Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 July 2021 Written Update – Ranveer’s health deteriorated and became unconscious.

At the beginning of the episode, Seerat completes the Vat Savitri Puja. Kartik tells Ranveer that Seerat not only tied a new thread to the old one, he didn’t leave you either. Kartik says he has to try to live for Seerat. Ranveer says that he will try to tell Seerat about his health. After this, Kartik asks her not to say it here but at home.

Seerat comes there and walks when Kartik saves her from falling Ranveer sees her. Seerat then tells Ranveer how he added a thread to the finishing. She tells Ranveer that she will fight for everything to be nice to him. She promises to be a good wife. Seerat gives prasad to Ranveer and then they hug. She goes and returns after a moment when Ranveer and Kartik are still talking about the hospital. She tries to convince them that she has ignored them but fails. Kartik tells Ranveer to tell him as soon as possible that it will be better for everyone.

Seerat is sitting with Mauri. Mauri tells Seerat that she is a good wife and is fulfilling all her duties. Seerat says that she may be becoming a good wife but she is failing to be a good daughter-in-law. She then says that the difference between Narendranath and Ranveer is because of her and that she wants to do something to help the father-son duo patch up. Mauri says she can only do what is in her control so don’t feel bad for her. Seerat brings burger for Mauri. Mauri then tells Seerat that they had failed to go on honeymoon earlier so they should go now as everything is better.

At home Narendranath is scolding a domestic helper as she dropped one of Ranveer’s trophies. Ranveer tells her that it is not good that he is scolding the servant for the trophy while he is hurting her. Narendranath says that later when he becomes a father, he will realize that there is no greater responsibility than taking care of the well being of his child. Ranveer asks Narendranath to patch up with Seerat in front of his eyes. Narendranath says that he will never forgive Seerat as he has seen his son suffer a lot. Ranveer leaves her alone.

Ranveer is practicing in his room to give a gift to Seerat and then confess. Karthik is using Google in his room. When Swarna and Manish enter the room, he switches off the laptop. They tell Kartik that if he is doing something important then they can come later. Kartik says that he got the job only because he was alone. Swarna takes out pictures from an envelope. Kartik stops her and says that if they are here for marriage proposal then it is not necessary as he is not getting married.

Karthik turns off the phone while meeting with the doctor. He again imagines Naira. He tells Naira that the doctor he was talking to was his last hope for Ranveer and he is again failing to save a life. He tells Naira that he thought that if he can save Ranveer then some of his pain will be washed away. Naira tells him that he can only try but what is destined to happen, will happen and no one can stop it. Kartik tells Naira that he is worried about how Ranveer will tell the truth to Seerat. Naira replies that it is really difficult for the person you love to start a new life forgetting all the promises made to each other.

Ranveer goes in search of Seerat and finds her in the garden where he has planned a surprise date for her. Ranveer and Seerat dance. Kartik is still calling and looking for doctors for Ranveer. Ranveer gives a gift to Seerat. Seerat praises the gift and says that it is one of the best among all her gifts. Then she closes her eyes and says that everything is shaking with her head moving around. When she opened her eyes she found that Ranveer had fainted.

Upcoming- Doctor tells Seerat that Kartik already knew about Ranveer’s health. Seerat gets very angry with Kartik and yells at him how can he hide from her when he always told her that she is his friend.