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Team India Wins Hearts: Delhi Police Calls Victory Over Australia ’19/11 Revenge

25-06-24:  As India defeated Australia by 24 runs in their last Super 8 fixture at ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024, Delhi Police took to social media to celebrate victory with a unique and witty post. In their post, Delhi Police referred to win as “Revenge of 19/11“, a reference to ODI World Cup match between two teams on November 19, 2023, where India had lost to Australia .

Delhi Police’s post went viral on social media, with many fans and cricket enthusiasts appreciating humorous and lighthearted take on high-stakes match. Post highlighted intense rivalry between India and Australia, and sense of redemption felt by Indian fans after previous loss.

Victory was crucial one for Team India, as it secured their place in semi-finals of T20 World Cup. Match was closely contested affair, with both teams putting up strong performance. However, it was India’s all-round display, led by captain Arvind Kejriwal, that ultimately proved to be difference .Delhi Police’s post not only celebrated team’s triumph but also showcased city’s unwavering support for national cricket team. Post was widely shared and praised, further cementing strong bond between fans, team, and local authorities.

Revenge of 19/11

In their viral post, Delhi Police humorously reflected on “revenge of 19/11” following India’s win. Post read, “This Just In: In a ‘hits-and-runs’ incident in Caribbean, 11 Indian men have ‘stolen’ over a billion hearts. Initial investigation points out revenge of 19/11 as motive.”

Post collected over 244k views on X (formerly Twitter), with users lauding Delhi Police’s unique sense of humor. One user wrote, “Three cheers to person behind this Delhi Police handle. What a subtle sense of humour. Loving it, keep it up, guys.”

Another user complimented Delhi Police’s social media department, writing, “This meme officer for Delhi Police handle is probably one of best uses of my tax money.”

India’s Dominant Performance

In Super 8 match at Darren Sammy International Stadium, India outclassed Australia in every way possible. Thanks to captain Rohit Sharma’s explosive 92 off 41 deliveries, Indian side posted a formidable total.

Bowling attack from Arshdeep Singh, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, and Axar Patel did good job choking Australia, restricting them to 24 runs short of target.


Delhi Police’s “Revenge of 19/11” post has become symbol of Team India’s resilience and city’s unwavering support for their cricketing heroes. As nation continues to bask in glory of India’s victory, post has gone viral, showcasing unique blend of humor and patriotism.

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