All Mythic Weapon Bosses and Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

New characters are lurking across the map, seeking competition and protecting valuable loot. Season 6 introduced new boss fighting mechanics and they seem to stick. As in previous seasons, the bosses are relatively more difficult to defeat and you will have to think twice before shooting them without any cover.

The most formidable bosses of Fortnite they reward you with exotic or mythical weapons, which are considerably more powerful than other options available on the map. Below, all the bosses from season 7 of Fortnite Episode 2.


Located in the upper left corner of the map, you will reach Guggimon by heading northeast from Coral Castle. This bunny usually hangs out just below the lighthouse on that remote island.

Once defeated, you can interact with Guggimon and exchange gold bars in exchange for the Nighthawk, an exotic revolver-style pistol.

Punkarra (Riot)

There are only a couple of steel bridges on the map of Fortnite and they are always relevant in the seasons, either by being a requirement for challenges or, in this case, hosting an NPC.

You will find Punkarra on the steel bridge to the east of Campo Calígine. Punkarra revives as an interactive NPC after being eliminated and you can buy a Storm Scout, an exotic sniper rifle.

Dr. Slone

Perhaps the hardest boss to kill this season. You can find the Doctor in Complejo Corriente. But it won’t be out in the open. You will need to enter the main building at the point of interest and use a portable urinal, which will be in the room next to the garage. Then you will find yourself in an underground complex where Doctor Slone will be waiting for you.

After defeating her, you will be able to acquire Slone’s Pulse Rifle, a mythical rifle.