What does “clutch” mean in video games?

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Making an impressive move, a great move or maneuver in a video game is one of the best feelings in the world, especially in front of your friends. Virtually every multiplayer video game puts players in situations where their performance can have a huge impact on the development of a round, something that adds pressure and makes the situation exciting.

In most video games when a player wins these situations it is called under the term clutch. For example, eliminating an entire enemy team when you are the only player alive means that you have made a clutch in the round. It can also be applied to smaller moments when some gesture made makes your team win a round or the game. It is possible to make a clutch in practically all genres of video games as long as your actions have been essential to help in a specific situation.

Some players always say «clutch or kick«, Which means that if you don’t do the clutch, they will vote to expel you from the game. This has become a joke among players to add pressure, but some will try to kick you out of the game.

If a teammate makes a clutch decisive in a round or in a match, be sure to congratulate and get excited as it is usually very difficult to achieve, especially in competitive video games. A clutch It can help the team regain morale and give other players the motivation they need to be successful.

The next time a friend or teammate tells you that you made a clutchThat you know is a compliment, so you should be proud.