Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23 July 2021 Written Update – Pakhi decides to move out.

At the beginning of the episode, Ashwini tells Virat that she is lucky to have a wife like Sai. Ashwini sees the tray and asks for whom is he taking the food. Virat tells that Trey is for Sai as he has not eaten anything.

Virat goes to the room but Sai is not there. He finds her in the kitchen and she is sitting at the kitchen counter and eating. Sai doesn’t see her at first. Virat makes fun of her, but she says that she was very hungry. Virat asks her why he didn’t call her to pick him up but she says that then the surprise would have been spoiled. Virat asks why he had to answer so many questions, but Sayin says he is used to it as he has been in the house for almost a year.

Virat asked for Ajinkya’s number. Sayin says why they want her number. He says that if he had his best friend’s number, he could have asked her where it was. She says that she doesn’t remember every friend’s number, only some numbers that are important to her. Virat asks if he remembers her number and she says of course. Virat wonders why his mind is stuck on Ajinkya.

Next morning everyone is eating. Shivani asks Sonali why Pakhi didn’t come down to eat. Bhavani says that she will be unwell and asks Sonali to send food to her room. Ashwini says if it was Sai then they would have made a much bigger issue than this. Bhavani asks why Ashwini says bitter words about Pakhi. Pakhi comes there and apologizes for being late as she got an urgent call.

Shivani asks what was this call. Pakhi says that he applied for some jobs and got a call from there. She says that she will stay at her parents’ house till she gets a job. Shivani asks when did she get interested in doing the job and Pakhi rebukes her. Pakhi says that she has too much time and her education is being wasted so she wants to engage well in her time. Sonali says that the “Bahu” of this family does not work, but Pakhi says that “Bahu” does not even dance on stage, but Sayin did. She says why there are different rules for her and Sayin. Sonali asks that they just want to know the reason why she herself decided to quit her career.

Pakhi says that she took this decision for Bhavani, but now she feels empty and hence she wants to find a job. She says she hopes she doesn’t mind. Mansi says that she doesn’t need to go away from the family and can look for a job from there itself. Bhavani also stops him.

Virat comes and asks who is leaving the house. Pakhi says that she is going to her parents house till she gets the job. Ninad and Omkar ask her to think again. Virat asks her if her decision is due to the work done for Sayin’s birthday. Virat says that no one has any problem with him taking up his job or going to his parents’ house and can apologize if he felt bad about his behaviour.

Pakhi says why does he think so, then Virat says that he can feel it. He says that he should think about the emperor and will be heartbroken if the emperor comes back and sees him leaving. She can decide after the emperor returns. Pakhi says that he wants her to wait for Samrat for the rest of her life and he doesn’t want her to go ahead.
Mansi says no one wants her to be stuck in the past, but at least she should not talk about Samrat like this. Mansi says she will not stop him and starts crying.

Pakhi says why everyone thinks wrong about her and no one understands her in this family. She asks Virat that he knows very well why she is still living in this house and it has nothing to do with Samrat.

Sayin comes down and gets cough and cold. Ashwini says she will bring hot water for him, but Sayin says she is fine. Sai requests Pakhi not to go out of the house. He says that he should think about the whole family and without them the house will be incomplete. Sonali and Karishma make fun of Sai. Sayin says Pakhi has right over this house and if anyone should leave the house, it is hers.

Pakhi says thanks, but thanks are not needed. Pakhi says that she does not need Sai’s help in taking her life decisions, as she can take her own decisions and she will not change it.

episode ends