Kundali bhagya 23 July 2021 Written Update – Kritika slaps Sherlyn.

At the beginning of the episode, Daima tells everyone that Preeta has twins in her stomach. Everybody gets happy. Mahesh says now he has to learn another lullaby. Then Grandma cut the cake. Preeta and Karan also cut the cake. Sherlyn is furious. Karan feeds Preeta a cake. Sherlyn is looking at them angrily. Mahesh is dancing. Preeta Karan also joins them. Sherlyn thinks that she will do something again and this time no one will be able to save Preeta.

She again takes the marbles and puts them on the stairs. Kritika looks at him. She wants to know what she is doing. He feels that Sherlyn was trying to harm Preeta. She takes him to the room. Srishti follows them. Kritika angrily slaps Sherlyn. She angrily asks him how he tried to kill Preeta’s child. Srishti hears this. She curses Sherlyn in anger. Sherlyn gets scared.

Srishti wants to tell all this but Kritika stops her. Because Sherlyn is doing all this out of jealousy. So they should not tell anything to anyone. She further says that everyone is happy and they should take care of their happiness. Srishti does not agree with him. Sherlyn feels that only Kritika can save her. So she starts crying in front of Kritika and says that she has made a mistake.

She further says that she will not repeat such a mistake. Srishti asks Kritika not to listen to him. Kritika asks him to keep calm for the sake of the family. Srishti forgives him one last time. She said that if he tried to do something wrong she would kill him. Kritika threatens that if something like this happens again, she will tell everything to the family members. Srishti gets a call from Sarla and she leaves from there.

Sarla bid farewell to the Luthra family. She tells that she has asked Karan to tell him if Preeta does not eat anything. Rakhi tells him not to worry about Preeta. Srishti does not want to leave Preeta but Sarla forces her away. Kritika gives a message to Prithvi that Preeta is safe because of her. Prithvi becomes happy knowing this. Then he gets a message from Sherlyn asking him to pick up her phone.

However, Prithvi ignores him. Sherlyn gets angry. Here Preeta and Karan are sitting together. Karan says that he too could have slept with his baby in this crib if he was a little older. Preeta starts laughing. Karan starts troubling Preeta. She is going to complain to Rakhi. But Karan stops her. He wants to know if Preeta loves the child more than him. She says yes. He gets upset and Preeta teases him.