RSCIT 3 October 2021 Question Paper

RSCIT 3 October 2021 Question Paper RSCIT Answer Sheet released on official website portal of Vardhman Mahaveer Open University. The exam date of Rajasthan State Certification Course of Information Technology is 3rd October 2021 which held on the first shift of Sunday in district wise various centers. On this article page, you can see the question paper; Thus, we are releasing the RSCIT Answer Key 3 October 2021 Unofficial Key in the form of PDF format. So every candidate will get the right way and exact idea of ​​the paper. The students who have applied for the RSCIT exam can check the RSCIT 3 October 2021 Question Paper exam on the same day of the exam after the exam is over. All the students should reach the examination center on time and follow the necessary guidelines of the authority.

RSCIT 3 October 2021 Question Paper

1. Which of the following drives computer hardware and acts as a platform for running other software?
✔(A) Operating System
(B) Application software
(C) A and B
(D) none of the above

2. Which is the fastest computer?
(A) Mainframe
(B) Microcomputer
(C) Workstation
✔(D) Supercomputer

3. Which of the following memory is refreshed several times per second?
(A) Static RAM
✔(B) Dynamic RAM
(D) Rome

4. Which of the following memory is volatile in nature?
✔(A) RAM
(B) Rome
(C) Prom

5. Which of the following is not application software?
✔(A) Windows XP
(B) VLC Media Player
(C) Adobe Reader
(D) Photoshop

6. A ……………….. is a named location on the disk where the files are stored:
✔(A) Folder
(B) Pod
(C) version
(D) Filegroup

7. What do you understand by web browser?
(A) System software
✔(B) Application software
(C) A and B
(D) none of the above

8. Which of the following is an example of a search engine?
(A) Paytm
✔(B) Google
(C) Flipkart
(D) none of the above

9. What is the full form of OTP.
(A) One the Phone
✔(B) One Time Password
(C) out to practice
(D) One Time Programmable

10. Which of the following is not a loan of mobile wallet?
(A) SBI Body
(B) Bhima
(C) Pay-TM
✔(D) Credit Card

11. Which of the following is an example of an e-commerce website?
(A) Twitter
(B) Facebook
✔(C) Flipkart
(D) Times of India

12. What type of transaction is “online shopping”?
(A) B2B
✔(B) B2C
(C) C2C
(D) none of these

13. With reference to the e-PDS system What is the full form of BPL?

✔(A) Below Poverty Line
(B) Broadband over power line
(C) British Physical Laboratories
(D) both (A) and (C)

14. How many digits are there in Aadhar card number?
✔(A) 12
(B) 8
(C) 10
(D) 16

15. Bhamashah card is the major initiative of which state?
✔(A) Rajasthan
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(D) Punjab

16. How can a citizen pay the university fee through online mode?
(A) E-Mitra
(B) Single sign on ID
(C) University Portal
✔(D) All of the above

17. Which of the following authority has issued Aadhar card?
(D) Sports Authority of India

18. What does PSK mean in the context of passport application?
(A) Public Help Center
(B) Public Service Center
✔(C) Passport Seva Kendra
(D) none of these

19. Which of the following is not a mobile OS?
(A) Android
(B) iOS
(C) Windows
✔(D) Linux OS

20. Which of the following screen lock is available on Android device?
(A) Pattern
(B) Pin
(C) Password
✔(D) All of the above

21. With the help of which of the following keys you can delete the letters on the right side of the cursor?
(A) End
(B) Backspace
✔(C) delete
(D) Home

22. Using which of the following you can change the mode of a document from Portrait to Landscape?
(A) Header and Footer Toolbar
✔(B) Print Layout View
(C) Page Setup Dialog Box
(D) none of these

23. To copy formatting from one place of worksheet and apply formatting to another place, you will use:
(A) Home > Copy and Home > Paste Commands
✔(B) By using CTRL + C and CTRL + V option
(C) There is no way to do a formatting copy in Excel and to put it in another place.
(D) Format Painter button present on the Standard Tool Bar

24. Paste Special Command allows you to copy and paste
✔(A) to multiply the selection by a copied value
(B) by cell comments
(C) by values ​​as a result of a formula rather than an actual formula
(D) none of the above

25. Which of the following can you use to make a formula?
(A) Cell Value but not Cell References
(B) not of cell reference but of cell value
✔(C) Cell Value and Cell Reference
(D) none of the above

26. Which of the following file formats can be added to a power point show?
(A) .jpg
(B) .gif
(C) .wav
✔(D) All of the above

27. What is the Applied Effect for display when slides change in a slide show?
✔(A) slide animation
(B) Custom animation
(C) Custom Transition
(D) slide transition

28. All present in the presentation To want a uniform display of slides Which of the following would you use for this?
✔(A) Slide layout option
(B) Slide Option Add
(C) Outline View
(D) Presentation Design Template

29. Which of the following is not a Cyber ​​Threat:
(A) Virus
(B) Trojan Horse
✔(C) E-commerce
(D) Denial of Services (DOS)

30. Which of the following is a feature to revert your computer’s state including system files, installed applications, Windows Registry and system settings to the last time? used for?
(A) System Restore
✔(B) System Backup
(C) System Defragmentation
(D) system boot

31. What is BCC Option in E-mail?
✔(A) Blind Carbon Copy
(B) Best Carbon Copy
(C) Blink copy generation
(D) none of the above

32. How many pins are available in VGA Cable?
(A) 11
(B) 14
✔(C) 15
(D) 17

33. Who among the following provides hard copy from computer?
(A) E-mail
✔(B) Printer
(C) Fax
(D) Software

34. What are the types of networks?
(A) Local Area Network
(B) Metropolitan Area Network
(C) Wide Area Network
✔(D) All of the above

35. What is the full form of PDF?
(A) Printed Document Format
(B) Public Document Format
✔(C) Portable Document Format
(D) Published Document Format