Scheme 2021. In this scheme, State Govt. Started home delivery of high quality rice to BPL cardholder beneficiaries through Public Distribution System (PDS). Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has launched the Rice Vehicle Scheme under the Civil Supplies Department.

what is rice vehicle in andhra pradesh

The AP Civil Supplies Department had earlier submitted the models of delivery vehicles and delivery bags to the CM for approval on 8th May 2020. The vehicles used for door step delivery of rice are associated with village and ward secretaries in the state. With these vehicles, volunteers will deliver rice to all BPL rice card holder beneficiaries.

AP YSR Rice Doorstep Delivery Scheme 2021

state government. AP State had already started YSR Rice Doorstep Delivery Scheme as a pilot project in Srikakulam district about 6 months back. AP Govt. Feedback was taken from the local people on the home delivery of rice experiment. After getting good response, now the state government. AP YSR Rice Vehicle Doorstep Delivery Scheme has been launched across the state.

Implementation of Rice Home Delivery Scheme

state government. On September 2020 Rice Distribution Scheme has been started in the entire Andhra Pradesh State. For the implementation of this Rice Vehicle Scheme, Govt. Buying 13370 mobile units equipped with electronic weighing machines. Rooftop rice sacks will be opened in front of the beneficiaries of the rice scheme. AP Govt. The specified quota of rice will be distributed in separate bags to the beneficiaries.

All rice bags will be carried in bags with bar coded mechanism. This AP Rice Doorstep Delivery Scheme will prevent tampering, adulteration and corruption. CM YS Jagan is very particular about providing quality rice as he promised to revamp the entire rice distribution scheme. state government. Adequate care has been taken in procurement, distribution and distribution of rice from the pilot project.

In addition, the State Govt. Pilot will take all corrective measures against errors in AP Rice Card Doorstep Delivery Scheme. The beneficiaries who got door delivery of rice in Srikakulam district have expressed satisfaction over the implementation of this scheme. About 2.3 lakh metric tonnes of rice will be distributed to about 1.47 card holders every month.